Comfort Cooking: A Slow-Roasted Beef Brisket Recipe

homemade brisket recipe
Want a comfort food recipe that doubles as a staple dinner during the holidays? This homemade beef brisket recipe should do the trick. Made with slow-simmered onions and fresh spices, it's the closest thing you'll get to real Texas brisket without leaving the comfort of your own kitchen. And really, who... read more

Fall Eats: Super-Simple Stuffing You Can’t Mess Up

homemade stuffing recipe
Since everyone always tries to start Christmas in November, we like to think it's acceptable to get a head start on Thanksgiving this year. After all, daydreaming about carbs and obnoxious amounts of pie is never a bad thing. Get a heads up on the holiday season by mastering this no-fail stuffing recipe: Serves:... read more

Step Inside the Sleek Brooklyn Loft That’s Just Too Exposed for Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway loves to step outside in big movie star sunglasses for a little anonymity, but her shades were no match for her former Brooklyn, New York, loft with husband Adam Shulman. Anne recently sold her pad in the swank Dumbo Clocktower building for $4.25 million because the NY Post reported that the apartment... read more

Spice Up Your Cinco de Mayo Party With These DIY Decor Items

Photo: Oh Happy DayPhoto: Oh Happy Day
The checklist of things that will be at your Cinco de Mayo party may look something like margaritas, margaritas and margaritas, which we totally understand. However, if you have a few minutes between cutting limes and salting the rims of your glasses, these DIY decor items will brighten your home and enhance the colors of the salsa and guacamole... read more

Do You Practice National Honesty Day Every Day With Your Spouse?

Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: Thinkstock
Telling a white lie or two to your spouse isn't considered a big deal to some, but what about today, on National Honesty Day? There will surely (and realistically) be a few times when you'll want to fib about the real cost of your new living room rug or how many exact days a family member... read more

These Gorgeous and Grown-Up Tree Houses Aren’t For Kids

Photo: InkaterraPhoto: Inkaterra
Remember the days that you had to climb up a tree just to sit in a tiny room and wonder how to safely get down again? Those times are long gone, since these grown-up tree houses are the hideaway digs that you've been waiting for. If you can't plant a tree today on Arbor Day,... read more

7 Crazy-Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Photo: Hunted InteriorPhoto: Hunted Interior
If you want your obsession for ombre manicures, mustache mugs and chevron pillows to carry into Easter, you're in luck. We've rounded up seven fun and trendy egg decorating ideas that are way more fun to make than the boxed kind (and will make your table look uber-stylish too). Ombre Easter Eggs Source: read more

Best April Fools’ Day Pranks to Pull Off Today

april fools day pranksPhoto: Thinkstock
In this day and age of fake Facebook engagements and Twitter pranks, it's hard to properly execute an April Fools' Day joke with everyone's guard up. However, people don't usually suspect that they'll be a victim of a prank in their own home -- or more specifically, their own bathroom. Keep scrolling for easy prank ideas that require... read more

Treat Your Pooch To One Of These Unbelievable Doghouses On National Puppy Day

Sometimes, man's best friend deserves a little more than a bone on National Puppy Day. We know that dog lovers looooove to spoil their pups on the daily, but are they ready to give their dog a home that may come with a bigger mortgage than their own? We've rounded up five of the most... read more

6 Things to Do Today Now That Spring Is Officially Here

first day of springAntonis Achilleos / The Nest
Today is officially the first day of spring, therefore, today is the day when you can finally stop giving your puffy parka the evil eye and sleep easy knowing that sandals and sundresses are in your future. So what's on the agenda now that March 20 is here -- besides hiding the hot chocolate mix... read more