The MOST Annoying Things Our Partners Do That Drive Us Insane

young couple sitting on a couchPhoto: Thinkstock
They're our sweethearts and our babes, but when our partners make us nuts when they don't listen, don't help out around the house, don't pick up after themselves ... well, then, we have some other special names for our irritating love bugs. In truth, we're probably doing a bunch of things that get on... read more

8 Ridiculous Fights Couples Have When Moving

Moving Truck IllustrationPhoto: Thinkstock
Moving. It tests you as a couple. It costs too much money. It makes you collapse in a sweaty heap on boxes. And it unleashes these 8 absurd arguments (yeah, you'll relate). The Fight: When to Start One of you starts organizing a few weeks beforehand, and the other says, "The move is already going... read more

7 Silly Fights Couples Have Over Home Essentials

Illustration of Home EssentialsPhoto: Thinkstock
From smiling at one another to struggling with each other, the joy of shopping can turn sour in a second when couples clash over everything from choosing coffee makers to picking pans. 1. The Fight: Price vs. Features The philosophical schism that cuts across buying nearly every major appliance. “We need this model — it’s... read more

Hot Topic: Are You Friends With Your Ex?

Photo: VeerPhoto: Veer
The whole "friends with your ex" conundrum has always fascinated me. Admittedly, I'm 23-years-old and am just now calling someone my boyfriend for the first time. So although I can't claim to be an expert on the topic, I think (or at least I hope!) I would stay in touch with someone who I used... read more

9 of the Most Ridiculous Fights Couples Have at Best Buy

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Happy couples might enter the doors of Best Buy, but no couple has ever left a Best Buy happy. The top 9 ways that bits and bytes can turn into snips and fights: The Fight: 40” vs. 60” TV “But…there’s no room on the wall,” you say. There’s always room. “But…the couch is only 6... read more

Relationship Advice the New Bachelor Needs to Know

the new bachelorPhoto: ABC
While we all impatiently await the announcement of the season 19 Bachelor, I got to thinking about a few relationship pointers the new guy definitely needs. Even though it may seem easy (let's be honest, 25 single women throwing themselves at you isn't hard), the new Bachelor could benefit from these basic reality-TV romance tips:... read more

6 Great Guy Traits That Are Now Super-Annoying

Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: Thinkstock
Ever feel so annoyed with your spouse that you don’t know where to start? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if you don’t appreciate your partner. But it is amusing to think that his once-endearing qualities now have the ability to drive you up the wall. (Remember when you actually thought his off-key singing... read more

Debates Over Details: Losing It Over Ties, Furniture and Focal Points

Ties and FurniturePhoto by Christine Porretta
When you get a wedding invite, what’s the first thought that passes through your mind? What am I going to wear?! You know it. And then, of course, you find yourself rushing to find that perfect outfit (dress, shoes, purse, jewelry), um, months later and just days before the event. Plenty of time. You only... read more

7 Reasons Why We Love a Younger Man

While a younger man may have less life experience, that doesn’t mean he’s not emotionally mature. Here are the seven reasons why being in a relationship with a younger man is the best. 1. He Tries Harder He feels proud to be with a grown-ass woman, and since you have your shit (mostly) together, a younger... read more

7 Clues Your Pet is Ruining Your Relationship

couple playing with catPhoto: Shutterstock
Sure, bringing home a pet can bring you and your partner closer -- but sometimes that new pooch can wreak havoc on your relationship: As bad as it sounds, sometimes you’d much rather cuddle up to your cat than your husband. After all, she could care less if you leave crumbs in the bed. (And... read more