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Too Cute: Pouting Bulldogs

Photo: Pegstagram/The NestPhoto: Pegstagram/The Nest
A pair of adorable puppies put on their best sad faces. Got a super cute photo of pets, kids or something else to share? Tweet us using the hash tag #dailycuteness and your photo may appear on our blog! read more

Instagram Challenge: Show Off Your Pets!

Photo: TwitterPhoto: Twitter
If you're anything like us, then you're utterly obsessed with your pets. We'll even bet that the camera roll on your cell phone is packed with an obnoxious amount of fur baby photos. Luckily, it's time to share your adorable pet pictures in our first Instagram challenge! To enter, simply Tweet or Instagram your favorite picture of your... read more

DogTV: New Internet Programming For Lonely, Stay-At-Home Pooches

dog, DogTV.comPhoto: Shutterstock
You know that sad mug you encounter each morning when you have to head out to work and leave your dog home alone all day? He must get so lonely and anxious, right? Enter DogTV, a new cable channel designed to keep pups company while their masters are away. The stars? Other dogs, of course. It's been proven that dogs... read more A New Service To Keep Pups Safe, You Sane, petsPhoto: Shutterstock
Your trip is planned, your hotel booked, and now -- you have to find out where to place your pup. Enter, your doggie dream site: (I even dig the name.) "Find a real home for your dog to stay, while you're away," say the owners of service. Think of it like the for your... read more

Cows Make Out and Lobsters Cuddle: Animals Who Love Like Humans

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