Stop Analyzing the Cost-Benefit of Your Relationship

couple looking at papersGetty
Sometimes your relationship really can be like a corporation. There’s a CFO, or at least the one in the relationship who’s better at handling money. There are budgets and operating costs to consider. There are board meanings, of course, variously known as “dinner time” and “TV time.” There’s even sometimes a CEO, a.k.a., the one who’s more... read more

Stop Worrying So Much About Tomorrow

woman looking out windowGetty
Do you ever wonder what your 16-year-old self would think about your life as an adult? It’s a mental exercise I tend to gravitate towards when I find myself stuck in an especially stressful time. Work deadlines, money woes, relationship troubles—when life feels like it’s crashing in, I fantasize about taking a snapshot of my... read more

Always Put Your Relationship First

couple huggingGetty
It seems like such an easy layup in terms of advice, right? Always put your relationship first. But how often do we ignore it? Probably a lot more than we’d like to admit. In a vacuum, it’s easy to stay focused on a relationship, but in real life there’s career, money worries, Insta-bragging, Netflix queues,... read more

If You’re Going to Complain, Make Sure You Offer an Alternative

couple angry in bedGetty
If there’s one thing politicians are good for, it’s serving as a cautionary tale for how not to behave in life. The constant grandstanding, the dodging of truth, the outright lying, the flip-flopping, the power grabbing—it’s basically a detailed blueprint of the worst kind of human behavior. Perhaps the most frustrating of it all though... read more

Stop Worrying So Much About Your Fair Share

couple eating breakfast togetherGetty
While I was visiting my hometown over the holidays, I spent some time with friends who have young kids. I quite like hanging out with kids—probably because I’m closer to their level of emotional maturity than I am to their parents—but they can be exhausting. One thing I noticed, especially the younger kids, was that... read more

Compete to Always Be the First to Apologize

couple embracingGetty
A little healthy competition in a relationship is not always a bad thing. In the right circumstances it can even push you each to be better, or at the very least liven things up a little. Whether it’s a foot race in the backyard or simply a good old-fashioned cook off, the benefit of competing... read more

The Perfect Movie Night Popcorn Recipe For Your Sweet Tooth

caramel popcorn recipeLauren Kelp
As the weather gets chillier, we are motivated to stay indoors...and can you blame us? Instead of venture out in the cold for a date night, there's another option we love just as much: movie date night in! Complete with better-than-concession-stand snacks, a date night in the comfort of your home can be delicious... read more

4 Ways to Unplug and Enjoy It

convertible road trip
We were at backyard party this weekend and a group of friends began talking about how they ‘unplug’. As the conversation unfolded, each person shared activities that he or she considered refreshing – some said a hike or a swim, hobbies and cooking came up, but it became clear that unplugging itself is... read more

Romantic Movie Moments That'll Give You The Feels

By Tanner Stransky Isn't it nice to know that even when one (or both) of you screws up royally, there's always a chance for two people in love to find their way back to each other? Over the decades, movies have seriously perfected these grand gestures, inspiring us to round up our favorite big romantic moves from... read more

21 Home Accents to Show Off Your Shared Interests

They say opposites attract, but we bet you can name at least a few major things you and your significant other share in common. For starters, you probably moved beyond the first date because you both love doing certain things together. On nights when you order Chinese takeout, for example, what's the one hobby that... read more
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