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3 Ways to Style a Backyard Porch with Lively, Upbeat Details

backyard the nest
Admit it—it's nearly impossible not to smile when you see this whimsical outdoor space. The amount of color and pattern is just brimming with excess, where it's clear there was some point the designer could have stopped to throw in a few more neutrals, but decided swiftly against it. There is a joy in playing with details here... read more

6 Pretty Ways to Style Your Mantel When It’s Not the Holidays

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The mantel is not always the easiest thing to deal with. It's right in the middle of the room, and, aside from holidays, there's just no clear indication of how you should decorate it. Restyling the mantel is a simple and genius way to freshen up a living space if you've got an idea for how to... read more

5 Classy Gifts to Bring to a Housewarming (That AREN’T Wine)

feauter nest home gifts
Let's face it: when it comes to housewarming gifts, wine is so passé (besides, someone else is sure to bring it!). While we love that signature bottle as much as the next person, we at nousDECOR thought it'd be fun to start thinking afresh about what to get your lovely new neighbors for... read more

6 Laundry Room Makeover Ideas as Fresh as Clean Clothes

feature laundry refresh nest
Nobody looks forward to laundry day. Whether it's on the weekend or happens to fall on a weeknight when the dirty clothes have simply piled too high, it's among the "dreaded chores" list, right there next to taking out the trash or making the bed. However, this isn't to say that it's impossible to make the task feel more... read more

Three Ways to Style a Bar Cart for Just $100

feature bar cart nest
The final episodes of Mad Men (and literally endless coverage of them) may be upon us, but our obsession with Mid-Century bar carts initially ignited by the show has only just begun. Classy displays of liquor bottles and other cocktail accoutrements is right up our alley, playing well to our shared love of prettily-arranged things and, uh, drinking. Save paying an arm and... read more

Customize Your Bathroom with this DIY Shower Curtain

DIY hand stamped shower customizable shower curtain
Do you live in a home with a narrow shower stall or awkward shower opening? Sometimes the store bought shower curtains just don't quite fit your shower opening right. Solve this problem by creating your own customizable shower curtain! Finish the curtain with a fun, hand stamped geometric pattern like these alternating triangles! What... read more

Patio Decor Inspiration

Modern patio
Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, we want to be outside as much as possible. Of course, we’d give anything to hang out on one of these patios. Check out these beautiful outdoor spaces and get inspiration for your own. Then, tell us which one you’d like to sit out on all day... read more

5 Sneaky Ways to Fix Your Less-Than-Pretty Floors

fix floors feature the nest
It's a terrible feeling when every time you step into a room and see that same ugly floor, you almost feel like looking for a new place altogether. But just because a renovation isn't in the cards doesn't mean you have to suffer. Thankfully, a few creative minds out there found some pretty sneaky ways to... read more

3 Ways to Style a Bright, Geometric Kitchen

kitchen the nest feature
This bright kitchen infused with funky details in eye-catching places? It's the kind that dreams are made of. From the large (and we're talking large) symmetrically-shaped pendants to the surprising structural detailing below the bar stools, this space has geometric style all wrapped up. Pops of orange paired with a splashy rug and... read more

6 Unusual Gallery Wall Ideas You Haven’t Tried (Yet)

gallery wall feature the nest
The gallery wall still sparks the imagination as one of the most fun ways to add a little personal touch to your home. Perhaps the best thing to hit the world of art arranging since....anything, ever, there have been tons of iterations of frame presentations playing off this delightful trend. As many gallery walls as... read more
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