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A Refreshing Summer Salad of Grapefruit and Fennel

grapefruit fennel salad
Ooh, the summer salad. To us, summer is when a salad is in prime form. Ripe strawberries, fresh mint, oranges and grapefruit straight from the farmer’s market – yes, please! It’s not that we don’t like salads every other time of the year, but when the sun is out and with an abundance of delicious... read more

A New Take On a Fourth of July Fete (With Grilled Pizza!)

Maybe it's the smell of the sun screen, the sparkle of the lightening bugs, or the lazy days spent on the lake, whatever it is, summer is here & we couldn't be happier! The quintessential summer holiday is 4th of July and we've rounded up our top entertaining tips to make sure the holiday weekend is... read more

Fourth of July Cupcakes in a Jar!

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with festively layered Jar Cupcakes!? What You'll Need: (Serves 8 ) 1 box of white cake mix blue and red food dyes 2 containers of store-bought cake frosting (or homemade) 8, 8 oz. jars July 4th cake decorations (colored sprinkles, flags...) Step 1:... read more

A Sparkling Prickly Pear Tequila Cocktail

cocktail pink

A delicious cocktail recipe is always the best way to kick off the weekend, but we just might be outdoing ourselves with these prickly pear tequila floats. Perfect for warm summer afternoons, the sorbet has the added bonus of keeping your cocktail chilled. No simple syrups, no exotic ingredients you’ll have to hunt down at a specialty store,...

read more

3 Berry Superfood Smoothies You’ll Love to Wake Up To

Give yourself a healthy boost to get through the long work day--swap coffee, sugar and other short-term fixes for an antioxidant-packed, power boosting smoothie. Here are three delicious versions you can try at home: The Peanut Butter Jelly Time INGREDIENTS 6oz of Brasilia Blueberry Bai 1 cup of fresh strawberries 1/4 cup of oats 1... read more

A Tropical Green Smoothie You’ll Love

​Take your morning routine to the tropics with this Clementine Jungle smoothie that's not only perfectly tropical, it's packed with spinach for extra vitamin goodness. INGREDIENTS 6 oz of Bai5 Costa Rica Clementine™ 1 cup of spinach ½ cup of frozen pineapple 1 cup of frozen mango 1 frozen banana ​DIRECTIONS Blend... read more

Tips for Throwing a Cheap (and Chic!) Dinner Party

We want to encourage you to get hosting this season, even if you think your home is less-than-stellar. Is your mattress still on box springs because you haven’t found a bed frame?  We say host anyway.  Is your kitchen gloriously unrenovated?  We say celebrate anyway.  And when you think about your friends do your insecurities whisper... read more

A Refreshing Summer Citrus Mango Sparkler

Sometimes, simplicity is the best and this minimalist cocktail is just what your summer afternoon ordered: Light, refreshing and universally refreshing, this citrus mango sparkler will perk-up your palette. What You'll Need: 2 oz. Menage a Trois citrus vodka 2 oz. mango juice 1/2 lemon, cut into two wedges Flavored... read more

This Classic Steak au Poivre Recipe is Truly Satisfying

If you're looking to recreate this classic Fresh dish of filet mignon and a creamy peppercorn sauce, we've got the recipe for you! With just a few simple steps you can make this impressive, restaurant-style meal at home for someone special. What You'll Need: (Serves 2) For the Steaks: 2, 8 oz. beef tenderloins (filet mignons) 1... read more

5 Summer Wines + Their Perfect Recipes Pairings

rose wine and pastaThinkstock
Work these five wines into your summer culinary rotation for a foodie experience that's perfectly paired. MORE MUST-CLICKS: 7 Celeb Wines Perfect for Summer 7 Chic Wine Accessories Rosé Wines for Every Occasion read more
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