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Instant Expert: Drinks Are Better with Bitters

Handmade Etched Bitters BottlePhoto: LibationLab / Etsy
Believe it or not, Ryan Gosling turned me on to bitters. Okay, technically it was his character Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love – remember that scene (you know you do) when he tries to woo Emma Stone with those fancy-looking cocktails? I watched that and immediately wondered what where those interesting-looking drops he used? Something... read more

Instant Expert: Get a Grip on the Paring Knife

paring knife how toPhoto: Victorinox
If you've been using a steak knife for peeling apples and onions, you're lucky you haven't sliced your finger, girl. It's time to get a paring knife. Just a small knife, it's the least intimidating of kitchen cutlery. Get an edge up in the kitchen: You do need to use more than flatware to prep... read more

Rose Wine vs. White Zinfandel (*Hint: There’s Only One You Should Drink )

Shutterstock / The Nest
Confession: I drank $5 sparkling wine from United Dairy Farmers throughout college. It was the pre-party drink of choice for the girls in my sorority, and we drank it chilled, straight from the bottle. We thought we were so glamorous. Take that, beer pong-playing frat guys! The summer after college, I graduated to sweet pink... read more

5 Tips to Creating Your Dream Closet

I day dream about closets on a regular basis. I love to find amazing closet photos to pin and inspire me. My closets are my havens, and I reorganize them every season. Every time I move, I'm thrilled to create my next dream closet. I don't think of closets in a traditional sense.... read more