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A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Knotties Lara & Caleb Kreutner!

Lara and Caleb KreutnerPhoto: Courtesy of Sweet Poppy Studios
Nearly 27,000 Knotties got married on October 12, 2013 -- the most popular wedding day for The Knot last year. And guess what? Their First Anniversary is coming up! Here, we're celebrating all those marriages, counting down to 10/12/14 by featuring some of those couples. CONGRATS LARA & CALEB KREUTNER! She's a wedding and... read more

8 Ridiculous Fights Couples Have When Moving

Moving Truck IllustrationPhoto: Thinkstock
Moving. It tests you as a couple. It costs too much money. It makes you collapse in a sweaty heap on boxes. And it unleashes these 8 absurd arguments (yeah, you'll relate). The Fight: When to Start One of you starts organizing a few weeks beforehand, and the other says, "The move... read more

7 Silly Fights Couples Have Over Home Essentials

Illustration of Home EssentialsPhoto: Thinkstock
From smiling at one another to struggling with each other, the joy of shopping can turn sour in a second when couples clash over everything from choosing coffee makers to picking pans. 1. The Fight: Price vs. Features The philosophical schism that cuts across buying nearly every major appliance. “We need this model — it’s... read more

Relationship Advice the New Bachelor Needs to Know

the new bachelorPhoto: ABC
While we all impatiently await the announcement of the season 19 Bachelor, I got to thinking about a few relationship pointers the new guy definitely needs. Even though it may seem easy (let's be honest, 25 single women throwing themselves at you isn't hard), the new Bachelor could benefit from these basic reality-TV romance tips:... read more

I Love My Husband, But I’m Not Changing My Last Name

name tagPhoto: Shutterstock
“So when are you going to change your name? What’s wrong with our last name?” my mother-in-law asked me recently when we were on vacation. It’s always great to get blindsided on the beach first thing in the morning when you’re sipping a cup of coffee. Smile! I’ve been married for 15 months, and this... read more

Why I Keep Going to Honeymoon Destinations with My In-Laws

Aruban sunsetPhoto: Courtesy of Christine Porretta
Just say the word Aruba, and everyone pictures couples sharing quiet moments together beachside. But when I was recently on that island snapping a picture of this sunset that sucked me into its beauty, not only were my hubby and I not on the honeymoon we haven’t taken yet, we weren’t even alone in the... read more

9 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship in 2014

new year new relationshipPhoto: Veer
You and your guy are already awesome together, but with a new year comes the chance to get even better. Start 2014 off with these smart and sexy, get-outside-your-comfort-zone ideas that will boost your bond and make you two tighter than ever. -- Anna Davies More Must-Clicks: 8 New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually... read more

5 Clever Ways to Dodge the Engagement Question

wedding ringsPhoto: Antonis Achilleos
‘Tis the season for invasive questioning! There you are minding your own business, polishing off your second piece of rum cake when all of a sudden someone shoots you a “Where’s my save-the-date?” zinger that knocks the unwed socks off of you and your boyfriend. Just because he hasn’t put a ring on it doesn’t... read more

Couple Breaks Up While Stranger Live-Tweets the Conversation

roof breakup
What do you do when you witness a couple screaming at each other on an otherwise peaceful Saturday afternoon? Live-tweet it, of course. That's what writer Kyle Ayers did this weekend when a couple began arguing on the roof of his building. The result was an hour-long play-by-play of the couple's... read more

Buzz From The Boards: The One Habit That Drives Your Partner Crazy

annoying partner habitsPhoto: Thinkstock
Fess up and tell us what habit you find yourself doing that drives your significant other totally crazy. These Nesties shared with us what annoys the daylights out of their partner: “He says I can be negative, although I prefer to say I'm a realist. He's very idealistic, glass half full type. It can make... read more
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