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Cookbook Crave: Sweet Apple Recipes You Haven’t Tried Yet

apple recipes
As much as we love a classic apple pie, it's a good idea to have a few backup desserts on hand in case you get, well...bored. From crispy, apple-topped potato pancakes to a flaky almond tart, you'll crave these sweet apple treats: Potato Pancakes with Applesauce Fried to a perfect golden brown, these... read more

Creamy, Homemade Pumpkin Fettuccine You'll Crave

pumpkin fettuccine alfredoPhoto: Cookie + Kate / The Nest Fall '13 Magazine
We'll admit it -- homemade Fettuccine Alfredo sounds great in theory, but it's not exactly what comes to mind when you're trying to pull together a quick weeknight dinner. Luckily, this pumpkin fettuccine recipe courtesy of Cookie + Kate is the definition of easy (and delicious). Tossed with an alfredo-like pumpkin sauce and... read more

3 Super-Savory Comfort Food Classics

baked mac and cheese recipe
In search of some much-needed dinner inspiration? Take a cue from Stephanie Le's new cookbook, Easy Gourmet, and taste test one of these three super-indulgent comfort foods tonight: Pea and Bacon Risotto Creamy and comforting, this indulgent risotto is best enjoyed during cozy nights in (watching Scandal, obviously). read more

Thanksgiving Treat: Healthy Stuffed Acorn Squash

stuffed acorn squashPhoto: A Couple Cooks
Between the gravy, stuffing and never-ending supply of pie served at most Thanksgiving get-togethers, it's almost impossible to find a turkey day recipe that doesn't immediately send you into a food coma. Enter this acorn squash recipe courtesy of A Couple Cooks. Stuffed with healthy quinoa and... read more

Cookbook Crave: 2 Savory Tacos You Need to Try

butternut squash taco recipe
Sure, tacos seem like the ultimate warm-weather food -- but these two savory recipes from Tacolicious prove that your favorite summer snack tastes just as good well into the fall. From healthy butternut squash tacos to a classic carnitas version, you'll have a hard time choosing just one: Butternut Squash, Kale... read more

A Classic Soup Recipe (With a Kick!)

spicy tomato soup recipePhoto: Teri Lyn Fisher
Looking to kick up a classic soup recipe? This spicy comfort food from Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen is far from that canned Campbell's classic you ate as a kid. (Think coconut milk, a ton of Italian spices and over-sized rustic croutons.) Make it tonight for a cozy comfort food you won't... read more

How to Carve That Thanksgiving Turkey Like a Pro

roasted Thanksgiving turkey recipe
We showed you how to pull off the perfect roast turkey; but just because the oven's off doesn't mean you get to leave your hungry Thanksgiving guests hanging. Carve that turkey like a pro with this easy step-by-step guide: What You'll Need: Your finished masterpiece (the turkey, obviously) Carving fork and... read more

Instant Expert: Pick the Perfect Produce

in season winter vegetablesPhoto: Anita Calero
Think all the produce at your market is in its prime? You shouldn't! Follow these handy shortcuts and you'll be chowing down on the best cold-weather fruits and veggies in no time. Leek Take it: Grab one with straight, dark-green leaves and a firm, light-green stalk. Leave it: Watch out for discoloration, wilting,... read more

5 Sweet Apple Desserts to Make This Month

apple galette recipe
Overwhelmed with the amount of apples leftover from your weekend trip to the cider mill? Don't sweat it. Just free up some space in that fridge by baking one of these sweet apple desserts: Classic Apple Crumble Get creative with your a la mode options -- ditch the traditional scoop of vanilla for... read more

Fall Eats: The Perfect Pecan Pie

homemade pecan pie recipe
Now that you've mastered both apple and pumpkin, it only makes sense to move on to a classic pecan pie recipe, no? Show off those new found baking skills with this traditional Thanksgiving favorite: Makes: One 9-inch pie What You'll Need: One 9-inch store-bought pie dough (or go the... read more