Basic Training: Ridiculously Easy (and Natural!) Ways to Deodorize Your Home


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you want don’t want to live in a home that’s anything less than fresh. Since I’m always on the hunt for new and natural ways to treat my space, here are my five super simple tricks to get your place smelling fresher than your...

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Trend Alert: Stunning 2015 Bedroom Paint Projections

Everyone should sleep in style, so I sought out some paint experts for their 2015 bedroom color projections. Hint: There's a lot of gray involved! Here are your best bets for the upcoming year. The Calm Look: "It's important to create a peaceful space for the bedroom. I like Don't Touch My Tutu! (it's from... read more

Nestie Tip of the Week: How to Cure Your Home-Buying Blues

Photo: Shutterstock
From stumbling on the perfect home in your dream neighborhood only to lose the bid at the last second to dealing with failed inspections, the buying process is full of some seriously dramatic ups and downs. Nesties share their tips on coping with home-buying blues: Take a break! We did. We looked for our first... read more

Emily Henderson’s 9 Tips to Merge Your Stuff Without Fighting

emily henderson merge stuff
Let’s just face it: Moving in together is stressful. If you and your significant other are just merging your belongings (or are thinking about it), here are some tips to help you create a harmonious home that works for both of you and each of your styles. By Emily Henderson, Target Home Style Expert Tip... read more

5 Furniture Trends You Need to Know Now

We got a sneak peek of the trends that will be taking over your home (get ready for bold!) at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. While mid-century holds strong, we were impressed by the innovation, creativity and all-around eye candy that the designers were dreaming up.   More Must-Clicks: How to Decorate Like a Celeb... read more

Fan Favorite

Fan Favorite
It may still be colder than a winter’s bone outside, but that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about the sweltering summer days ahead of us. We were treated to a sneak peek of the newest fan collection from Dyson (which launched today!) and we have to say, the innovative engineers at the British-founded company have... read more

What Do You Think: Can Anyone Really Have It All?

dad businessman copy
Debating whether women can have it all is nothing new -- why not debate whether men can have it all, too? On the Today Show this morning a new Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data revealed that the score is evening up when it comes... read more

Buzz from the Boards: Top Tips for Cutting the Clutter

Photo: Ariel C. / The NestPhoto: Ariel C. / The Nest
Need a weekend project? How about finally getting all that clutter under control? Check out these tricks that other Nesties have tried (and loved), and join  the conversation to share your own tips: “My husband and I start by going through everything and making 3 piles: to keep, to toss, to donate. We... read more

Cool New Site Chairish.com Lets You Buy & Sell Fab Furnishings

In between all of the open houses I've been dreaming about how I'll furnish my new place (once we finally snag it) and move in. I've also been fantasizing about unloading some of the pieces that we've had for years and are ready to let go. So I was psyched to learn about read more

Top 10 Cities For Newlyweds: Did Yours Make the List?

Best cities for newlywedsPhoto: David Land
Recently married and looking to relocate? You might want to consider one of the so-called best cities for newlyweds, according to a new survey by Rent.com. The list is based on the number of married couples, families with children under six (since many newlyweds are putting down roots... read more