Hot Topic: Are You Friends With Your Ex?

Photo: VeerPhoto: Veer
The whole "friends with your ex" conundrum has always fascinated me. Admittedly, I'm 23-years-old and am just now calling someone my boyfriend for the first time. So although I can't claim to be an expert on the topic, I think (or at least I hope!) I would stay in touch with someone who I used... read more

9 Seriously Awkward “Ex” Encounters

Ex-Files: Awkward Encounters With Your Former FlamePhoto: Shutterstock
Ah, ex-boyfriends. As hard as they are to forget, sometimes they’re even harder to avoid. For instance, I was out thrift-shopping with a friend recently when we stopped in a small vintage boutique to look around. When we walked in, I immediately heard a familiar voice and turned around to see my ex... read more
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