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Beaujolais: Why It's About To Become Your New Favorite Red

Easy-to-drink and more-than-affordable, Beaujolais is the perfect wine to kickstart your entry into the world of vin rouge. What it is: Beaujolais is a light-bodied red wine hailing from the Beaujolais region (not far from Burgundy) of France. It’s made exclusively from gamay grapes, which are low in tannins (the compounds that, if present in large... read more

Instant Expert: 6 Ways to Eat Local All Year Long

With warmer weather on the horizon, it won't be long until you can start adding fresh-picked produce straight from the farm stand or farmers' market back into your daily diet. For a lot of us, spring and summer also marks a time when we start making major changes to what goes on our table, with... read more

Instant Expert: Why Every Kitchen Needs a Mortar and Pestle

They might look archaic (and within reason — people have been using them for 5,000 years), but a mortar and pestle are a super useful and age-old kitchen tool that will elevate the way you cook. Why? These seemingly simple tools are the key to big flavor. Not to mention they have a... read more

Instant Expert: How to Poach Just about Anything

You've probably heard that poaching is a healthy way to cook everything from salmon to eggs and seasonal fruits — well you heard right. But it's also the key to perfect eggs benedict (a Sunday brunch must) and some pretty tasty after-dinner treats. And while the technique might... read more

Instant Expert: Sustainable Seafood 101

Now that you know how to pick seafood like a pro, you might be tempted to run out and start stocking up on everything from calamari to grouper and salmon for days. But — yes, there's a but — there are a few more things you need to know. While fish and seafood... read more

Instant Expert: Why Emulsifying Will Change the Way You Eat Salads

You've been warned, salads are about to become your favorite meal. Why? The slew of mouth-watering dressings that emulsifying makes possible, taking those leafy greens from whatever to WHOA. What it is: Emulsifying is the blending together of two liquids that don't normal mix — like oil and vinegar. Salad dressing, mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce... read more

Instant Expert: How to Choose the Best Cuts of Meat and Fish Every Time

When you head to the grocery store, you probably think of the items on your shopping list in general terms — bananas, cereal, pasta, parsley, etc. And for the most part that works, because when you start perusing the aisles, it's pretty easy to pick and choose products. There might be 10 types of... read more

Instant Expert: Horseradish — The Anything-Goes Sauce You Need in Your Fridge

Super flavorful, versatile and crazy easy to make, horseradish is one of those anything-goes sauces that deserves a place at your dinner table. What is it: Horseradish is a type of perennial plant that is part of the mustard family and is cultivated for its root. The root has a distinct hot,... read more

Everything You Need to Know to Buy and Cook the Perfect Easter Ham

Trying your hand at ham this Easter? Here's everything you need to know. Ham 101 Let's get one thing straight, right off the bat. A ham is a cut of pork that comes from the hind leg of a pig. The traditional Easter ham, however, is a little bit more complicated. The iconic... read more

Instant Expert: Cooking with Alcohol — Why You Should Do it

You've probably noticed that beer, liquor and wine seem to frequently find their way into recipes. Do poached pears, French onion soup or shrimp scampi sound familiar? They're just a small sampling of some popular dishes that use alcohol as an ingredient. But what business does your favorite beer or spirit have in... read more
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