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3 Ways to Style a Fresh, Clean Dining Space

featured image nest dining
Zen experts would agree that bright, white light streaming into a space infuses it with vitality and energy. This fresh, clean dining space—with its full set of windows from corner to corner and a wash of white on the walls and ceiling—is the perfect example of how a room is instantly brightened up through... read more

A Simple Tabletop Hurricane Light DIY

nest feature hurricane lights
Ambient hurricane lights are not only the perfect styling piece, they're also one of the easiest DIY's we've ever done at nousDECOR. Just a few battery-powered LED string lights and glass containers can create such an enchanting result—maybe that's part of their magic? Here's our simple step-by-step process to make a glowing tabletop addition.  read more

5 Simple Tricks for an Instant Bathroom Refresh

feature image bath accessories the nest

by Mark Cutler, Chief Designer at nousDECOR

A lot of people can be intimidated by the idea of making changes to their bathroom, as it can seem like an expensive and daunting task. I find these five ideas—which anyone could easily achieve in as little as a... read more

DIY a Cable-Knit Lampshade from an Old Sweater

DIY Cable Knit Lampshade 1
This simple project can be done a few ways and since its not-permanent, you can easily change-up the cover with the season. What You'll Need: Thrifted or old sweater (smaller the better) Lampshade Elastic Scissors Lamp (or hanging lamp kit if you want to hang) Sewing machine Step 1: Start by pulling the sweater over... read more

3 Ways to Style a Dark, Dramatic Living Room

featured living nest dark living
We can't deny the appeal of a space with a heavier, inky palette. It communicates a daring and gutsy spirit—one that isn't afraid to embrace the darker side of life along with the light. A black wall, black furnishings, and a few black skull portraits in a living space are redolent of Day of the Dead... read more

21 Home Accents to Show Off Your Shared Interests

They say opposites attract, but we bet you can name at least a few major things you and your significant other share in common. For starters, you probably moved beyond the first date because you both love doing certain things together. On nights when you order Chinese takeout, for example, what's the one hobby that... read more

Holiday Giveaway! Win a World Market Shopping Spree

holiday giveaway
What better way to kick off the holiday season than with a giveaway?! To celebrate our favorite time of year, we're giving you the chance to win a $250 World Market shopping spree, so you can swap out your fall style with some festive holiday decor. To enter, simply head over... read more

Design Advice from Coveted Wallpaper Designer Ellie Cashman

ellie cashman wallpaper designer portrait
If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, there’s a guaranteed chance that you’ve seen Ellie Cashman’s wallpapers—and an even better chance that your jaw dropped upon seeing them. Influenced by classic Dutch still-life paintings, her dark moody florals are anything but still—evoking emotion and intense feeling. Can you tell we’ve been obsessed ever... read more

7 Lip-Tickling Mustache Home Accents for Movember

mustache movember shopping
Movember (that's, Mustache-November) is very serious business, not only for it's mission to bring awareness to men's health, but who doesn't dream of having a house accented with their bristly-goodness? That's why we found some shapely home accents so you can show your support with this masculine trimming. The only question: Will you choose the adorable salt and... read more

Room Envy: A Spooktacular Eclectic Living Room That is Beyond Chic

spooky eclectic living room
If you love Halloween that much, or you have a slightly macabre sense of humor slash design sense, this San Francisco living room, designed by Jay Jeffers is something out of an incredibly stylish nightmare for you. Focusing on shades of gray, vintage art and accents of black and brass, the room... read more
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