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Instant Expert: Cooking with Liquid Smoke

Close up of hot charcoal ready for grillClose up of hot charcoal ready for grill
Whether you've heard of it or not, liquid smoke is a thing and it has generated some seriously hot debate over whether it deserves a place in your pantry. The unusual ingredient offers a shortcut to deep, smoky flavor for those that don't have the time, patience or means for the real thing. And while there's no... read more

Halloumi Cheese: Your New Favorite Grilling Ingredient

Grilled Halloumi Cheese and roasted tomato salad.Grilled Halloumi Cheese and roasted tomato salad.
Looking to jazz up your grilling game or need a new dish to spice up Meatless Mondays? We've got just the thing — halloumi cheese. It might sound messy, but this delicious mild cheese can seriously stand up to heat and makes a mean addition to any meal, making it the perfect ingredient... read more

Instant Expert: How to Up Your Healthy Eating Game with Jicama

yam beanyam bean
One of the key elements of healthy eating is variety. Not only does a varied diet ensure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs, it helps prevent boredom — which is huge. Eat the same boring salad everyday without mixing it up and you just might crack. So finding a few new fruits... read more

Tips for Buying and Cooking Lobster at Home

Lobster SignLobster Sign
Summers are just as synonymous with good seafood as they are with grilling and the king of summer seafood is without a doubt the lobster (though clam bakes and good old fried or grilled anything are right up there). While ordering the famed crustacean in a restaurant is a whole lot easier than... read more

Chia Seeds: The Superfood You Need to Try

Chia Seeds Pudding with pomegranateChia Seeds Pudding with pomegranate
Ch-ch-ch-chia! No we're no talking about those fuzzy little terra-cotta figurines (although they do come from a similar seed), we're talking about the latest superfood to take the health food world by storm — chia seeds. Packed with fiber, protein, antioxidants and omega-3s, it's no surprise that there's been a lot of buzz... read more

Instant Expert: How to Grill Like a Pro

Barbecue, prepared meat and different vegetables an grillBarbecue, prepared meat and different vegetables an grill
With temps on the rise, it's official — barbecue season has begun. And while there's nothing more exciting than finally getting to invite over a few friends and firing up the grill, there's nothing worse than an overdone burger or steak (it could even be considered a crime, if you ask... read more

3 Zesters and Graters to Elevate Your Eating

Baking ingredients for a lemon cakeBaking ingredients for a lemon cake
Cooking with fresh ingredients can totally transform the taste of a recipe, so of course, we're all for it. And it's not just a recipe's star ingredients that deserve the extra attention, it's important to show your spices and seasonings a little love too. A sprinkle of freshly zested lemon can instantly brighten up classic... read more

Instant Expert: Meet the Kitchen Gadget That Will Up Your Grilling Game

Syringes have a tendency to send people running, which comes as no surprise. No one particularly enjoys getting poked with sharp objects, even if it does have health benefits. But oddly enough, overcoming that life-long fear of needles won't just make doctor visits a little bit easier, it might actually help you become a better cook. Say what?... read more

Spice Up Your Cooking (Literally) With These 9 Chiles

Those of you who don't like your meals on the spicy side beware, because today we're talking chilis. Cooking with chilis might seem a little intimidating at first, even for those that love some good heat, especially if you're not sure what it is you're buying. There are more varieties than we can we... read more

Instant Expert: Tequila for Grownups

Tequila. We'll skip the introductions, because chances are, you've already had a memorable encounter or two (hopefully positive ones) with the agave-derived spirit. And while the first the thing that might pop into your head when you're thinking about tequila is a gleaming shot glass with a sticky salty rim and a fresh wedge... read more
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