4 Holiday Decor Schemes That AREN’T Red and Green

silver table decor featured
When you think of holiday decor, your mind probably first goes to red and green. But what if you're tired of the go-to color scheme?  There are a lot of options for people who may want to switch things up. Whether you want to go more modern or stay with a traditional feel, the field... read more

An Autumnal Mimosa You Must Try

apple cider mimosaLauren Kelp
November is in full swing, which means delicious holiday foods packed with fall flavors perfect for your table. We all know of apple cider in its basic form, but what about a new cocktail creation? Introducing the apple cider mimosa! The original mimosa equation (orange juice + sparkling wine) is a crowd favorite,... read more

7 Do's and Don'ts of Thanksgiving at the In-Laws

friends at dinnerGetty Images
Having Thanksgiving at the in-laws' this year? Follow these tips to survive the day: 1. Do call ahead a few days before and ask what you can bring. If they give you a specific dish request, ask if they have a special family recipe for it. It's a sweet gesture, plus do you really want... read more

DIY Geometric Napkin Rings for Your Thanksgiving Table

DIY Geometric Wood Napkin Rings
Put a modern twist on your Thanksgiving table this year with these faceted geometric wooden napkin rings. A fun DIY project that's easy on the budget and simple to make. Use a darker wood like walnut for your napkin rings and pair with bright colored napkins to give your table a bold updated feel! What You'll Need:... read more

Fourth of July Cupcakes in a Jar!

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with festively layered Jar Cupcakes!? What You'll Need: (Serves 8 ) 1 box of white cake mix blue and red food dyes 2 containers of store-bought cake frosting (or homemade) 8, 8 oz. jars July 4th cake decorations (colored sprinkles, flags...) Step 1:... read more

An Affordable DIY Flower Arrangement for Mom

flower arrangement diy
We're always seeking out a DIY gift that mom will love, especially one that's easy on our bank account, so we sought out a go-to arrangement recipe from Carly Cylinder, Creative Director of Flour LA. Using just a glass beer mug (a narrow vase or juice glass also work!), a few locally grown flowers (Cylinder suggests: look for labels... read more

DIY Paper Wall Peonies for Mother’s Day Brunch

DIY paper wall peonies
Is it a coincidence that Mother's Day happens to be celebrated during the same month when flowers bloom? Mothers are beautiful people and deserve beautiful celebrations. Dress up your Mother's Day soiree or brunch with some pretty petaled paper peonies! Create these large oversized tissue paper peonies to place up on the wall as... read more

Simply Delicious Recipes for Creamed Potatoes Done 5 Ways

Creamed Potatoes
Dressed up or down, creamy potatoes are always a fan favorite. Nix the boxed version and try these five easy-to-make variations on the classic recipe: What You’ll Need: 2 1/4 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes 1/3 cup warm milk 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 3 1/2 tablespoons butter sea salt and freshly ground black pepper... read more

9 Best Red Lipsticks for Your Valentine’s Day Date

We are not of the mindset that you need to save your red lipsticks for Valentine’s Day. But if you’re usually a neutral lip girl, this holiday is the perfect opportunity to try something bolder. Here are our nine favorite shades of the moment. More Must-Clicks: Date-Night Beauty Guide 4 Beauty Oils That... read more

8 Bar Carts Under $500 You Need to Survive the Holidays

silver and gold bar carts
A bar cart is one of those maybe not-so-essential items but oh-so-necessary pieces in your home to maintain your style sanity. They're sleek, they're shiny and downright attractive... not to mention, they do serve a purpose: serving you! While we do believe that a sleek bar cart is an adult home must-have year-round (how else are... read more
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