When You Get Married, Don’t Ditch Your Friends

couple's handsThinkstock
Surely it’s one of the greater perks of marriage, getting to wake up every morning next to your best friend. The person who knows you best and who you know best in the world. So it makes sense, then, that you might feel the urge to let your other friendships slide. Why hang out with... read more

This Blueberry Rum Lemonade Will Put You On Island Time

cruzan rum cocktail
Sometimes, you just need an adult beverage that reminds you of a Caribbean vacay. This fruit-forward drink is crisp and refreshing and pretty much guaranteed to send you straight to island time. Get ready to kick back and relax. What You'll Need: 2 parts Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum 3/4 part Grapefruit... read more

6 Equine Derby Day Decor Finds

brass horse decor
Louisville's prime racing day is almost here and that means we're looking to spruce up our home with decor finds that neighs at high design. From brass pencil sharpeners to cocktail picks and even the perfect mint julep cup, these are six chic treats for your Kentucky Derby party. SHOP NOW: 1. Brass pencil sharpener,... read more

10 Rooms From Pinterest With an Elegant Equestrian Touch

horse decor
With the Kentucky Derby just around the bend, we're eyeing different decor ways to incorporate an equestrian theme into the home. It's timeless, slightly masculine and utterly chic. From stone gray walls to rich leather accents and elegant finishing touches, here are ten inspired rooms from Pinterest with an eye on the winner's circle. Nothing... read more

How Relationship Stress Can Affect Your Physical Health Over Time

heart rateThinkstock
They say that stress is the root of all health evils, and a new study is showing that when it comes to marriage, your partner’s stress can affect your health. It’s been known for while now that negative marital quality can impact a person’s blood pressure and mortality, but now they’re saying that when... read more

BCBG Designer Max Azria Lists LA Mansion for a Cool $85M

You've seen his designs on the runways and probably own a few of his clothing items too -- BCBG founder and designer, Max Azria, just listed his Los Angeles manse for a hefty price tag at $85-million. The 17-bedroom, 22-bath manor sits on 2.8 acres and includes a tennis court, greenhouse and five (yes, five) sprawling... read more

Beaujolais: Why It's About To Become Your New Favorite Red

Easy-to-drink and more-than-affordable, Beaujolais is the perfect wine to kickstart your entry into the world of vin rouge. What it is: Beaujolais is a light-bodied red wine hailing from the Beaujolais region (not far from Burgundy) of France. It’s made exclusively from gamay grapes, which are low in tannins (the compounds that, if present in large... read more

Happy Hour for a Healthy Relationship

One of the happiest married couples I know seems to perpetually arrive from a margarita happy hour every time I see them. After several years of living in New York, they’ve apparently sussed out every high-quality margarita establishment in the city and, more importantly, the best time of day to buy them. And while I... read more

5 Shibori Home Accents That Are Anything But (Shi)Boring

We get pretty excited about anything hand dyed, especially when it comes to Shibori, the age-old Japanese dyeing technique. Why? It's one of our favorite ways of using (indigo blue) dye to create beautiful organic patterns. Every piece has its own personality and makes a great accent to any home. Here are five variations for your home: ... read more

A Classic Banana Bread Recipe for Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day, pamper the special ladies in your life with the most decadent Banana Bread treat. Made with crunchy walnuts and a touch of cinnamon, this quick-bread comes together in under an hour, and is guaranteed to be the highlight at your family brunch. What You'll Need: (Serves 10) 1 cup all-purpose flour 2/3 cup whole wheat... read more
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