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3 Slow Cooker Recipes Perfect For Winter

marble cheesecake175 Essential Slow Cooker Classics
As the winter chill sets in, there's nothing more comforting than a warm dinner dish at the end of a long day. These recipes, perfect for weekend nights in, will leave you satisfied and with leftovers for the work week ahead. Sweet Potato Lasagna This delicious lasagna is a twist on the classic pasta dish,... read more

Role Reversal: Breakfast for Dinner Dishes You Must Try

egg and cheese biscuitDinner for Two Cookbook
Breakfast foods are typically so delicious you wish you could eat them for more than one meal...and you totally can. From frittatas to tater tots, Julie Wampler's Dinner For Two shows you how to create breakfast themed dishes that are just as satisfying come dinner time. Whether you are scrambling eggs or baking pizza, these creations... read more

6 Meals You Should Know How to Make By Now

eggplant parmesan recipePhoto: The Nest
It's time to stop thinking of those turkey sandwiches and microwaved soups as actual food. Turn your go-to dinners into grown-up meals with these new takes on the classics: A Rise-and-Shine Breakfast: Grand Marnier French Toast with Strawberries For those mornings when you can’t stand to look at – let alone stomach – another bowl of... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Delish Vegetarian Dishes

daily dinner ideasPhoto: How Sweet Eats
This Tuesday marks World Vegetarian Day, so we're making the most of our favorite meat-free dishes. From garlicky pasta to fresh, cheesy calzones, these flavor-packed dishes will make you forget you're eating your veggies: Honey Roasted Vegetable + Smoked Gouda Penne Why We Love It: This easy-to-make dish requires very little cooking skills. If you... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Garden-Fresh Dishes to Try Now

Your garden is overflowing with tomatoes, right? Well, they're too good to waste. Make the most of them (and your farmer's market finds) with these fresh meal ideas: Mix it up with other Nesties who love food. Join the conversation and start sharing meal ideas, recipes and more. Click here to jump in! More... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Meals You’ll Make Again & Again

daily dinner idea
Need to quickly whip up an easy-to-make dinner? These five delish dishes are both satisfying and simple: MONDAY Pasta with Garlicky White Beans and Tomatoes Why We Love It: This flavorful pasta dish makes the most of fresh tomatoes and herbs from your garden. Get the Recipe TUESDAY Fish Tacos with Avocado and... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: Mouthwatering Meals to Try Now!

Source: The NestSource: The Nest
These summer dinners are the perfect way to brighten your summer nights. Try these simple and delicious recipes this week! MONDAY Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers Why We Love It: These tasty peppers are filled with tofu, brown rice, tomato sauce and lots of cheese--ideal for Meatless Monday. Get the Recipe Chicken Tortilla Soup... read more

Weeknight Dinner Ideas: 5 Simple Summer Meals You’ll Love

No one wants to spend a long time in the kitchen on a hot summer night. We've rounded up some delish dinner recipes that will have you out of the kitchen and at the table before you know it (and they're fast, too!). MONDAY Summer Pasta Salad with Baby Greens Why We Love It: This quick... read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Italian Chicken

Photo: Our Story BlogPhoto: Our Story Blog
In search of some delish dinner inspiration? Today we're kicking off a new series in which we'll bring you a fresh meal idea each morning that you can make for dinner that night. The recipes we serve up will be easy to fix and enjoy (ideal if your partner is a picky eater!). You'll want... read more
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