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3 Ways to Style an Outdoor Look for Those Gorgeous Summer Nights

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As summer days start drifting away into those summer nights, setting up the perfect outdoor dining arrangement is just as crucial for enjoying those sunsets as the beautiful meals you'll be cooking for them. While you may not have a gorgeous city skyline in your backyard (or maybe you do!), creating that magical twilight-in-the-city... read more

8 DIY Fire Pits to Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

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It might not be exactly tropical in your neighborhood yet. But for many of us, it’s finally warm enough to start daydreaming about summer. And that means thinking about getting the yard ready for cookouts, ball games, and gatherings under the stars. If you’re thinking about the changing seasons, think about making your... read more

This One Simple Trick Will Make Your Backyard Look Like Magic

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A backyard with the works—a sound system, a remote-controlled veranda, a deluxe fire pit—can take away that effervescent magic of sitting together outside the house and watching the stars on a warm summer night. While the latest and greatest in backyard additions is nice, we've got an idea for a decor piece that costs next to nothing, and will... read more

6 Seriously Stylish Ways to Give Your Balcony Some Love This Summer

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Once you finish arranging your new apartment, there might be one spot you forget about—the balcony. It's easy to put a couple of chairs and plants outside and call it a day, but we know this special spot has some great decor potential. Trust us: no matter what your color scheme, taking some extra time... read more

7 Cozy Couches So Cozy, They Demand a Netflix Marathon

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Despite naysayers who insist we should all get out from the front of the TV, there are a ton of reasons to park it for a Netflix marathon right now. For one, there's the return of all your favorite shows, including but not limited to Orange Is the New Black this weekend. For two, well, the existence of couches like... read more

It’s Outdoor Party Season! Get Backyard Decor Inspiration Now

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After surviving a winter that seemed like it was never going to end, we’ve finally (thankfully!) entered outdoor-party weather. We’re obviously ready for barbecues, lawn games, and alfresco dinners... but are our backyards? While it’s probably too late in the game to do a complete outdoor renovation, there are plenty of little things you can... read more

Your Ideal Home Scent Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Yes, your home should reflect your unique and ideal self. That's kind of a no duh. But in terms of sussing out those sides of your personality for your space to reflect—well, that's a bit more of a beast to tackle. As well as you may know yourself, there are some aspects to your personality that your birth month is... read more

8 Celebrity Home Decor Lines Worth Checking Out

Photo: Rooms to GoPhoto: Rooms to Go
They dominate your TV screens, their songs get stuck in your head, and now you can have celebrities decorate your home. In Hollywood, you’re basically nobody unless you’ve got your own home decor line. With so many out there, we decided to round up a few that were worth noting. See the list below, and... read more

6 Brilliant Ways to Divide and Conquer Your Space

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Once in a while, it's good to shake things up — to throw out the clothes you don't wear, try out a new hairstyle, or maybe even take a risk on a new paint job for your bedroom. Let's say you've moved around your decor a few times this year already, but just can't seem to...

read more

6 Ways to Try the Newest Entertaining Trend—Monochrome Tablescapes

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While we can't argue with the importance of tons of bright, beautiful color when developing a tablescape, occasionally the whole multicolor thing can lack variety when you see it done over and over in the thousands of photos in your various feeds. Hence, what makes the latest trend in tablescaping so interesting—going all out in a single color. Monochrome entertaining is the new way to infuse a dining experience with... read more
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