7 Cakes That Look Too Good To Eat

Ulitimate Birthday Cake
No matter what you’re celebrating, there’s sure to be cake involved. Whether you’re a baking newbie or a pastry pro, there’s a beautiful cake out there that you can make. We’ve rounded up our favorite cake recipes for you to try for your next celebration. Blow your guests away with these incredible edible works of... read more

A Pink Chandon Chandy to Heat Things Up

pink chandy recipe
Spice up your date night with a palette-pleasing pink chandy champagne cocktail. This super-simple recipe involves our favorite things: champagne, plus a little heat, thanks to a garnish of jalapeño pepper. We suggest making a pitcher (yes, even for two) -- they're that delicious. What You'll Need: 3oz. rosé sparkling wine 2oz. pink lemonade... read more

Food Network Katie Lee’s 6 Top Tips for the Best Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine's Day DinnerPhoto: Thinkstock
Valentine's Day is almost here. Who needs big plans? V-Day is about spending time with your sweetie, so don't get worked up about getting a rezzy at the newest and trendiest restaurant (really, you should be getting worked up in other ways). Just celebrate your happiness... read more

The Most Fabulous French Toast for Valentine’s Day

French Toast Plated with Strawberries and Syrup
Get your French toast on Valentine's Day morning, and surprise your sweetie with this breakfast that's even better than any brunch plate you could bite into at a restaurant. Make your bedroom your go-to weekend spot this Saturday. What You'll Need: (Serves 2) 4 slices of challah bread, brioche, or white bread 2 eggs 1/3... read more

Skip the Cellophane: 7 Ways to Wrap That Bouquet

Gearing up for Valentine's Day means flower shops across the board -- from upscale boutiques to grocery stores -- are going to be tapped for their best blooms. And while we just adore a pretty bouquet (hint, hint) we can't stand that crinkly layer of cellophane that so many come wrapped in. Seriously, it's horrific. So, whether you're... read more

Valentine’s Day Cards That are the Bee’s Knees

valentine's cards
Valentine's Day is fast approaching, so if you haven't already picked up a special card for your loved ones, it's high time. We've scoured the web for the best of the best, from cheeky, x-rated notes to pun-tastic illustrated stationery. Shop our top picks below now before you end up in the dog house. (You... read more

Heart Shaped Decor That’s Actually Chic

heart shaped decor
Just because the heart is a symbol of Valentine's Day, it doesn't mean you need to decorate your home with those lackluster (and dare we say, basic?) pink versions? Step up your holiday decor game and choose something that's a little more adult. Here are five decor finds we love, straight from our heart to... read more

5 Lame Things Couples Should Never Do on Valentine’s Day

Couple Feeding Each OtherPhoto: Thinkstock
Your love is something to celebrate, couples, but please -- let’s keep it classy. Don’t commit to one of these eye-rollers. Post an incredibly saccharine social media update proclaiming your love. Don’t be the couple that causes every online friend to gag over a gooey post.... read more

9 Decor Accents You Need for a Valentine’s Date Night In

shearing rug near fireplaceRoom & Board

When it comes to Valentine’s Day dates, sometimes we just want to skip the dinner out (among all those people) and stay in with your better half. To help you have the best (romantic, sexiest, coziest) night together, here are nine home accents you need.

1. Sexy Lighting Step one to...

read more

9 Things You Have to Do for Valentine’s Day Before You Have Kids

Couple TravelingPhoto: Thinkstock
If you’re thinking of adding a little one to your cozy twosome, crib from this checklist first -- and make the most now of what might be your last child-free Valentine's Day. Spend the whole day together in bed. Sleep in. Cuddle up and snooze like it’s... read more
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