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What Your Facebook Updates Say About Your Relationship (#2 Will Surprise You!)

Be honest: You love to give up-to-the-minute updates about your relationship on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. No detail is off limits, from your mushy pet names for each other to what you two just ate for dinner. But according to Bree Maresca- Kramer, a relationship expert and self-help author, all of this sharing may... read more

Facebook Relationship Pages: Adorable or Awful?

Looking to prove to the world what a cute couple you and your honey make? Here's your chance. Facebook is unveiling new relationship pages. Now your romance, including all the kiss-kiss photos and love-sick status updates, will be organized into a neat little timeline for everyone to see. But here's what we don't... read more

Why Social Media & Ex-Boyfriends Don’t Mix

Facebook & Your Relationship
It’s estimated that nearly 300 million people worldwide use Facebook to check up on former flames. With a number that large, we’re betting that far fewer are willing to admit to their social media stalking. Surprisingly though, the problem doesn’t lie in a few harmless trips to your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook page.... read more
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