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7 Cakes That Look Too Good To Eat

Ulitimate Birthday Cake
No matter what you’re celebrating, there’s sure to be cake involved. Whether you’re a baking newbie or a pastry pro, there’s a beautiful cake out there that you can make. We’ve rounded up our favorite cake recipes for you to try for your next celebration. Blow your guests away with these incredible edible works of... read more

15 Minutes with Huckleberry Author Zoe Nathan

Zoe Nathan and Josh Loeb Huckleberry
Zoe Nathan (along with her husband Josh Loeb) owns and operates Huckleberry Bakery & Café in Santa Monica. Using only the highest quality ingredients, everything in the bakery is made on site. Luckily for us, Zoe decided to bring her love for cooking out of her kitchen and into the our hands with Huckleberry.... read more

You Can Make a Perfect Martini!

martini 1
Would you like that shaken or stirred? A classic martini uses only two types of liquor, making it one of the simplest cocktails to make. Just remember to get a premium-quality gin and a good, dry vermouth. The only other factor is the chill. The drink must be icy cold, so store both the gin and... read more

7 Wine Accessories You Need for National Drink Wine Day

wine tasting kitPhoto: uncommon goods
It's National Drink Wine Day (who knew?!) and since we just adore a holiday dedicated to one of our favorite activities, we've rounded up a few accoutrements you'll need to make it the best day ever. Happy sipping!

SHOP NOW: 1. Wine aerator, $20, Vinturi,; 2. Wine tasting flight, $59,...

read more

A Pink Chandon Chandy to Heat Things Up

pink chandy recipe
Spice up your date night with a palette-pleasing pink chandy champagne cocktail. This super-simple recipe involves our favorite things: champagne, plus a little heat, thanks to a garnish of jalapeño pepper. We suggest making a pitcher (yes, even for two) -- they're that delicious. What You'll Need: 3oz. rosé sparkling wine 2oz. pink lemonade... read more

Step Inside the Bourbon Haven of Kings County Distillery

kings county distillery
Step inside the first legal distillery in New York since Prohibition and you'll find the brainchild of Colin Spoelman and David Haskell. Inspired by the distillation culture of his native Kentucky, Spoelman began making moonshine in his Manhattan apartment before realizing he could capitalize on his boutique product (we're sure he was quite popular amongst... read more

3 Healthy Vegan Recipes to Try This Winter

vegan baked eggplant
Even though wintertime is often an excuse to put on some extra pounds, you can avoid the temptation of overdoing it by cooking healthy meals at home. These vegan options are guilt-free, super easy to make, and packed with tons of flavor. Bloody Mary Bruschetta This booze-infused bruschetta is the perfect appetizer for brunch... read more

A Menu for Your Next Date Night In

This Valentine's Day, stay in and get some quality time together (how romantic!), save money and get to bypass all those (gasp) people on awkward dinner dates. We think you'll love these recipes so much you'll insist upon kissing the cook. Sun-Dried Tomato Caesar with Parmesan Croutons This bright and tangy salad is super... read more

Cookbook Crave: 3 Amazing Ways to Make Meatballs

Roasted Garlic Meatballs
We've stepped out of Grandma's kitchen and into a world where meatballs can be made in a myriad of shapes, sizes and flavor after delicious flavor. Here, we're focusing on three meatball dishes that will make you drool from the the book More Than Meatballs. Roasted Garlic Meatballs Ditch the red sauce for... read more

7 Homemade Soups and Stews To Keep You Warm This Winter

Tomato Soup with Goat Cheese Crostini
Ah, there's something about the aroma of a tasty soup simmering on the stovetop on a cold or even cool day that is incredibly calming. Opening a can of soup and heating it up in the microwave just isn't as comforting, is it? These hearty soup and stew recipes will warm you up from the... read more
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