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Instant Expert: Orzo Made Simple

scallops and orzo recipe
If you've ever asked yourself what this pasta-rice hybrid actually is, then look no further. Here, we put your orzo questions to rest: What it is: A rice-shaped pasta found in everything from salads and soups to everyday side dishes. It's super-versatile, making it a must-have for your pantry. What's in a name: Orzo comes from... read more

Instant Expert: The Facts on Fennel

Trust us, you're not the only one who confuses fennel with practically every other green vegetable at the supermarket... What it is: Think of it this way: Fennel is a vegetable that closely resembles celery with leaves that look a whole lot like dill. The leaves produce fennel seeds (both of which you can eat) and it has... read more

Instant Expert: Taking the Intimidation Factor Out of Buying Art

instant expert buying art ethan allen

Art is a very personal thing: it’s a reflection of you on the walls of your home. But, discovering what style of art you actually prefer can be intimidating. Why? You’re overthinking it! Art is one of those, go with your gut, buy what you love deals. Don’t believe us? We spoke with Miller Opie,...

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Instant Expert: The Take On Truffle Oil

instant expert trufflesPhoto: Thinkstock
Between olive, grape seed, canola and vegetable oil -- it's hard to keep all of these staple ingredients straight. And since truffle oil doesn't get nearly as much love as it should, we're sharing how to make the most of it in your kitchen: What is it? It's essentially an oil that's been infused with... read more

Instant Expert: Chimichurri Made Easy

chimichurri saucePhoto: Shutterstock
You know that small bowl of bright green sauce sitting on your dinner table? Yeah, that's chimichurri: What it is: An Argentinian staple sauce that's made from fresh herbs and garlic. What's in it: A mixture of finely-chopped Italian parsley, cilantro, olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and cumin. Eat it with: It's traditionally paired... read more

Instant Expert: The Scoop on Star Anise

star anise instant expert
Have you ever seen those little brown star-shaped pods at the grocery store and immediately thought "Huh?" Well, we're here to help solve the mystery of this spicy ingredient. What is it?: Sure, it looks like something you'd find in potpourri, but this small fruit (you read that right) comes from an evergreen tree native to... read more

Instant Expert: So What is Wabi-Sabi?

wabi sabi room

Wabi what?! Wabi-sabi is not a particular design look (like French or Shabby Chic), but rather the Zen Buddhist philosophy that believes in making the home your super-restful sanctuary. How dreamy, right?

What is this philosophy? It’s about creating a home that is clutter-free, without disturbance or distraction,...

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Instant Expert: Meet the Mandoline

In honor of all things French (hey, Paris Fashion Week has influenced us in every way), we want to introduce you to the mandoline. Sure, it's fancy-sounding, but this kitchen tool isn't tough to use. Well, unless you get it confused with the musical instrument --... read more

Instant Expert: Cue the Cornichons

Cornichons sound fancy, but they're just spectacular pint-sized pickles. Read (and stock) up on this itty-bitty snack. How to say it? Even though it's French, it's still not impossible to pronounce: KOR-nee-shons. What are they? They're simply pickled French... read more

Instant Expert: Peel Garlic Like a Pro

Love garlic, but hate the whole peeling and prep process? Ditch the jarred stuff and get your fresh garlic recipe-ready with these easy tips: Pull apart the garlic bulb, and lay a single clove on a cutting board. Place the flat side of the blade of a chef's knife against the clove, and press down... read more