DIY a Quick & Crafty Succulent Place Setting

With outdoor entertaining season upon us, we thought, what better way than succulent place card holders. Here's a quick little DIY to give your table a desert vibe. What You'll Need: Wire Needle nose pliers Cardstock Pen or letter stamps Succulents in terra cotta pots Step 1: Snip off sections of wire,... read more

Add Warmth at Home With DIY Copper Curtain Rods

I saw this gorgeous bathroom a few weeks ago and was immediately enamored by the copper piping. If you remember, brass was on trend and I think copper might be the metal tone of spring. Thanks to the move, I have been itching for a good DIY! So, I headed to my (new) Home Depot and... read more

Skin Guru Sonya Dakar Shares a DIY Eye De-Puffer Treatment

When it comes to eradicating tired, less-than-bright eyes, it takes an epidermis genius to banish those puffy dark circles. So, we caught up with Beverly Hills skin magician, Sonya Dakar (she's played healer to oodles of Hollywood celeb faces) for her version of an at-home de-puffing treatment. Trust us, this is the next best... read more

5 DIYs To Beautify Your Home

When looking for home DIYs, it's easy to fall down a rabbit hole of information overload (Think: Pinterest and all of your favorite home blogs, like this one!). To help you save face, we've done the hard work of seeking and finding some of our favorites. Here are five that are sure to impress your family and friends... and your... read more

Go Green With This DIY Greenhouse

DIY green house
Spring is in the air and it's time to go green! Create a tabletop greenhouse for your starter seedlings or to display your pretty succulents. Making your own is easier than you'd think. This project is both pretty, functional and a perfect weekend DIY to celebrate the season. What You'll Need:... read more

DIY 3 Modern Easter Eggs for a Updated Holiday

DIY Modern Easter Eggs
Tired of basic dip-dyed Easter eggs? Here are three ways to create bold, modern egg designs with craft paint and a few markers. Color blocked, graphic metallics and ombré effect, mix and match all three for a new take on this springtime holiday. What You'll Need: Hard boiled eggs Acrylic paint (in various colors) Paint brushes... read more

DIY This Jewelry Board to Keep Your Bling Organized

DIY jewelry board
Tidy up your jewelry display with this pretty DIY jewelry board that's completely customizable (Read: make it whatever size you want!). This simple project will allow you to show-off your jewelry in the most organized of ways. What You'll Need: Wooden board cut to desired size (can be done at the local hardware store)... read more

12 Common Household Problems Fixed Fast!

Are those tiny holes from that time you attempted hanging a gallery wall driving you, well, up a wall? Or, are copper water stains making you nuts? We've got a solution for you -- here are simple tips and tricks to fixing the most common household problems, fast.

1. Tiny holes...

read more

DIY These Wire Baskets for All Your Storage Needs

DIY wire baskets
It's spring cleaning season and great storage options may be at a premium, especially in a smaller house or apartment. Wire baskets are a great solution to store anything from craft supplies to dresser top odds and ends but can cost a pretty penny. Save money by easily making your own out of... read more

10 Best DIY Kitchen & Bath Ideas from Pinterest

blackboard walls kitchen
The kitchen and bath may be the two most utilitarian rooms in your home—but that doesn't mean they should be any less beautiful. Check out a few of our favorite DIY solutions from Pinterest that'll also add serious style to these hard-working spaces. Hanging Tool Storage Save on drawer space—and give yourself easy access—by mounting simple... read more
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