Chill Out with This Beautiful Brunch to Copy This Weekend

A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade HomePhoto: A Beautiful Mess
Even though it's September, we'll still convince ourselves that it's the middle of July. After all, only the harshest weather from the fastest winds to the coldest ice storms will ever keep us from doing brunch outdoors. And even then, we'll just take the party inside. Pass the mimosas, because this weekend you're... read more

11 Oscar Party Appetizers to Make This Sunday

oscar party appetizersPhoto: Honestly Yum
With the 86th Academy Awards scheduled for this Sunday, there's a good chance you'll be eating an obnoxious amount of finger food while enjoying Jared Leto's man-bun from the comfort of your own couch. So, to make your viewing-party-of-one go as seamlessly as possible, I rounded up 11 Oscar-worthy appetizers best enjoyed with a glass... read more

7 Tricks to Throwing Your Own Super Bowl Party

Superbowl 2014 party ideas
With the Denver Broncos facing off against the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday, we're betting (legally, of course) that this year's Super Bowl is going to be better than ever. Even if your team didn't make it past the playoffs, these tips are proof you can still pull off the perfect game day party: More Must-Clicks:... read more

13 Awesome Appetizers to Get You Through Game Day

superbowl party snacksPhoto: How Sweet It Is
Guilty of boring your game day guests with takeout pizza? Stop ordering in and start prepping your Super Bowl menu with one of these 13 awesome eats. From spicy buffalo chicken pizza to creamy jalapeno dip, these appetizers are so good, your guests just might forget the game is on. More Must-Clicks: Weekly... read more

7 Tricks for Pulling Off the Perfect Housewarming Party

house-warming party tipsPhoto: The Fashionable Hostess
Break in your new space with these entertaining tricks from Amanda Saiontz Gluck of the Fashionable Hostess: 1.  Keep your guest list to a minimum. The secret here is simple: Don’t invite everyone you know. Since your goal is to show off your new space, over-inviting will only make things crowded and uncomfortable... read more

Happy Hour: Cranberry Mint Cocktail

cranberry mint cocktailPhoto: Pink Patisserie
Go-to drinks are great and all, but aren't you just a little bit sick of ordering cranberry and vodka's every time you decide to swap your sweats for going-out clothes? Switch things up (without stepping too far out of your comfort zone) with this cranberry mint cocktail courtesy of the Pink Patisserie. But... read more

$20 Tuesdays: 11 Chic Hostess Gifts

hostess gifts under $20
Whatever you do, don't be that delusional dinner guest who thinks it's a good idea to show up empty-handed to a party this season. One: It's tacky. And two: There's a good chance you won't get invited back next year. For the sake of your social life, pick up one of these affordable gifts as... read more

8 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

diy thanksgiving placecardsPhoto: Freut Cake
What's the best way to show off your creative side while keeping your crazy Aunt Susan far, far away from your end of the dinner table? Place cards, of course. Show your guests to their seats this Thanksgiving by making one of these eight easy DIY place cards. Because, trust me -- no one wants... read more

Happy Hour: Apple Spice Cocktail

happy hour apple spice cocktails
As much as I love a good green bean casserole and a slice of pie (or four), the most essential part of Thanksgiving is definitely the drinks. I mean, how else are you expected to get through dinner seated next to your hippie cousin and her crazy husband? For something that's super-festive without... read more

Ultimate Dinner Party Etiquette Guide

dinner party invitations
Etiquette rules may seem stuffy and outdated, but they exist to make your job as a host that much easier. And trust me, between invitations, place settings and food prep, you're going to need all the help you can get. Here, I share my go-to guide for all types of parties -- from casual dinners... read more