12 Tiny Tabletop Terrariums You Can DIY

shaker terrariums
Requiring very little work, these self-sufficient planters make a beautiful addition to any tabletop, counter, or windowsill. Almost any glass container will get you started! Gather inspiration from these 12 unique variations on the tiny indoor garden, and get growing. By Jennifer Noonan for    1. The Bright Idea Adding a pop... read more

DIY Wood Burning Made Easy

woodburning diy

By Anjelika Temple for Brit + Co.

Confession: We are having a total love affair with our brand new wood burning tool. We’ll take you through the basics of using a wood burning tool. It couldn’t be simpler — don’t be surprised if you end up with a lot of custom cutting boards,...

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2 DIY Ways to Turn Your Wedding Photos Into Decor

photo vase diy

By Anjelika Temple for Brit + Co.

You’ve got your photo book on the coffee table, you’ve finally put all your fave picks up on Facebook and now, well, now what? What’s a newlywed to do with all those wedding photos? You want to display them in your home but don’t...

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Get Organized and DIY These Wooden Catch-All Trays


By Roxy Taghavian for Brit + Co.

Let’s face it. You can never have enough trays in your house. From your desk drawers to your mantle, there are about a million places they function and look good. Here are three easy embellishments to get you there.

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20 DIY We Loved From 2014

diy mercury glass tumblers
We love a good project, so we're taking a look back at the top 20 DIY's from 2014. Let's begin with DIY Projects for Couples from Brit Moran Easy DIY Party Packs Faux Mercury Glass Tumblers You Can DIY in Just a Few Steps read more

7 Clever Ideas to Reuse Wrapping Paper


Once you've torn through the stack of presents on Christmas morning, you're likely left swimming in a sea of wrapping paper scraps. If you're in the camp that feels wasteful to use so much paper for only a night, you're in luck -- from seasonal accents to year-round home decor, here are seven ways to reinvent the...

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The Perfect New Year's Eve Party Pack You Can DIY

2015 new years eve party pack
By Lauren Kelp There is nothing like ringing in the New Year with friends and throwing a party at home is a great way to celebrate without all the stress of going out. For a fun addition to your New Year’s Eve bash, we think DIY festive packets for each of your guests is a... read more

Tag, We Gifted It! Personalized Holiday Bottles for Your Hostess

diy hostess wine bottle
Okay, we're just going to say it. If someone is putting hours into a meal to share with you, the least you can do is put a little effort into what you bring to the table. So you can either... read more

DIY This Cinnamon Rosemary Name Card in Two Simple Steps

cinnamon rosemary name card
Set your Christmas table with a winter element that looks pretty and smells delicious. This super simple cinnamon and rosemary place card will take next to no time to create and will turn your table into a winter wonderland. What You'll Need: Cinnamon sticks Rosemary sprigs Twine Kraft tags Scissors Fine point pen... read more

DIY a Spiced Orange & Rosemary Name Card for Christmas Dinner

finished orange spice place card
One of my favorite things about Christmas was making hanging clove oranges with my mom. It was a super simple project for a holiday accent that made the house smell amazing. Try it out yourself and go further by turning it into a name card for your upcoming dinner party. What... read more