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How to Style Your Bookshelf in Four Easy Steps

A well-styled bookshelf can elevate your living room or den from utilitarian space to a room that's as fun to look at as it is functional. But how do you get that designer look without making it feel staged, and what's the right mix of objects? Never fear, the NousDecor team is here with some simple guidelines... read more

Simple Steps to Customized Holiday Wrapping Paper

It's the holiday season again, and time to get wrapping. For this Holi-DIY, we collaborated with the talented print and textile designer, Leah Quinaz, to create an assortment of beautifully graphic and organically inspired print papers. Take a fresh twist on your Christmas craft with this super simple 5-step custom wrapping paper. What You'll Need: Kraft paper... read more

4 Holiday Decor Schemes That AREN’T Red and Green

silver table decor featured
When you think of holiday decor, your mind probably first goes to red and green. But what if you're tired of the go-to color scheme?  There are a lot of options for people who may want to switch things up. Whether you want to go more modern or stay with a traditional feel, the field... read more

6 Decor Hacks You Can Do This Weekend

It's not simply that a remodel job can be costly (though that is absolutely true). It's just—the amount of effort required, the amount of time required, the amount of research required? It's enough to exhaust someone just thinking about it. The good news is that you can transform your space without knocking down walls or ripping out... read more

Paint Colors Perfect for Fall

orange kitchen with baskets
As the colder temperatures set in, it’s time to decorate your home for fall and the impending winter. Adding hints of color to your walls is an easy and inexpensive way to transform a room. Orange represents warmth and happiness, as the color mixes shades of yellow and red. Bring fall to your home by... read more

How to Solve Every Awkward Window Treatment Problem

If you're giving your awkward, naked windows the stink eye more than a couple of times a day because every dressing solution you've tried just doesn't look right, keep reading. At NousDecor, we know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right dressing solution for awkward windows. With dormers in... read more

These Chic Storage Pieces Will Be Your Little Secret

Storage. It's essential in small spaces, and can act as a lifesaver when it comes to clearing clutter. Everyone needs more of it, but it's not always—ahem—so style-friendly to include heavy cabinets and drawers in every nook and cranny. Thankfully, NousDecor has rounded up a few brilliant designers have taken up the desperate need for... read more

How to Style Your Apartment in 2015

Though trends may come and go, we at nousDECOR think we've cracked the code to getting an apartment look that's so very 2015. The secret to getting this style down pat? A combination of pieces that are alternately neutral, colorful, and patterned in modern shapes. Whether they're Mid-Century Modern reminiscent (as the era is very hot this year) or uber... read more

6 Ways to Throw a Party With Minimal Effort

So, of the "pick two" health triangle of doing well at work, having a robust social life, and sleep, you've clearly chosen social life. Of course, that means you're hosting party after party after party, which even if you're Jay Gatsby himself can start to get a little draining after a while. All the prep work involved, the decorating, the buying of the alcohol,... read more

3 Ways to Style a Perfect Indoor Summer Party Space

feature nest inspiration
We know—a summer party indoors seems oxymoronic. But there will be times when storms, too-too hot weather and annoying amounts of bugs swooping in will turn an outdoor kickback from a relaxed event into a nightmare. Hence, why knowing how to decorate for an awesome party inside is a great skill to have, and great to prepare for.... read more
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