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Instant Expert: Peel Garlic Like a Pro

Love garlic, but hate the whole peeling and prep process? Ditch the jarred stuff and get your fresh garlic recipe-ready with these easy tips: Pull apart the garlic bulb, and lay a single clove on a cutting board. Place the flat side of the blade of a chef's knife against the clove, and press down... read more

Instant Expert: The What's What on Worcestershire

You've definitely heard of it -- but do you really know what's behind this tongue-twister of a sauce? First off, what is it? Basically, it's a dark liquid condiment that pairs great with red meat. Since it's made from distilled white vinegar, molasses, sugar and spices, it's perfect for adding a little extra kick of... read more

Instant Expert: The Dish on Polenta

polenta recipesPhoto: Half Baked Harvest
You've heard of the stuff, but what's really all of the hype behind this Italian staple? Let us explain. So what is it? Made from ground cornmeal, polenta is that pale yellow, dough-paste hybrid that's popping up on menus everywhere. Chefs like it because it's extremely versatile -- you can either bake, fry or grill... read more

Instant Expert: Black Rice Will Blow Your Mind

black rice 101Photo: Thinkstock
Forget white and brown rice. Black rice -- also known as forbidden rice (according to old tales, it was once reserved for Chinese rulers) -- is a beautiful super food of a grain that changes color like magic from black to purple when cooked. So what else is special about it? Black is the new... read more

Instant Expert: 7 Foods You’re Probably Mispronouncing

French Fries Etsy PrintPhoto: TheFoilFactory / Etsy
Know that one pretentious friend of yours who insists she knows everything (um, except for that time she forgot your birthday)? Yeah, even she's probably incorrectly saying some of these words. Prove that even if you can't make dinner without setting off the smoke detector, you can definitely pronounce these foods the right way. read more

Instant Expert: Drinks Are Better with Bitters

Handmade Etched Bitters BottlePhoto: LibationLab / Etsy
Believe it or not, Ryan Gosling turned me on to bitters. Okay, technically it was his character Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love – remember that scene (you know you do) when he tries to woo Emma Stone with those fancy-looking cocktails? I watched that and immediately wondered what where those interesting-looking drops he used? Something... read more

Instant Expert: Get a Grip on the Paring Knife

paring knife how toPhoto: Victorinox
If you've been using a steak knife for peeling apples and onions, you're lucky you haven't sliced your finger, girl. It's time to get a paring knife. Just a small knife, it's the least intimidating of kitchen cutlery. Get an edge up in the kitchen: You do need to use more than flatware to prep... read more

Rose Wine vs. White Zinfandel (*Hint: There’s Only One You Should Drink )

Shutterstock / The Nest
Confession: I drank $5 sparkling wine from United Dairy Farmers throughout college. It was the pre-party drink of choice for the girls in my sorority, and we drank it chilled, straight from the bottle. We thought we were so glamorous. Take that, beer pong-playing frat guys! The summer after college, I graduated to sweet pink... read more

5 Tips to Creating Your Dream Closet

I day dream about closets on a regular basis. I love to find amazing closet photos to pin and inspire me. My closets are my havens, and I reorganize them every season. Every time I move, I'm thrilled to create my next dream closet. I don't think of closets in a traditional sense.... read more