15 Minutes with Sommelier Caleb Ganzer

rose wines
Caleb Ganzer has the ultimate dream job. As the current sommelier at Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan, Ganzer spends his days as the restaurant's go-to wine pro -- sharing his expert opinion with diners on what they should really be drinking. Here, the 28-year-old Illinois native spills his top sommelier secrets -- from... read more

8 Cool Finds for French Lovers, Just Like Newlyweds Brangelina

The most unattractive couple (kidding!) on the planet finally tied the knot! After eight years of playing house, the genetically blessed, picture-perfect, philanthropic duo (they're gorgeous AND nice) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt said "I do" at their palace-slash-winery chateau in Provence. Even though I had to unfortunately decline their wedding invitation with regret, I... read more

Chill Out When You See Red Wine

Fichimori Wine Smash CocktailPhoto by Christine Porretta
If a drink has lemon in it, I’m sure to try it. If it fizzes, I’m going to want it. If it’s made with a bright, fruity-tasting ingredient, and is chilled, I can’t resist it. So when I went to an event several days ago at NYC’s L’Apicio that featured two cocktails... read more

Brad & Angelina Announce Plans for a Wine Label

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie launch winePhoto: Shutterstock
We knew they were pros at er, pro-creating, but evidently America's Sweethearts are skilled in the art of wine-making as well. The hard-working power couple announced that they will release Miraval -- a vintage pink rosé -- on March 15. The  drink was created in collaboration with the wine-making Perrin family and will be... read more

Six Secrets to Wine Tasting

Photo: The NestPhoto: The Nest
Although the act of wine tasting seems simple enough, a surprising amount of detail is necessary when pouring a glass of vino. And while we hope you've come a long way since those infamous boxed wine college binges, we understand if the concept of wine tasting is somewhat intimidating. Earlier this week, New... read more

Most Folks Have No Idea They’re Drinking Cheap Wine

Think you need to spend mucho dinero for a good wine? Think again. A new study suggests that those who consider themselves “wine experts” have a more acute sense of taste. In short, they are more susceptible to bitterness differences. What this means for us “normal” people who aren’t supertasters? We can’t really... read more
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