A Feathered Stone Place Card You Can DIY in Under 15 Minutes

finished diy feather place card
Thanksgiving is all about the autumn bounty, so why not show your guests where to sit at your table with a nature-inspired place card? We created a super-simple feather and stone version that you can DIY in under fifteen minutes and for less than $10 (for all of them!). Here's how: What You'll Need: Fine... read more

4 Steps to Weatherstrip a Door the Right Way

front door in snowThinkstock

Winter can mean door drafts, which also mean a chilly you and a major impact on your energy bills. This is where weatherstripping comes to the rescue—did you know it can save you up to twenty-percent on heating and cooling costs? You can install it yourself, so we got the tips from Michael Franco...

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DIY Yourself a Winter White Hanging Holiday Arrangement

cotton garland

In floral design, I love the challenge of working with new and unexpected materials. So when I spotted some cotton branches at my local Whole Foods, I was immediately intrigued. Their fluffy, white plumes set in brittle, golden pods seemed the perfect launching point for a late autumn arrangement.

By Justine Hand for...

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DIY Yourself a Colorful Paper Wall Holiday Tree

diy colorful paper wall tree

By Anjelika Temple for Brit + Co.

It’s almost tree time! And while we’re not busting out the holiday decor just yet, we are pinning like crazy to gather inspiration for this year’s holiday season. One thing we like to revisit each year is all the different ways you can decorate for...

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Create a Gold Side Table in Two Simple Steps

finished gold side table

Rich metal hues are hot for the cooling season, so when we saw this two-step DIY project from our friend’s at Brit + Co., we had to share. We’ve all been eyeing the brass martini side table from West Elm—it is a best seller after all, but Kristi...

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The Best Way to Paint Your Ikea Furniture

painting ikea furniture

By Donna Boyle Schwartz for

Remember that particle board furniture your purchased from Ikea years ago? Maybe it’s begun to show its age, or maybe you simply no longer like the color. Either way, you can—contrary to popular belief—renew your furniture’s lease on life with a fresh coat of paint....

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Simple Steps to Create Your Own Spooky-Elegant Halloween Table Setting

diy spooky halloween table

By Justine Hand for Remodelista

Good Halloween decor should always evoke a ghost story. To honor All Hallows' Eve with a more subtle, grown-up approach—something that is only vaguely sinister or decayed. This year I wanted to serve up a spectral supper in the dining room. Using little more than floating black leaves...

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The Best Ways to Clean Your Stainless Steel

clean stainless steel kitchen
By Donna Boyle Schwartz for Stainless steel brings a bright and polished feel to any kitchen but keeping that brilliant sheen takes a little bit of work… and some very specific cleaning products. The first thing to consider when you set out to clean stainless steel appliances, sinks, and countertops... read more

DIY This Potted Herb Garden That's Perfect for Small Spaces

gardenista diy tabletop herb garden

Just because you don’t have an outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to be left out from enjoying your own fresh herbs. Here’s a simple countertop herb garden that you can DIY in an afternoon. Now, dig in and get your green thumb on.

What You’ll Need:

Pot 5 herbs, variety... read more

Brit Moran of Brit + Co.'s 5 DIY Projects Couples Can Do Together

brit co couples diyGetty
By Brit Morin of Brit + Co. for The Nest // Couple image: Getty I love all DIY projects and am always on the lookout for fun, beautiful projects that my readers can tackle on their own at home. Today, I’m focusing on DIY projects for couples. (Hint: There are plenty of ways... read more
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