trend report’s 6 Decor + Food Trends for 2014

the nest home and food trends
What you eat and where you live should be as stylish as what you wear. From metallic hues to fizzy drinks, here’s your guide to what’s hot for 2014 in the world of home and lifestyle. read more

9 Shibori Home Accessories from Katie Anderson of Modern Eve

I love cool patterns and textiles. Right now I'm obsessed with shibori, a Japanese technique that's similar to tie-dye (the pattern is made by binding, stitching, folding, twisting and compressing cloth). Some are even calling it the new ikat! It's the perfect combination of modern art and traditional craft.  Check out my favs -- and... read more

34 New Emerald Home Accessories from Katie Anderson of Modern Eve

It's no secret: Emerald green is the color of the year. This rich hue is lively and radiant, but such a bold color can be challenging to decorate with. So I like to use accessories and textiles to add pops of emerald throughout my home. The look is fresh, not overdone. Check out my collection... read more

25 Modern Brass Accessories from Katie Anderson of Modern Eve

Looking to give your home a vintage feel?  Pick up a few brass accessories--they'll add warmth and dimension to your space, and it has that classic, vintage feel even when applied to modern pieces. Get inspired with some of my favorite modern pieces: A brass lamp is my favorite way to introduce this... read more

39 Pretty Floral Prints for Your Home from Katie Anderson of Modern Eve

Those April showers brought some stunning May flowers, not only to our gardens, but also for our homes. Floral prints are a huge trend this season, with beautiful blooms blossoming on dishes, table linens, throw pillows, furniture,  and more. Get inspired with my top picks: A fun throw pillow is the easiest way... read more

17 Colorful Lucite Home Accessories from Katie Anderson of Modern Eve

As a longtime fan of lucite, I'm excited to see that designers are once again adding color to their popular transparent furnishings and home accessories. Colored acrylic and polycarbonate is the perfect way to add a modern pop of color to your home or office. Check out my favorite picks -- and let me know... read more

Trend Report: 6 Ways to Go Green With Your Space

green pantone home decorPhoto: The Nest
As much as we love a bright pop of yellow or a touch of tangerine, nothing says spring like the color green. From muted pastels to an earthy evergreen, these well-decorated rooms prove that a little color can go a long way. Add color to your space in a subtle way... read more

8 Fresh Ways to Incorporate the Color Linen Into Your Decor

We're loving linen, one of Pantone's spring colors, because it's fresh and crisp--the ideal backdrop for bold pops of color, from yellow and red to purple and blue.  Get inspired with these room pics–and freshen up your place today:

A pretty linen tablecloth adds a touch of sophistication to your dining...

read more

21 Stunning Art Deco Home Accessories from Katie Anderson of Modern Eve

Just in time for the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, Art Deco design is trending in a big way. Walk into your favorite home store and you'll discover the luxury and glamour of the Roaring Twenties in the form of  vibrant colors, exotic materials and striking geometric shapes. With a few... read more

4 Truly Unique DIY Dressers: Get Inspired!

Refurbishing your own furniture is like painting a picture: you can create anything you wish.  Get inspired to create your own unique dresser with these fab ideas: Say what you will, sometimes the writing must be on the wall--or in this case, the dresser. So many ways to say one thing, come up with your... read more
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