Cookbook Crave: You'll Flip Out Over These French Fries!

Fries, chips, pommes frites ... whatever you call 'em, there's no arguing that these crispy potatoes are the perfect side to just about any main dish. (Or just do what I do, and consider a bowlful as a well-rounded meal.) You can now go beyond basic... read more

Football Party Food! The No-Fumble Spinach-Artichoke Dip

The Nest spinach artichoke dip recipe
Make this perfect dip for your next pregame party, and you'll be the fan favorite. Baked until crispy golden brown on the outside, warm and creamy on the inside, this homemade spinach-artichoke dip is good enough to make you forget the final score. What You'll Need: 2 1/4 cups Italian-style shredded cheese blend... read more

Your Next Drink Needs to Be a Dirty Little Secret

The James Hotel Jimmy Bar
If a dish or drink is made with an unusual ingredient, you bet I'm game to try it. Enter the Dirty Little Secret cocktail from JIMMY at The James -- a rooftop bar on the 18th floor of The James Hotel in NYC. I took one look at the bar's drink menu and... read more

4 OITNB-Themed Cocktails to Entertain Yourself During the Emmys

oranges and cream punch recipePhoto: The Southern Tailgating Cookbook
We know you're going to be all crazy-eyed watching the Emmys tonight, rooting for, um, Orange is the New Black of course. As much as you secretly love Frank Underwood, you'd much rather dedicate a post-work cocktail to your girl Piper. Show your support by mixing up one of these orange-flavored drinks, sit back and... read more

The 101: Get Your S’mores Right!

smore recipePhoto: Anita Calero / The Nest
In the mood for something sweet? Make this basic dessert even better with these tips: Key ingredients: Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. Why you love them: This nostalgic dessert reminds us of summers spent by the bonfire with friends. Plus, they take about 30 seconds to assemble -- perfect for when those late-night sugar cravings... read more

6 Meals You Should Know How to Make By Now

eggplant parmesan recipePhoto: The Nest
It's time to stop thinking of those turkey sandwiches and microwaved soups as actual food. Turn your go-to dinners into grown-up meals with these new takes on the classics: A Rise-and-Shine Breakfast: Grand Marnier French Toast with Strawberries For those mornings when you can’t stand to look at – let alone stomach – another bowl of... read more

4 Tasty Breakfasts — You Won’t Believe the Surprising Ingredient They Have in Common!

We all remember Chia Pets, right? Those funny little creature-shaped pots that sprout green leaves when watered? Well, the same seeds behind these funky kid projects might be a worthwhile addition to your pantry! The small seeds are quickly becoming nutritionists’ favorite miracle seeds—they provide a healthy energy boost, they’re rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,... read more

How to Make Perfect Popcorn (With Step-by-Step Photos!)

As a kid, whenever my family went to the movies, my mother used to pop up a great big pot of popcorn and portion it into little brown paper bags for us. She would then smuggle it into the theater in a giant tote bag along with pouches of Capri Sun. Yes, we were THAT... read more

8 Ways to Turn Leftover Halloween Candy Into a Decadent Dessert

Photo: The NestPhoto: The Nest
Stuck with piles of M&Ms and Milky Way bars? To put that candy to good use (and to keep it from going stale) we've found some fun ways to turn your leftover loot into a decadent dessert for your Halloween party guests. Plus More From The Nest: Guilt-Free Desserts You'll Love read more

Weekly Obsession: Apple Cider Sangria

Photo: How Sweet It IsPhoto: How Sweet It Is
What to do with all those leftover apples from your trip to the orchard last weekend? Mix up a fun drink. We love the apple cider sangria recipe from the blog How Sweet It Is; it offers an autumnal twist on the read more