no-cook meals

4 Tasty Breakfasts — You Won’t Believe the Surprising Ingredient They Have in Common!

We all remember Chia Pets, right? Those funny little creature-shaped pots that sprout green leaves when watered? Well, the same seeds behind these funky kid projects might be a worthwhile addition to your pantry! The small seeds are quickly becoming nutritionists’ favorite miracle seeds—they provide a healthy energy boost, they’re rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,... read more

Still No Power? Try These No-Cook Meal Ideas.

Shutterstock / The NestShutterstock / The Nest
If you're still without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, mealtime is becoming more challenging by the day. You're sick of the beef jerky and chips that was supposed to be just for a day or two-- and even if you've been able to get to a grocery store, you've probably noticed that supplies... read more
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