Video: We Know What You're Really Doing at that Airbnb Rental, and It's OK

A hilarious parody video is calling out what couples really do during their stays in an Airbnb rental: go in a stranger’s apartment and look through their stuff. The people who brought you “Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbor” have done it again. This time they’re tackling the instinctive human trait that is nosiness. “We’re introducing... read more

20 Genius “Why Didn’t I Think Of That?” Home Hacks

Whether you’re looking to work around the lack of space in your home or you want to make your living space a little more tranquil, we’ve got 20 hacks for you! From making your entryway more clean and inviting to organizing a way less-complicated kitchen, check out the hacks that had us saying, “Why didn’t... read more

8 Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Buying Your First House

first house
Congrats! You’re ready to buy your first home. While the process is fun and exciting, we know it can also be a little nerve-racking. Don’t worry--everything that goes through your head is perfectly normal. In fact, we’ve got a few gifs that will prepare you for what you’re about to experience. Enjoy! 1. You’ve got... read more

This Video Explains What Your Upstairs Neighbors Are Actually Doing

Ever wonder what the heck is going on in the apartment above you? We now have a hilarious confirmation that it’s exactly what we assumed! In a new parody video that’s gone viral, a couple explains what being an upstairs neighbor means to them. “It means we make sound,” the man says. (Truer words have... read more

Celebs Give Us a Peek of Their Closets!

Celebrity closets are often envy inducing, and we’re not just talking about the amazing wardrobes inside of them. We’re constantly Insta-browsing our favorite stars’ accounts, and compiled some of our favorite pics that show off the luxury spaces they keep their clothes, accessories, and shoes! (What we wouldn’t give to be even one pair of... read more

Target’s Home Style Expert Emily Henderson Talks Marriage, Fun & Family

A Day in the Life of Target Home Style Expert Emily Henderson with Her FamilyPhoto: Image courtesy of Stephanie Todaro
We asked interior designer Emily Henderson to share what matters most to her in life, and she welcomed us into her home. You've now been married for 8 years. What have you learned about maintaining a strong relationship? Do you have any advice for newlyweds? EH: There are the usuals: honesty, communications, respect,... read more

Should You Start Saving Now to Buy a Home?

Young Woman Drawing a HomePhoto: Thinkstock
A place to live doesn’t come cheap, especially if you want to set yourself up in or near a popular urban area. (Translation: You'll spend some serious dollar bills.) It can be one of the biggest expenses in your life. Go after what you want, but think ahead about how much you’ll need to... read more

Cool Couple: Going Yard’s Chris & Peyton Lambton on Love, Life and Home

Chris and Peyton LambtonPhoto: Courtesy of Chris and Peyton Lambton
You've seen him on Yard Crashers, and have watched both of them on Going Yard, turning challenged outdoor spaces into entertaining oases. And you probably remember when Chris Lambton and Peyton Wright were on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. But this now-married pair met in a sweet old-fashioned way through a mutual friend. It's... read more

15 Minutes with the Founders of Décor Aid (Plus, an Office Tour!)

decor aid office tour
When two finance guys decided that interior design should be accessible (and affordable) to everyone, no matter the budget, they dreamed up Décor Aid. Using technology to bring interior designers to the people, Sean Juneja and Markus Weber, created a platform that eliminates the middleman and mark ups, meaning quality design at a... read more

The Easiest Way to Clean a Sooty Fireplace With Household Items

clean sooty fireplace tips

It’s time to make your fireplace pretty for your fall decorations and since oily soot can build up over time, your brick will start to look dingy. We sought out the expert advice from’s editor, Anne Reagan, for her tips on how to use household items to clean up that mess—not to...

read more
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