Give Thanks with These Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Still stumped on what to bring to your in-laws for turkey day? Look no further. Make the most of this in-season veggie by taste-testing one of these healthy squash recipes at your Thanksgiving table: Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with Avocado The perfect super-savory fall soup (with a kick!). read more

Cookbook Crave: Sweet Apple Recipes You Haven’t Tried Yet

apple recipes
As much as we love a classic apple pie, it's a good idea to have a few backup desserts on hand in case you get, well...bored. From crispy, apple-topped potato pancakes to a flaky almond tart, you'll crave these sweet apple treats: Potato Pancakes with Applesauce Fried to a perfect golden brown, these... read more

The Best Chocolate Cake You'll Ever Have

homemade chocolate cake recipe
In the mood for something sweet? When that post-dinner craving hits, save room for an easy homemade dessert that doesn't take a whole lot of skill (or a fancy-looking stand mixer) to pull off. Just mix, bake and indulge: What You'll Need: For the Cake: 1 1/2 cups... read more

3 Super-Savory Comfort Food Classics

baked mac and cheese recipe
In search of some much-needed dinner inspiration? Take a cue from Stephanie Le's new cookbook, Easy Gourmet, and taste test one of these three super-indulgent comfort foods tonight: Pea and Bacon Risotto Creamy and comforting, this indulgent risotto is best enjoyed during cozy nights in (watching Scandal, obviously). read more

Thanksgiving Treat: Healthy Stuffed Acorn Squash

stuffed acorn squashPhoto: A Couple Cooks
Between the gravy, stuffing and never-ending supply of pie served at most Thanksgiving get-togethers, it's almost impossible to find a turkey day recipe that doesn't immediately send you into a food coma. Enter this acorn squash recipe courtesy of A Couple Cooks. Stuffed with healthy quinoa and... read more

Instant Expert: The Standard Stockpot

stockpotPhoto: Shutterstock
Get the low down on this kitchen staple with our handy stockpot-buying guide: What it is: A lidded pot that ranges in size from 1 to 13 quarts that's normally made of stainless steel. It's one of the most common pots you'll find in a kitchen, with a flat bottom and high sides perfect for... read more

Your Thanksgiving Menu Made Easy

homemade pumpkin pie recipe
It's officially the holiday season, so rather than stress yourself out with your never-ending to-do list, we suggest spending the weekend prepping for Thanksgiving with a good old-fashioned dry run. Because even though you can't prepare for inevitable family drama (you're not the only one with a crazy aunt, trust us),... read more

15 Minutes with the Cook Behind The Yellow Table

Anna Watson Carl The Yellow Table
After experiencing the effects of the recession firsthand in 2009, former magazine editor Anna Watson Carl began a career in food with the launch of her blog, The Recession Cookbook. Flash forward five years and the New York-based cook has a new focus -- The Yellow Table -- a collection of simple,... read more

Instant Expert: The Must-Have Microplane

microplanePhoto: Shutterstock
It's the one kitchen tool you're really not making the most of. Here are the must-have facts on your new go-to grater, the Microplane: What it is: A handheld, stainless steel grater with superfine teeth that's commonly used to zest fruit without the hassle. Why you need it: Not only is it great... read more

Cookbook Crave: 2 Savory Tacos You Need to Try

butternut squash taco recipe
Sure, tacos seem like the ultimate warm-weather food -- but these two savory recipes from Tacolicious prove that your favorite summer snack tastes just as good well into the fall. From healthy butternut squash tacos to a classic carnitas version, you'll have a hard time choosing just one: Butternut Squash, Kale... read more