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Cookbook Crave: 3 Flaky Desserts from Pastry

cranberry pecan piePhoto: Romulo Yanes
Basic baking recipes are easy enough (hello, break 'n bake cookies!), but the thought of tart pans, pie weights and those fancy-sounding scales is enough to send us screaming from our kitchens. Enter Nick Malgieri's Pastry. The veteran pastry chef manages to make even the most impossible-to-make desserts actually foolproof. Don't believe us?... read more

7 Easy Pie Recipes to Master Before the Holidays

easy pie recipesPhoto: MyRecipes
Think hosting the holidays is hard? Try picking a favorite pie recipe. Between traditional pumpkin and sweet caramel apple, choosing one dessert isn't only unfair -- it's impossible. That's why I've rounded up seven crazy-good pie recipes to satisfy any dessert craving (including my favorite bite-sized version!). Mix it up with other Nesties who love... read more

Make Your Own Hostess Snacks (Ding Dong’s, Anyone?)

Photo: BeantownbakeryPhoto: Beantownbakery
Stock your shelves and say your good-byes, because the Hostess Brand is no more. The bankrupt Twinkie manufacturer is going out of business after the company failed to come to an agreement with its striking bakers, which means we must part with our beloved Ding Dong's, Ho Ho's, and Twinkies. As an ode to all... read more

Daily Dinner (and Dessert!) Idea: Olive Onion Tart and Crème Brûlée

Photo: The Fire Island Cookbook / World Wine GuysPhoto: The Fire Island Cookbook / World Wine Guys
Today's daily dinner (and delicious dessert) idea is a meal that allows you to feel good and do good. Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen -- otherwise known as the World Wine Guys -- are donating a portion of the proceeds on sales of their Fire Island Cookbook to charities that serve... read more

Thanksgiving Desserts: 5 Alternatives to Pumpkin Pie

You don't have to eat pumpkin pie just because it's Thanksgiving. Change things up this year by serving a different kind of dessert with the traditional roast turkey and stuffing. Get inspired with five of our favorite sweet endings. Pumpkin Trifle: Don't feel like baking? Buy a loaf of pumpkin bread and follow this... read more
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