Instant Expert: Peel Garlic Like a Pro

Love garlic, but hate the whole peeling and prep process? Ditch the jarred stuff and get your fresh garlic recipe-ready with these easy tips: Pull apart the garlic bulb, and lay a single clove on a cutting board. Place the flat side of the blade of a chef's knife against the clove, and press down... read more

Cookbook Crave: You'll Flip Out Over These French Fries!

Fries, chips, pommes frites ... whatever you call 'em, there's no arguing that these crispy potatoes are the perfect side to just about any main dish. (Or just do what I do, and consider a bowlful as a well-rounded meal.) You can now go beyond basic... read more

The Easiest Tomato Sauce Recipe You'll Ever Make!

tomato sauce homemade recipe
If your go-to meals include some form of pasta or pizza (admit it, they do -- hey, there's no shame in making some pizza muffins for dinner), then you need this seriously simple homemade tomato sauce in your life. It's fresher than the store-bought stuff, you'll master it in a flash, and you'll... read more

Takeout Fakeout: Homemade Hot Wings Made Easy

The Nest chicken wing recipe
Spicy heat plus chicken make the best team, so what's a football party without hot wings? Gotta have 'em, and with this no-fuss baked recipe, there's no need to order in. What You'll Need: For the Wings 3 lb chicken wings 2 tablespoons corn, canola, grapeseed or vegetable oil (plus more for brushing)... read more

Chill Out with This Beautiful Brunch to Copy This Weekend

A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade HomePhoto: A Beautiful Mess
Even though it's September, we'll still convince ourselves that it's the middle of July. After all, only the harshest weather from the fastest winds to the coldest ice storms will ever keep us from doing brunch outdoors. And even then, we'll just take the party inside. Pass the mimosas, because this weekend you're... read more

Instant Expert: Sriracha, Huh?

Sriracha bottlePhoto: Etsy
You’ve probably seen the signature red and green squeeze bottles of Sriracha just about everywhere. Here are the spicy details you need to know. First off, what is it? Aside from sugar, salt and vinegar, this thick "rooster sauce" gets its heat from sun-ripened chilies and a whole lot of garlic. (You can thank the... read more

Nestie Tip of the Week: Weekly Grocery Budget

Photo: Thinkstock
As a thrifty 20-something living in New York City, I can admit to opting for a frozen pizza or a bag of popcorn for dinner as an easy way to save some cash.  I always cringe as the grocery store cashier rings me up and usually (okay, always) regret buying that unnecessary organic ice cream or... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

easy slow cooker recipesPhoto: The Nest
It's slow-cooker season and we're serving up plenty of delish weeknight dinners that can be made with zero-effort. Simply pick a favorite meal, turn on your crock pot and go. Can it get any easier than that? Chicken Chile Verde Nachos Why We Love It: This hearty, easy-to-make dinner is perfect for football Sunday. Grocery... read more

Buzz From The Boards: What’s Your Favorite Dinner to Make Together?


Pizza....again? Change things up with these go-to meal ideas from 9 Nesties. (And don't miss our weekly dinner recipe round-up!).

“We love hot Italian turkey sausage with diced Italian tomatoes over angel hair pasta. It takes about 15 minutes and there's no prep!” --bpphoto785

“Just this past week we had shredded...

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Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Meals You’ll Make Again & Again

daily dinner idea
Need to quickly whip up an easy-to-make dinner? These five delish dishes are both satisfying and simple: MONDAY Pasta with Garlicky White Beans and Tomatoes Why We Love It: This flavorful pasta dish makes the most of fresh tomatoes and herbs from your garden. Get the Recipe TUESDAY Fish Tacos with Avocado and... read more