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Settle In by The Fireplace With This DIY Log Holder

fx DSC_7708
Cozy up to the fireplace this fall with this DIY firewood holder. Created from 2 tomato cage circles, the end result will give your fireplace and living room a mid-century inspired feel on a major budget! Finish off with high gloss spray paint and leather cord to make your firewood holder the trendiest piece of... read more

Set The Table With These DIY Candle Holders

DIY mid century inspired taper candle holders
Turn simple wooden eggs from the craft stores into stylish Mid Century inspired taper candle holders. For a fraction of the price of store bought, you can DIY your own with this creative and crafty tutorial that shows how fun a little wood working can be! Craft a set for your next autumn dinner party or holiday... read more

DIY This Trendy Geometric Pendant Lamp

DIY Geometric Brass Pendant Light
Save money on those pricey high end home decor store pendant lights and make your own with this easy tutorial. With just a few simple supplies you can design and create your own for a fraction of the price of store bought. Customize your size and shape to craft this perfect illuminated accent piece for your... read more

5 Expert Ideas for Saving Water Around the House

by Mark Cutler, Chief Designer at nousDECOR Here in California, we are experiencing one of the worst droughts in years. As a result, we’re actively looking for ways to cut our water consumption. It’s probably good practice for us all anyway, as it’s a precious resource and being conscious about how we... read more

3 Ways to Style a Classy, Modern Outdoor Living Room

the nest feature outdoor living room
Don't you ever wish, in the midst of beautiful summer heat, that you could enjoy all the pleasures of the weather outside accompanied by all the pleasures you get from lazing around indoors? Let this coming season be the first time you set up the ultimate combination of that—an outdoor living room, like the... read more

Indulge in Summer Mornings With a Beachy DIY Tray

DIY rope tray
Who says summer has to be all about vacation? Save the hassle of travel and enjoy yourself at home with a good old fashioned staycation! Make the most out of the mornings by lingering in bed just a little longer with coffee and a good book. With this crafty beachy tray to serve up your... read more

How to Flip Your Entire Entryway Table Look for Under $100

entryway feature look
To flip an entire entryway table look, it'll require a little creativity and thinking outside your comfort zone, but it most definitely won't demand more than a $100 of you. If that seems a little unbelievable, let us assuage your doubts with a major secret to pulling off this reversal: by focusing in on a few key elements present in your scene.... read more

Want a Brand New Living Room, Styled for You by a Pro? Right This Way…

nest promo feature image
So, ultimate question: how has your summer been treating you? In this scorching weather, has your living room been looking a little more stale than usual? Like it's dying for a refresh? Consider this your lucky day. In the ultimate collaboration, The Nest,, nousDECOR and Apt2B will be giving one lucky... read more

3 Ways to Style an Outdoor Look for Those Gorgeous Summer Nights

feature 2 nest outdoor
As summer days start drifting away into those summer nights, setting up the perfect outdoor dining arrangement is just as crucial for enjoying those sunsets as the beautiful meals you'll be cooking for them. While you may not have a gorgeous city skyline in your backyard (or maybe you do!), creating that magical twilight-in-the-city... read more

6 Seriously Stylish Ways to Give Your Balcony Some Love This Summer

balcony nest main image
Once you finish arranging your new apartment, there might be one spot you forget about—the balcony. It's easy to put a couple of chairs and plants outside and call it a day, but we know this special spot has some great decor potential. Trust us: no matter what your color scheme, taking some extra time... read more
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