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Fact or Fiction: 9 Sex Myths Revealed

sex fact or fiction
Think you know your sex facts from fiction? Get ready—it’s time to test your in-sack IQ. Have a relationship gripe or need some advice? Visit our community here to chat with other Nesties! More Must-Clicks: 9 Signs You're Acting Like an Old Married Couple 10 Annoying Things Ever Couple... read more

Would Actor Armie Hammer Need to Convince YOU to Marry Him?

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth ChambersPhoto: Shutterstock
He may play The Lone Ranger, but actor Armie Hammer is anything but. Posing (adorably, how else?) alongside his wife Elizabeth Chambers, the 26-year-old gives a whole new meaning to husband material in the August issue of Town and Country. Good looks aside, it appears Hammer is just as sweet as he is sexy; with... read more

Viagra for Women: Why it Won’t Work (& What Really Turns Us On)

viagra for women
Just not in the mood for sex these days? So-called Viagra for women may soon come to market--but we're pretty skeptical that the meds (dubbed Lybrido and Lybridos) will actually work. For starters, sexual desire is largely psychological for women, sexologist Logan Levkoff explained on TODAY--and pills like Viagra only address mechanical problems... read more

Calling All Couples: You Could Be Featured in Our Magazine!

real couples call out
Want an excuse to show off what a cute couple you and your partner make? Email us your swoon-worthy love story and some kick-ass photos of the two of you at realcouples (at) thenest (dot) com -- and we may feature you in the Real Couples column of our next digital magazine issue!... read more

Worst Relationship Advice — Ever!

worst relationship advice everPhoto: Shutterstock
Think grandparents give the worst advice? Think again. Turns out there's no shortage of the toxic stuff out there from misguided (albeit well-meaning) friends, parents, and even experts.  After #TerribleAdvice began trending on Twitter, we started thinking about all of the downright awful advice we've gotten regarding relationships. Out of curiosity,... read more

Couples Confess: “My Big Secret He/She Doesn’t Know!”

marriage secretsPhoto: The Nest
Hate the way he loads the dishwasher? Loathe your mother-in-law's surprise visits? Whatever deep, dark, secrets you keep from your spouse, rest assured you're not the only one with sealed lips. What's the biggest secret you keep from your partner? More Must-Clicks: 7 Mistakes Every Newlywed Makes 13 Ways You're... read more

We All Have a Past…But Should You Share Your Love List With Him?

should you reveal your number?Photo: Shutterstock
You share a lot with your hubby--but should you really reveal the number of sexual partners you had before the two of you met? Or is that just TMI? In a recent interview with Esquire, Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner was honest about his number of former, er -- conquests: "Over a thousand, I'm... read more

Could Household Chores Be Ruining Your Sex Life?

more chores could mean less sexPhoto: Thinkstock
Want a healthy sex life? Then you might want to hide that mop and vacuum cleaner from your man. New research suggests that couples who take on tasks that would typically be done by the other partner--in this case cleaning, which is traditionally viewed as women's work--tend to have sex less... read more

Can You Write Your Way to a Stronger Marriage?

study shows you only need 21 minutes to a better marriagePhoto: Thinkstock
A new study on marital satisfaction stresses the importance of using your words -- especially if you want a happier marriage. Researchers at Northwestern University studied 120 couples over a span of two years to determine the effect of writing assessments on their relationship. Yes, writing. Think of it as homework for adults.... read more

Get in the Mood With Our Grammy Nominees Sex Playlist

the perfect sex playlistPhoto: Shutterstock / The Nest
Despite the disappointing fact that sex doesn't burn nearly as many calories as we had once hoped, both you and your husband still need music to set the mood. With the Grammy Awards set for February 10, we chose 10 sex-worthy songs -- both old and new -- from our favorite nominated artists... read more
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