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Your Top 6 Name-Changing Questions, Answered!

miss to mrsPhoto: Shutterstock
You finally swapped rings made a show of shoving cake into your partner's face, but there's still one final task on your newlywed to-do list: Change your name. Since there's a good chance you're stumped on where to start, I spoke with HitchSwitch co-founders, Josh Gelb and Jake Wolff, to get... read more

How Editor Celebrated Her First Anniversary

The Nest Editor Wedding Pic Times SquarePhoto by Lina Jang Photography
It didn’t start with my husband Joe and I taking a bite out of the top tier of our wedding cake -- I can tell you that. I never saved it. The box it was in actually fell on the ground when we were leaving the reception on our wedding night. But we didn’t care... read more

Buzz From The Boards: Who Pays The Bills?

splitting the billPhoto: Corbis
The talk of money seems to be a very private subject for most couples. But we got the scoop from these Nesties on joint bank accounts and who pays the bills. Everyone has a different system that works for them: “Although we are trying to take a ‘team’ approach to our finances, we have separate... read more

Buzz From The Boards: Wedding Regrets

wedding regretsPhoto: Thinkstock
Whether you are a newlywed or you tied the knot years ago, looking back on your big day should be full of delightful memories. Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, but it's possible you might have a regret or two. When it comes to the big regrets, one Nestie asked if any one... read more

5 Secrets to Living Together (Blissfully!)

5 secrets to living together peacfullyPhoto: Thinkstock
You've done it. You've taken your relationship to the next level and moved in together. Since comedian Michael Ian Black is an expert at, well, everything, here are his personal tips for domestic domination. --Michael Ian Black (Follow him on Twitter @michaelianblack) Have a relationship gripe or need some advice? Visit our communityread more

7 Secrets to Marital Bliss (and Why They Work)

secrets to marital bliss
You’ve heard the same marriage advice over and over: “Don’t go to bed angry!” “Make your sex life a priority!” “Fight fair!” In fact, your parents and grandparents heard it too, back when they were newlyweds. So why are there certain secrets to a happy marriage that people swear by from generation to generation... read more

Was Your Honeymoon Dreamy or Disasterous? Real Couples Weigh In!

honeymoon regretsPhoto: Shutterstock
Sometimes even the best-laid travel plans don't quite work out. From sunburns to hurricanes, readers reveal the surprises that make them wish they could go back and redo their honeymoons. "I'd wait a week after the wedding to go. We left the Monday after our Saturday wedding. We felt so rushed Sunday night." -- puppymommy... read more

Worst Relationship Advice — Ever!

worst relationship advice everPhoto: Shutterstock
Think grandparents give the worst advice? Think again. Turns out there's no shortage of the toxic stuff out there from misguided (albeit well-meaning) friends, parents, and even experts.  After #TerribleAdvice began trending on Twitter, we started thinking about all of the downright awful advice we've gotten regarding... read more

Simple Ways to Turn Your Newlywed House Into a Home

how to make a newlywed house into a home
Setting up your house is often the first thing you want to tackle as a newlywed. Sounds simple, but when you account for blending two unique styles, organizing your new registry goodies and starting fresh in a new space, it's easy to get overwhelmed! Here are a few easy ways to get you settled in.... read more

Top 10 Marriage Quotes of 2012 from Celebrity Husbands

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
Since we've already rounded up our favorite marriage quotes from lovesick celebrity wives, it only made sense to do the same with Hollywood's leading, in-love husbands. From Brad on Angie to Justin's take on what makes his marriage tick, these husbands dish their words of wedded wisdom. "And I wouldn’t be the man I... read more