21 Home Accents to Show Off Your Shared Interests

They say opposites attract, but we bet you can name at least a few major things you and your significant other share in common. For starters, you probably moved beyond the first date because you both love doing certain things together. On nights when you order Chinese takeout, for example, what's the one hobby that... read more

5 Love Lessons I’ve Learned from My Grandparents

Two Wise Owls in LoveImage: Thinkstock
As much as we do things our way, there are those that came before us that just may have done it better -- and longer. So while we might think that we need to rage against tradition at times (or mostly all the time), sometimes we... read more

A Look Back at the 5 Top Relationship Trends of 2014!

couple shooting usie with phonePhoto: Thinkstock
As you and your sweetie kick off the new year, let's take a look at the top relationship trends that developed over the last year to see what couples like you should keep doing long into 2015. The Cheap Date There was a time when setting a "date night" seemed cliché and overrated, but with... read more

Hot Topic: What’s Fair When Splitting Holidays with Family?

Couple Enjoying the Holidays TogetherPhoto: Thinkstock
One of the first things I did when moving into a 940-square foot apartment more than 5 years ago with my then-boyfriend-now-husband was buy a large dining room table. "This space was made for entertaining!" I said. "Why do we have to... read more

Homepolish's 10 Tips You Need to Survive Co-Habitation

couple on white couch

Moving in together is one of the biggest emotional milestones a couple can hit, but after you’ve made the decision to take up the mantel, upgrade your love and share your living space, you still have to decide whose stuff goes where. No reason to panic -- this is the perfect opportunity for you...

read more

Target’s Home Style Expert Emily Henderson Talks Marriage, Fun & Family

A Day in the Life of Target Home Style Expert Emily Henderson with Her FamilyPhoto: Image courtesy of Stephanie Todaro
We asked interior designer Emily Henderson to share what matters most to her in life, and she welcomed us into her home. You've now been married for 8 years. What have you learned about maintaining a strong relationship? Do you have any advice for... read more

A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Knotties Crystal & David Heisler!

Crystal and David Heisler's Vintage WeddingPhoto: Courtesy of Amanda Pomilla Photography
CONGRATS CRYSTAL & DAVID HEISLER! They live in Austin, Texas, where she's a real estate agent and he's a professional photographer. She kept her maiden name "Truehart" as her middle name -- the same middle name they plan on giving their children one day. With a moniker like that, they were destined... read more

Hot Topic: What You Should Enjoy Before Having Children!

Couple Near Motorcycle on VacationPhoto: Thinkstock
I have four nieces and one nephew, and I'm admittedly a helicopter aunt. I easily get suckered into sleepovers by a cute face, will spend entire days watching them, feeding them, playing with them -- and when they were younger, I definitely changed lots of diapers. But as much as both my husband and read more

Who Doesn’t Love a Movember Mustache? Join Jessica Alba to Support No-Shave November

Jessica Alba Supporting Movember Wearing Made in Movember No-Shave November ShirtPhoto: Courtesy of @movember
For the more than 10 years we've been together, my guy sported no stache, no beard, no goatee -- just a silky smooth kisser. So when he decided to show off a new look, I wasn't a fan of the read more

A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Knotties Jaime & Doug Muth!

Jaime and Dough Muth Wedding PhotoPhoto: Courtesy of Melissa Kelly Photography
CONGRATS JAIME & DOUG MUTH! They live outside of Philadelphia, where she's a legal videographer and he's an arborist who works for a tree-service company. These two Knotties captured each other's hearts and have been cultivating their love ever since. We checked in with them to find out what they have planned for the big... read more
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