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Everything You Need to Know to Buy and Cook the Perfect Easter Ham

Trying your hand at ham this Easter? Here's everything you need to know. Ham 101 Let's get one thing straight, right off the bat. A ham is a cut of pork that comes from the hind leg of a pig. The traditional Easter ham, however, is a little bit more complicated. The iconic... read more

Instant Expert: Cooking with Alcohol — Why You Should Do it

You've probably noticed that beer, liquor and wine seem to frequently find their way into recipes. Do poached pears, French onion soup or shrimp scampi sound familiar? They're just a small sampling of some popular dishes that use alcohol as an ingredient. But what business does your favorite beer or spirit have in... read more

Instant Expert: Amaranth — The Gluten Free Grain You Need to Try

You may not have heard of it, but amaranth is super tasty, versatile and is the perfect substitute for your go-to gluten-free grain. Here's everything you need to know: What it is: Amaranth refers to over over 60 different types of tall plant species, both edible and non-edible, with broad leaves and bright... read more

Instant Expert: Blanching — How to Get Incredibly Delicious Vegetables

Chances are you've heard of blanching, but while it might sound like a fancy technique the average Joe wouldn't use in the kitchen, it's actually a useful cooking skill every cook should know. Oh — and it's super easy. What is it? Blanching is a process that involves boiling vegetables or fruit for... read more

Instant Expert: Basic Cutting Techniques Every Cook Should Know

You've probably seen the terms julienne, mince and dice in recipes and maybe you know what they mean, or maybe you turn a blind eye and start hacking away. But mastering the different types of cuts isn't just a fancy way to show off your culinary skills, it can drastically change the taste of food. Why?... read more

Irish Soda Bread — The Other Irish Staple

Corn beef, cabbage and Guinness get all the hype when St. Patrick's Day rolls around, but there's another often overlooked Irish staple that is just as attention-worthy. Soda bread. Nope, it's not made with your favorite fizzy drink, but a more kitchen appropriate product, baking soda. What is it? Irish Soda Bread, or soda... read more

Instant Expert: Kneading Dough — The Key to Amazing Homemade Bread

There's something to be said about fresh baked bread. The aroma, the crisp crust and soft chewy inside are essentially irresistable. And straight out of the oven? Don't even get us started. We'll be the first to admit that churning out freshly made loaves at home can seem a little intimidating, but believe... read more

Instant Expert: Guinness — A St. Patty's Day Staple

No doubt, you've heard of Guinness, the iconic Irish beer known for it's dark color and rich creamy head, and chances are you've probably even had a pint or two. But here are five things you probably didn't know about Ireland's home brew: 1. Guinness stout wasn't always #1 At its beginnings over two centuries... read more

Instant Expert: Winter Squash

winter swuashPhoto: Hector Sanchez
Loaded with vitamins A and C, iron and riboflavin, this gourd is a delicious, healthy staple worth getting to know. Acorn: This small, round, ribbed squash usually has a dark green and gold shell. It's best when halved and baked. Spaghetti: Popular with people kicking the pasta habit, this buttery-fleshed squash is commonly roasted or... read more

Instant Expert: The Beer Basics

beer instant expertPhoto: Antonis Achilleos
From how it's made to how to perfect your pour, we have all the answers to your biggest brew q's. What are the most popular beers? Beers are generally categorized in two types based on how they're fermented: Ale: This kind of beer goes through the fermentation process at higher temperatures (65-75 degrees) than lager... read more
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