Should You Give Your Marriage a Performance Review?

couple huggingGetty
We expect them at our jobs, and they’re usually pretty helpful, but would a performance review for your marriage benefit your relationship? Experts are saying yes. According to the Wall Street Journal, more and more marriage counselors are suggesting that couples regularly look constructively at obstacles and things that need improving as well... read more

Tips for Selling Your Wedding Dress Online

Your big day has come and gone, you’ve kissed your guests goodbye and taken off on your honeymoon. What’s waiting for you when you get back (other than all those lovely wedding photos)? Your dress. Yup, your big, beautiful… kind of bulky, only-worn-once dress. Of course there are reasons for holding on to your wedding... read more

8 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Your First Trip to Ikea as a Couple

There comes a point in every couple’s life when a trip to Ikea is inevitable. At first, the thought of it is really exciting. Choosing fun things to decorate the home you share together sounds like a blast! But somewhere in between the Borgsjö and the Pax system, you wonder if this was even a... read more

Why Being Apart Is Healthy For a Marriage

A new study has come out saying that—get ready for this—married couples who live apart for the majority of the week are happier and healthier than ones who stay under the same roof all the time. Researchers at Northwestern's Family Institute found that couples who were apart—usually 50 miles or more—for a large chunk... read more

Let It Go—Here's the Real Reason You Should Forgive Your Partner

Let’s face it: holding a grudge is no fun, but now, there’s research that shows it’s no good for your health either. A study conducted at Florida State University looked at 90 married couples to see if forgiveness affected their blood pressure and myocardial oxygen consumption (the amount of oxygen your heart muscle... read more

According to Science, Married People Are Happier

married coupleThinkstock
Forget all those jokes about “the old ball and chain…” Turns out, married people are happier than those who aren’t. Researchers in the UK used surveys to see if there was any link between marriage and well-being, and they found out there is. Those who have said “I do” were more likely to feel... read more

The Best Marriage Advice From Moms

mother and daughterThinkstock
In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked moms to share their best piece of marriage advice. From communication to love to having separate bathrooms, find out the tips these women want their married sons or daughters to know: Communicate the Right Way “Don't over-analyze everything. Men and women, in the way they act and think,... read more

What Your Fridge Says About Your Sex Life

couple in bed
By John Stonehill, R.D.E. Check out this fridge. Look familiar? It’s neat and organized. The story your fridge tells is not just from the products you buy, it’s from how you store them. This couple’s story stems from how they buy and store their food in such an organized, structured way. You know the... read more

Hot Topic: When Did You Feel That Wow-I'm-Married Moment?

Eggs in LovePhoto: Thinkstock
It took me nearly a year and a half. It's not that I didn't feel hitched beforehand. I felt married to my husband long before we ever even actually said "I do." But there was a moment where I saw what we will always mean to one another and how we will interact for... read more

A Nestie Happy Anniversary to Knotties Heidi & Matthew Morgan!

Circus Performers Heidi and Matt Morgan Sharing a Moment on Their Wedding DayPhoto: Courtesy of Felicia Perry Photography
CONGRATS HEIDI BRUCKER MORGAN & MATTHEW MORGAN! They run their own theatre company called Shotspeare -- it combines a condensed version of classical Shakespeare with a drinking game. And if reading that doesn't already prove that these two are possibly the coolest couple on the planet, they're also performers, comedic hosts, actors, entertainers... read more
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