How Editor Celebrated Her First Anniversary

The Nest Editor Wedding Pic Times SquarePhoto by Lina Jang Photography
It didn’t start with my husband Joe and I taking a bite out of the top tier of our wedding cake -- I can tell you that. I never saved it. The box it was in actually fell on the ground when we were leaving the reception on our wedding night. But we didn’t care... read more

Real Couple: Maya and Troy

the nest real couplesPhoto: The Nest
Status: Married June 21, 2013 Careers: They're both attorneys, but they practice different areas of law. "It's great to have a partner who understands your career, but we try not to 'talk ship' when we get home." How They Met: The two met in law school in 2003 and quickly became each other's "one that... read more

9 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship in 2014

new year new relationshipPhoto: Veer
You and your guy are already awesome together, but with a new year comes the chance to get even better. Start 2014 off with these smart and sexy, get-outside-your-comfort-zone ideas that will boost your bond and make you two tighter than ever. -- Anna Davies More Must-Clicks: 8 New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually... read more

Real Couple: Terra and Habib

The Nest real couples
Status: Married April 6, 2013 Unwind Time: The newlyweds de-stress with episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Colbert Report. Digs: A 3-bedroom, 2,190 square-foot home that they built shortly before they got engaged. Nicknames: She calls him Habibi and he calls her Habibti, both of which mean "my love" in Arabic. (Awww!) Careers:... read more

Real Couple: Kelsey and Jason

The Nest real couples
This fun-loving couple met in high school, but didn't reconnect until years later. Check out their love story below: Status: Married April 1, 2010 Sweet Treat: He likes to sneak yogurt-covered pretzels into their grocery basket. She can't get enough of those brownie mugs you see all over Pinterest. Unwind Time: When they're not traveling,... read more

10 Awful Things Never to Say to Your Not-Yet-Engaged Friend

not yet engaged friendPhoto: Antonis Achilleos
Know one of these couples? Their relationship seems rock solid, they’ve lived together forever (and might even jointly own the place), but they’re still not engaged. You might think it’s NBD to ask your friend about their plans, but we’ve got three words for you: Don’t go there. The topic of marriage can be a... read more

8 Huge Relationship Trends of 2013

biggest relationship trends of 2013Photo: Shutterstock / Star Pulse
Sexier sex! Very public proposals! Nearlyweds! It was a pretty busy year for love and relationships. As 2013 comes to a close, we look back at the best trends that made headlines. More Must-Clicks: Our Favorite Celebrity Newlyweds of 2013 5 Clever Ways to Dodge the Engagement Question 41... read more

5 Clever Ways to Dodge the Engagement Question

wedding ringsPhoto: Antonis Achilleos
‘Tis the season for invasive questioning! There you are minding your own business, polishing off your second piece of rum cake when all of a sudden someone shoots you a “Where’s my save-the-date?” zinger that knocks the unwed socks off of you and your boyfriend. Just because he hasn’t put a ring on it doesn’t... read more

Our Favorite Celebrity Newlyweds of 2013

celebrity newlyweds 2013
Everyone enjoys a good love story – especially when said story involves a high-profile couple, an over-the-top engagement and some not-so-secret nuptials. Here, eight of our favorite lovebirds from the year so far: More Must-Clicks: 9 Celeb Couples Who Should Never Get Back Together 7 Cheesiest Quotes on Love from Celeb... read more

9 Annoying Things Every Couple Does During the Holidays

annoying things during the holidaysPhoto: Thinkstock
Yay, holidays! Yay, happy couples! These are two joyous things. But sometimes they collide in a way that makes the rest of want to snap the heads off gingerbread men.  So this year, why not give everyone the best gift of all and avoid these annoying holiday habits. -- Jeff Wilser is the editor of... read more