In-Laws: Love Them or Loathe Them?

in-lawsPhoto: Thinkstock
They say that when you marry someone, you marry their family too. Some folks seem to hit the family jackpot, while others… well, not so much. Nesties jumped in to share with us whether or not they are happy with their in-laws (and if they aren’t, what they would change about them). “I love my... read more

6 Moments You’ve Had With Your Father-in-Law

father in law dayPhoto: The Nest
Today marks National Father-in-Law Day; meaning it's the perfect excuse to show some love to your partner's Pop. Whether you honor him with a toast or a brand-new set of grilling gadgets, today's the day to show your adopted dad a little appreciation. After all, he did help raise your husband. While you're brainstorming what... read more

Father-in-Law Day Sweepstakes: Win a $100 Gift Card!

Did you know there's a Father-in-Law Day? It's July 30 and we happen to think it's a brilliant holiday (FILs can be just as great as dad!). To celebrate, we're giving one Nestie the chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card to get his/her FIL something he'll love -- like one of these... read more

6 Cringe-Worthy In-Law Encounters

awkward in-law encountersPhoto: Thinkstock
You have embarrassing moments (like that time you spent the duration of dinner with a large piece of spinach in your teeth), and then you have those moments that are so cringe-worthy, you'd rather not re-hash the details. And if you thought embarrassing yourself among friends was bad, nothing compares to shaming yourself in front... read more

Best Ways to Bond With Your Father-in-Law

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
Sure, the idea of pleasing your mother-in-law may seem intimidating, but sometimes the task of winning over your father-in-law can be just as daunting. While you want to win him over, it's important not to come off too strong (football! beer! fishing!). For ideas on just how to bond with your partner's father, follow these... read more
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