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3 Ways to Style a Backyard Porch with Lively, Upbeat Details

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Admit it—it's nearly impossible not to smile when you see this whimsical outdoor space. The amount of color and pattern is just brimming with excess, where it's clear there was some point the designer could have stopped to throw in a few more neutrals, but decided swiftly against it. There is a joy in playing with details here... read more

6 Pretty Ways to Style Your Mantel When It’s Not the Holidays

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The mantel is not always the easiest thing to deal with. It's right in the middle of the room, and, aside from holidays, there's just no clear indication of how you should decorate it. Restyling the mantel is a simple and genius way to freshen up a living space if you've got an idea for how to... read more

6 Laundry Room Makeover Ideas as Fresh as Clean Clothes

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Nobody looks forward to laundry day. Whether it's on the weekend or happens to fall on a weeknight when the dirty clothes have simply piled too high, it's among the "dreaded chores" list, right there next to taking out the trash or making the bed. However, this isn't to say that it's impossible to make the task feel more... read more

5 Sneaky Ways to Fix Your Less-Than-Pretty Floors

fix floors feature the nest
It's a terrible feeling when every time you step into a room and see that same ugly floor, you almost feel like looking for a new place altogether. But just because a renovation isn't in the cards doesn't mean you have to suffer. Thankfully, a few creative minds out there found some pretty sneaky ways to... read more

3 Ways to Style a Bright, Geometric Kitchen

kitchen the nest feature
This bright kitchen infused with funky details in eye-catching places? It's the kind that dreams are made of. From the large (and we're talking large) symmetrically-shaped pendants to the surprising structural detailing below the bar stools, this space has geometric style all wrapped up. Pops of orange paired with a splashy rug and... read more

6 Unusual Gallery Wall Ideas You Haven’t Tried (Yet)

gallery wall feature the nest
The gallery wall still sparks the imagination as one of the most fun ways to add a little personal touch to your home. Perhaps the best thing to hit the world of art arranging since....anything, ever, there have been tons of iterations of frame presentations playing off this delightful trend. As many gallery walls as... read more

Work From Home? How to Make Your Home Office More Productive

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Though the usual work routine requires putting on something fashionable, jumping on the next bus, and grabbing coffee before heading into the office, the rise of the telecommute has thankfully made it possible for more people to stay at home and use their home office desk as an official workspace. It's much more comfortable and personalized than your... read more

Three Ways to Remix Your Bathroom for Just $100

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Little known fact about redoing your bathroom? It really only comes down to one thing: the accessories. While repainting, remodeling, and replacing fixtures can change the look of a washroom, the simplest and quickest way to mix it up is to simply swap out smaller pieces with ones of a different style. Take a look at how to... read more

3 Quick Makeover Tips to Revive Your Boring Sofa

sofa makeover feature the nest
For those of you feeling downcast over a sofa that has grown worn out and lackluster over time—we're here to help. We understand the pangs of seeing a horribly blah sofa every day, and feeling like there's not much you can do about it. The good news is that it's totally easy to bring an old sofa back to... read more

How to Decorate Your Room According to Your Zodiac Sign

feature zodiac mb
Interior decorating can be just as emotionally-charged a process as an aesthetic one. One could say it's the reason that "feng shui" and "zen" arrangements exist—to keep our souls just as in tune with a space as our sense of the beautiful does. In that vein, decorating according to your sign in the zodiac can... read more
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