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Instant Expert: Guinness — A St. Patty's Day Staple

No doubt, you've heard of Guinness, the iconic Irish beer known for it's dark color and rich creamy head, and chances are you've probably even had a pint or two. But here are five things you probably didn't know about Ireland's home brew: 1. Guinness stout wasn't always #1 At its beginnings over two centuries... read more

Instant Expert: Winter Squash

winter swuashPhoto: Hector Sanchez
Loaded with vitamins A and C, iron and riboflavin, this gourd is a delicious, healthy staple worth getting to know. Acorn: This small, round, ribbed squash usually has a dark green and gold shell. It's best when halved and baked. Spaghetti: Popular with people kicking the pasta habit, this buttery-fleshed squash is commonly roasted or... read more

Instant Expert: The Beer Basics

beer instant expertPhoto: Antonis Achilleos
From how it's made to how to perfect your pour, we have all the answers to your biggest brew q's. What are the most popular beers? Beers are generally categorized in two types based on how they're fermented: Ale: This kind of beer goes through the fermentation process at higher temperatures (65-75 degrees) than lager... read more

Instant Expert: Get Cracking

egg cartonPhoto: Antonis Achilleos
All you need to know about the world's simplest breakfast food. Check the carton: Never buy if any of the eggs are cracked or have soiled shells -- the shell is the only barrier to bacteria. Stay cool: Only buy eggs from refrigerated cases (unless at a farmer's market.) Leave them in teh carton --... read more

Instant Expert: The Whiskey 101

the whiskey 101Photo: Shutterstock
It's time to expand your knowledge beyond the likes of Jim Beam and Wild Turkey. What it is: Whiskey is made from a fermented mix of grains, like barley, rye or corn. The aging process and distillation distinguishes it. Whisky vs. whiskey: The spelling essentially comes down to street cred -- the Irish, considered the... read more

Wake Up With the Perfect Cup of Espresso

make the perfect cup of espresso
Now that it's officially your least-favorite day of the week, we figured there's really no better way to start your Monday than with a much-needed caffeine kick. Since going back to bed isn't an option, we got the lowdown on just how to perfect a cup of espresso from Salvatore  Foto, the training manager at... read more

Instant Expert: Tea? Totally!

teaPhoto: Antonis Achilleos
Proof that sipping tea isn't just for Brits and grandmas anymore: How do you buy quality tea? Newsflash: Not all tea comes in bags. In fact, the best stuff (which costs anywhere from pennies to dollars more for fancier types) is sold in tins or scooped out of clear, glass jars. When you’re buying loose... read more

Instant Expert: The Chopsticks Code

Ditch the fork in favor of this classic Asian utensil: A little history: Unsurprisingly, these tiny sticks have a whole lot of history. It's estimated that they originated in China nearly 5,000 years ago and were made from small pieces of bamboo. Today, chopsticks are made from a variety of materials -- including plastic, wood,... read more

Instant Expert: The Standard Stockpot

stockpotPhoto: Shutterstock
Get the low down on this kitchen staple with our handy stockpot-buying guide: What it is: A lidded pot that ranges in size from 1 to 13 quarts that's normally made of stainless steel. It's one of the most common pots you'll find in a kitchen, with a flat bottom and high sides perfect for... read more

Instant Expert: The Must-Have Microplane

microplanePhoto: Shutterstock
It's the one kitchen tool you're really not making the most of. Here are the must-have facts on your new go-to grater, the Microplane: What it is: A handheld, stainless steel grater with superfine teeth that's commonly used to zest fruit without the hassle. Why you need it: Not only is it great... read more
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