Instant Expert: Sriracha, Huh?

Sriracha bottlePhoto: Etsy
You’ve probably seen the signature red and green squeeze bottles of Sriracha just about everywhere. Here are the spicy details you need to know. First off, what is it? Aside from sugar, salt and vinegar, this thick "rooster sauce" gets its heat from sun-ripened chilies and a whole lot of garlic. (You can thank the... read more

Nestie Tip of the Week: Weekly Grocery Budget

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As a thrifty 20-something living in New York City, I can admit to opting for a frozen pizza or a bag of popcorn for dinner as an easy way to save some cash.  I always cringe as the grocery store cashier rings me up and usually (okay, always) regret buying that unnecessary organic ice cream or... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

easy slow cooker recipesPhoto: The Nest
It's slow-cooker season and we're serving up plenty of delish weeknight dinners that can be made with zero-effort. Simply pick a favorite meal, turn on your crock pot and go. Can it get any easier than that? Chicken Chile Verde Nachos Why We Love It: This hearty, easy-to-make dinner is perfect for football Sunday. Grocery... read more

Buzz From The Boards: What’s Your Favorite Dinner to Make Together?


Pizza....again? Change things up with these go-to meal ideas from 9 Nesties. (And don't miss our weekly dinner recipe round-up!).

“We love hot Italian turkey sausage with diced Italian tomatoes over angel hair pasta. It takes about 15 minutes and there's no prep!” --bpphoto785

“Just this past week we had shredded...

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Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Meals You’ll Make Again & Again

daily dinner idea
Need to quickly whip up an easy-to-make dinner? These five delish dishes are both satisfying and simple: MONDAY Pasta with Garlicky White Beans and Tomatoes Why We Love It: This flavorful pasta dish makes the most of fresh tomatoes and herbs from your garden. Get the Recipe TUESDAY Fish Tacos with Avocado and... read more

Happy National Doughnut Day! Get Your Free Doughnuts (Or Make Your Own!)

Today is National Doughnut Day! Time to bring on the sweet treats. The holiday began in 1938 when the Salvation Army decided to honor the female volunteers who handed out the yummy pastries to front line soldiers during WWI. But you don't have to be a soldier to receive a doughnut today! Krispy Kreme is... read more

Who Does the Cooking: You, Your Partner or Your Local Takeout Spots?

Photo Credit: ThinkstockPhoto Credit: Thinkstock
We get it: You love to sit down and eat dinner together, but whipping up a great meal after a long day at work can be a total hassle. So who does all the work in your place: You? Your partner? Or your local takeout spots?  Check out what some of our readers had... read more

6 Ideas for Easter Brunch (Beyond the Traditional Ham)

easter brunch recipesPhoto: The Nest
What we're having for Easter brunch: Nontraditional sweet french toast, savory flatbreads and copious amounts of sangria. Yes, we could have made the usual ham again this year, but what would be the fun in that? Get the recipes -- and share your Easter menu! Overnight French Toast Source: The Nest read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Turkey Taco Bake

turkey taco casserole, daily dinner ideaPhoto: Eat Live Run
Why We Love It: As Eat Live Run's Jenna put it, this meal is an "easy man-child-family-everyone-friendly dinner." Sold. Ingredients: 13 Time: 1 hour Source: Eat Live Run Get the Recipe More Must-Clicks: Dinner Ideas for Every Day of the Week The Best Pasta Recipes read more

It’s National Spaghetti Day: Click Through for 5 Fab Recipes You’ll Love!

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
Break out the Parmesan cheese and open a bottle of red, because today marks the celebration of our favorite indulgence -- pasta. National Spaghetti Day is the perfect excuse to for a night in with your partner and a home-cooked meal, and these ideas range from traditional to classics with a twist. Don't know where... read more