A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Knotties Malarie & Tyler Hall!

Knotties Malarie and Tyler Hall at WeddingPhoto: Courtesy of Payge Stevens Photography
CONGRATS MALARIE & TYLER HALL! They live in Dallas, Texas, where he's a sales representative for a leading building materials' distributor and she's an adjuster at GEICO. And yep, she says her favorite commercials are the insurance ones. ("They're hilarious!") We checked in with these Knotties to find out what they have planned for the... read more

Hot Topic: Don't Ask Nesties When They're Having a Baby!

face palmIllustration: Thinkstock
It took about a hot second after my wedding for family, friends and nearly complete strangers to start asking me when I was going to have a baby. I know I'm not alone in thinking: TALK TO THE HAND! Here, Nesties sound off on the "When are you having a baby?" and... read more

6 States of Emotion Every Couple Goes Through When Buying Their First Home

home illustrationIllustration: Thinkstock
You’ve been watching House Hunters and House Hunters International (a girl can dream), Property Virgin, Property Brothers … come clean -- you know HGTV shows have been playing non-stop when you’re home. And watching all those real estate programs makes you completely prepared for the reality of buying your own first home, right? Not!... read more

Should You Share a Credit Card with Your Spouse?

couple with credit cardPhoto: Thinkstock
When you're dating someone, those first getting-to-know-you questions don't include asking, "What's your credit score?" That's a mood killer. But once you're married, good credit is very sexy, especially when you need to get loans or get your credit checked for a few essentials (um, like a home and a car). “I think... read more

A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Knotties Callie & Nick Iversen!

Knotties Callie and Nick Iversen on their wedding dayPhoto: Courtesy of Brandon Werth Photography
CONGRATS CALLIE & NICK IVERSEN! She teaches dance to children and teens in the studio she owns with her family, and he's a pharmaceutical technician for an environmental agency. They live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they move together in perfect rhythm. We checked in with these Knotties to find out what they have planned for... read more

Hot Topic: Should You Upgrade Your Wedding Ring?

man putting wedding band on womanPhoto: Thinkstock
When I got married, I chose a simple 18k, rose gold band without stones. I wanted something classic that could be worn with everything, was different than yellow gold and would pair well with my more elaborate engagement ring that had belonged to my grandmother, which my grandparents had given to me and my... read more

A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Knotties Kristen & Ken Trombetta!

Knotties Kristen and Ken Trombetta Wedding PicturePhoto: Courtesy of 217 Photography
Nearly 27,000 Knotties got married on October 12, 2013 -- the most popular wedding day for The Knot last year. And guess what? Today's their First Anniversary! Here, we're celebrating one of those beautiful marriages. CONGRATS KRISTEN & KEN TROMBETTA! He's an analyst at the hedge fund Hoplite Capital, and she's the chief of... read more

Should You Share Exactly What You Spend with Your S.O.?

Ilustration of spending and loveIllustration: Thinkstock
If only we could charge what we want without concern. If only ... and because money issues can wedge their way between couples whether they're married or living together, a plan can keep you connected. Here's what you should consider. Q: Should we be sharing exactly what we spend with each other and... read more

A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Kayla & Kyle Hinton!

Wedding Picture of Knotties Kayla and Kyle HintonPhoto: Courtesy of Molly Joseph Photography
Nearly 27,000 Knotties got married on October 12, 2013 -- the most popular wedding day for The Knot last year. And guess what? Their First Anniversary is coming up! Here, we're celebrating all those marriages, counting down to 10/12/14 by featuring some of those couples. CONGRATS KAYLA & KYLE HINTON! She's a voluntary benefits... read more

12 Must-Follow Moving-In Rules! Combine Your Stuff & Still Feel the Love

happy couple moving in togetherPhoto: Thinkstock
You love him. But you hate his stuff. Why does this grown man think it’s okay to festoon his bookshelf with action figures? Yep, we get there are challenges every couple faces when sharing spaces. Here are 12 rules to follow to get through it. Rule #1: Show respect for the home field advantage.... read more