How to Perfect the Art of the BBQ

Though the end of summer may be oh-so-sadly nearing, there's still time to get a BBQ or two in before those hot days come to a close. Not that you really need an excuse for bringing friends over for an outdoor gathering, of course, but the end of the season certainly marks a good time to haul out the grill for... read more

6 Ways to Throw a Party With Minimal Effort

So, of the "pick two" health triangle of doing well at work, having a robust social life, and sleep, you've clearly chosen social life. Of course, that means you're hosting party after party after party, which even if you're Jay Gatsby himself can start to get a little draining after a while. All the prep work involved, the decorating, the buying of the alcohol,... read more

This One Simple Trick Will Make Your Backyard Look Like Magic

backyard feature
A backyard with the works—a sound system, a remote-controlled veranda, a deluxe fire pit—can take away that effervescent magic of sitting together outside the house and watching the stars on a warm summer night. While the latest and greatest in backyard additions is nice, we've got an idea for a decor piece that costs next to nothing, and will... read more

6 Ways to Try the Newest Entertaining Trend—Monochrome Tablescapes

feature monochrome tables the nest
While we can't argue with the importance of tons of bright, beautiful color when developing a tablescape, occasionally the whole multicolor thing can lack variety when you see it done over and over in the thousands of photos in your various feeds. Hence, what makes the latest trend in tablescaping so interesting—going all out in a single color. Monochrome entertaining is the new way to infuse a dining experience with... read more

DIY Your Own Summer Twister Board

DIY summer twister game
Memorial Day is over (so bitter sweet), but that means that it's officially time for outdoor parties and entertaining! Have some fun at your next backyard shindig with a fun game or activity! Put your own twist on the classic Twister game but creating your own board and spinner with bright and bold summer colors.... read more

8 Epic Appetizers for Your New Year's Eve Party!

Crispy Mushroom Burratas Crostini
The celebration of the year deserves party food that can stand up to the hype. End 2014 and start 2015 on an epic food note -- we know that's how you do it! Hot Bacon and Mushroom Dip Mmmm, bacon. The best way to serve this dip is hot with crackers or crostini... read more

It’s Not a Thanksgiving Party Without Rosé!

Bottle of Rose WineImage: Thinkstock
Girls get it. It's not a party without a touch of pink. Send a gal into a wine shop, there's a good chance she's walking out with some rosé in hand. It just feels more fun! It's crisp, quirky and oh-so-pretty. Why not pair it with an oversized bird? The duo behind <a href=""... read more

Target Home & Entertaining Spring 2015 Preview is Pretty Perfect

target spring entertaining table
Winter weather may be creeping in but at this morning's Target Home Spring preview, flora, fauna and Easter egg colors were popping up everywhere. It was a pretty sight to be seen! An oversized wooden picnic-like table was done up with Target's latest and greatest entertaining products: Petal-printed bowls and plates in blues, pinks and... read more

Chill Out with This Beautiful Brunch to Copy This Weekend

A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade HomePhoto: A Beautiful Mess
Even though it's September, we'll still convince ourselves that it's the middle of July. After all, only the harshest weather from the fastest winds to the coldest ice storms will ever keep us from doing brunch outdoors. And even then, we'll just take the party inside. Pass the mimosas, because this weekend you're... read more

11 Oscar Party Appetizers to Make This Sunday

oscar party appetizersPhoto: Honestly Yum
The Academy Awards are here, and there's a good chance you'll be eating an obnoxious amount of finger food from the comfort of your own couch (with a cocktail in your free hand, of course). So, to make your viewing-party-of-one go as seamlessly as possible, I rounded up 11 Oscar-worthy appetizers best enjoyed with your... read more
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