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12 Must-Follow Moving-In Rules! Combine Your Stuff & Still Feel the Love

happy couple moving in togetherPhoto: Thinkstock
You love him. But you hate his stuff. Why does this grown man think it’s okay to festoon his bookshelf with action figures? Yep, we get there are challenges every couple faces when sharing spaces. Here are 12 rules to follow to get through it. Rule #1: Show respect for the home... read more

8 Ridiculous Fights Couples Have When Moving

Moving Truck IllustrationPhoto: Thinkstock
Moving. It tests you as a couple. It costs too much money. It makes you collapse in a sweaty heap on boxes. And it unleashes these 8 absurd arguments (yeah, you'll relate). The Fight: When to Start One of you starts organizing a few weeks beforehand, and the other says, "The move... read more

Buzz From The Boards: Venting About Your Spouse

buzz from the boardsPhoto: Thinkstock
WIVES! When you and your husband are in a tiff, a major fight or if you’re on each other’s nerves – who do you turn to to vent? Nesties weigh in on who their go-to pal is when they need to get advice on their martial frustrations: “I do usually vent to my mom and... read more

7 Secrets to Marital Bliss (and Why They Work)

secrets to marital bliss
You’ve heard the same marriage advice over and over: “Don’t go to bed angry!” “Make your sex life a priority!” “Fight fair!” In fact, your parents and grandparents heard it too, back when they were newlyweds. So why are there certain secrets to a happy marriage that people swear by from generation to generation... read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Combining Your Finances

how to combine financesPhoto: Getty
There are few things I hate more than talking about money with my fiance; the topic just brings up so many feelings for both of us. But now that Eric and I are living together and planning a life (and wedding!) together, we've gotten a lot more comfortable with these conversations. Still, there are a... read more

Could Arguing Differently Help You Stay Married Longer?

marriage conflictPhoto: Corbis
The next time you have the urge to duke it out with your spouse, just don't! It could do more harm than good depending on how long you've been married, according to a new study by San Francisco State University psychologist Sarah Holley. She studied 127 married couples over 13 years to see... read more

Couples Confess: “My Big Secret He/She Doesn’t Know!”

marriage secretsPhoto: The Nest
Hate the way he loads the dishwasher? Loathe your mother-in-law's surprise visits? Whatever deep, dark, secrets you keep from your spouse, rest assured you're not the only one with sealed lips. What's the biggest secret you keep from your partner? More Must-Clicks: 7 Mistakes Every Newlywed Makes 13 Ways You're... read more

Are Your Poor Sleep Habits Wrecking Your Marriage?

lack of sleep affecting relationshipsPhoto: Veer
Turns out that under-eye bags and bad hair days aren't the only side effects to poor sleep. According to new research, less than stellar snooze patterns actually wreak havoc on your relationship. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley studied the role of sleeping patterns in more than 60 couples to... read more
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