Instant Expert: The Facts on Fennel

Trust us, you're not the only one who confuses fennel with practically every other green vegetable at the supermarket... What it is: Think of it this way: Fennel is a vegetable that closely resembles celery with leaves that look a whole lot like dill. The leaves produce fennel seeds (both of which you can eat) and it has... read more

15 Minutes with Jessie Lagasse Swanson

The Lagasse Girls' Big Flavor Bold Taste and No Gluten
With a famous chef for a father, it only makes sense that sisters Jilly and Jessie Lagasse pursued careers in the kitchen. After all, not many people can call world-renowned chef Emeril Lagasse "Dad". (Yeah, that Emeril.) The two New Orleans-based siblings found so much success with their first book, The... read more

Chocolate-Whiskey Halloween Cupcakes? Yes, Please!

Halloween cupcake recipe
Who needs candy corn and stale Milk Duds when you can have chocolate-whiskey cupcakes for dessert? Fill up on these booze-infused treats for a Halloween you won't forget (or remember). Makes: 30 cupcakes What You'll Need: 2 large eggs 1 cup half and half 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter melted 1/2 cup strong coffee... read more

15 Minutes With Top Chef Champ Harold Dieterle

Harold Dieterle interview
When it comes to navigating the kitchen, chef Harold Dieterle is a culinary pro. Not only is he the owner of New York City-based restaurants Perilla, Kin Shop and The Marrow; but the husband and chef just released his first kitchen how-to, properly titled Kitchen Notebook. We... read more

No-Hassle Homemade Pumpkin Pie

homemade pumpkin pie recipe
Now that you've mastered the apple pie, it only makes sense to move on to pumpkin, no? Get a heads up on the holiday season by making this fuss-free homemade dessert tonight: Makes: One 9-inch pie What You'll Need: For the Crust: One 9-inch store bought crust (or follow the directions... read more

Crazy-Good Desserts from Homemade Decadence

Homemade Decadence cookbook Joy the Baker
Four words: Pumpkin spice ice cream. That's the recipe we immediately flipped to when Joy the Baker's newest cookbook, Homemade Decadence, landed on our desks last week. Not only is the book filled with dozens of crazy-sounding sweets (buttered popcorn crispy treats, anyone?), but each dessert can actually be made by... read more

Fall Favorite: A Foolproof Apple Pie

homemade apple pie recipe
Just because your homemade chocolate chip cookies are on point doesn't mean you shouldn't master yet another staple dessert: apple pie. Put those fresh fall apples to good use with this sweet, crowd-pleasing recipe: Makes: 1 9-inch pie What You'll Need: For the Crust: 2 sticks of cold unsalted butter, cut into 1/2 inch... read more

Instant Expert: The Take On Truffle Oil

instant expert trufflesPhoto: Thinkstock
Between olive, grape seed, canola and vegetable oil -- it's hard to keep all of these staple ingredients straight. And since truffle oil doesn't get nearly as much love as it should, we're sharing how to make the most of it in your kitchen: What is it? It's essentially an oil that's been infused with... read more

5 Creative Twists on Classic Pumpkin

pumpkin mascarpone sandwiches
Thanks to an obnoxious amount of pumpkin spice everything this season, it's safe to say we're sorta sick of the ingredient (and it's only mid-October). That's why we're loving these creative takes on classic pumpkin recipes -- from savory ricotta pancakes to sweet French toast. So put down that pumpkin spice latte and check out... read more

Instant Expert: Chimichurri Made Easy

chimichurri saucePhoto: Shutterstock
You know that small bowl of bright green sauce sitting on your dinner table? Yeah, that's chimichurri: What it is: An Argentinian staple sauce that's made from fresh herbs and garlic. What's in it: A mixture of finely-chopped Italian parsley, cilantro, olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and cumin. Eat it with: It's traditionally paired... read more