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These Chic Storage Pieces Will Be Your Little Secret

Storage. It's essential in small spaces, and can act as a lifesaver when it comes to clearing clutter. Everyone needs more of it, but it's not always—ahem—so style-friendly to include heavy cabinets and drawers in every nook and cranny. Thankfully, NousDecor has rounded up a few brilliant designers have taken up the desperate need for... read more

This Rope Basket DIY Will Get You Organized

DIY rope basket
Get your home in order this month with a little organization that is utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing! This simple rope basket made with a neutral cotton rope will give your home a cozy feel for the cool days ahead. Finish off the basket with a set of leather handles to make it even more trendy! <a... read more

$20 Tuesdays: Gear for the New Year

gear for the new year
A new year means new resolutions, so keep yours in check with gear that'll help you get it together. Whether you want to travel more, eat better or simply be on time for once in your life, these finds will ensure you keep your resolutions until at least February. And remember; if all else fails,... read more

8 Dream Closets We Wish Were Ours

dream closetsPhoto: The Nest
Tired of your oh-so-boring closet space? Get inspired by these well-designed (and super chic) set-ups. Go ahead -- your shoes will thank you. Photo: Pinterest Need more great tips for home? Join our community to chat about organizing tricks (click here!). Or click to our Pinterest boards for... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Create a Comfortable Space in Your Home

100 days of organizationPhoto: The Nest
Today is our final day of 100 days of organization -- and we're wrapping things up with a step-by-step on how to create a (tidy!) space in your home that's both comfortable and functiona1! Here's how to do it, in four easy steps: How to do it: Step 1: Determine your... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Create a System for Your Wall Art

100 days of organizationPhoto: The Nest
Creative wall art adds a personal touch to any room, but displaying it isn't easy. The best way to decorate your space is to display wall art in a way that's stylish, rather than messy. How to do it: Follow these four steps to arrange your wall art into a chic display. Expert... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Utilize Space with Under-the-Counter Glass Jars

100 days of organizationPhoto: Shutterstock
You're probably already using up every square inch of counter space--but what about the space under your counter? Make the most of it by installing pretty, functional glass jars under your shelves. How to do it: Find three to five small glass jars with lids. Jelly jars are perfect for this DIY project. Nail the... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Plan Meals with Weekly Menu Boards

100 days of organizationPhoto: Life Sweet Life Blog
Always scrambling to figure out dinner? Just make a creative menu board that serves double duty as a helpful planning tool and wall art. How to do it: Get inspired and check out 4 of our fave menu boards here! Expert tip: Dress up a plain board by customizing it to your space.... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Use Muffin Tins for Snacks and Condiments

100 days of organizationPhoto: Shutterstock
The next time you're hosting a party, display snacks and store condiments using empty muffin tins. How to do it: If you're serving up snack foods, fill empty muffin tins with candies, chocolates and nuts. If you're spending the afternoon grilling for friends, fill each tin with condiments like ketchup, onions and relish. Expert tip:... read more

Organization Tip of the Day: Keep a Tray Next to Your Kitchen Sink

100 days of organizationPhoto: Mark Lund / The Nest
Tired of soapy sponges cluttering up your kitchen? By keeping a shallow dish near your sink, you can clean dishes without making a mess. How to do it: Find a shallow tray that's large enough to hold a dish brush, a sponge and soap. (Try this hammered soap dish from Pottery Barn.) Expert tip: Remember... read more
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