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5 Designer-Approved Pieces to Pick Up During Your Summer Travels Abroad

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by Mark Cutler, Chief Designer at nousDECOR  Traveling in the summer is a great tradition, as it gives us all an opportunity to recharge our batteries and a chance to explore new and different cultures. Shopping on vacation can be a great thing too, of course, and finding the right native piece... read more

6 Ways to Work with Summer’s Hottest Plant

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Oh, humble cacti: though they might pose safety hazards, the spiky little guys have been climbing out of deserts and into our hearts for the past few months now. Available in prints and on fashion items galore, we knew it was just a matter of time before they made it into our spaces. It turns out,... read more

5 Expert Tips on Blending Two Styles in a Shared Home

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by Mark Cutler, Chief Designer at nousDECOR  As a designer, I am constantly faced with the problem of melding the two styles of two people who live together. It is rare that a couple will share the exact same design perspective, so over the years I have developed a few tricks that... read more

Ooh La La! 6 Modern Ways to Work with French Toile

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French toile—or fabric printed with repeating patterns of country scenes—immediately brings to mind old world Europe, colonial America, tiny woodland cottages, and perhaps even a few pieces at your grandmother's house. In other words, it's not exactly the kind of thing you would want to decorate your home with today—or at least, so you would think. Officially titled Toile de Jouy (literally meaning... read more

These Chic Pet Bed Stylings Will Give You Paws(e)

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Integrating your pet into your home is a breeze (and like, the most joyful thing ever). But integrating your pets' extras into it? Not always so much. This is especially true for pet beds, which, while useful in preventing tons of fur from taking over furniture, don't always mesh in well with the rest of... read more

4 Expert Ideas for Transforming a Space Through Color

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by Mark Cutler, Chief Designer at nousDECOR 

There are lots of ways to transform a room, and, sad to say, most will require a lot of time, money, and effort. But often people overlook one of the most simple things you can do—change the color of it! There are many ways... read more

3 Ways to Style an Outdoor Look for Those Gorgeous Summer Nights

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As summer days start drifting away into those summer nights, setting up the perfect outdoor dining arrangement is just as crucial for enjoying those sunsets as the beautiful meals you'll be cooking for them. While you may not have a gorgeous city skyline in your backyard (or maybe you do!), creating that magical twilight-in-the-city... read more

This One Simple Trick Will Make Your Backyard Look Like Magic

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A backyard with the works—a sound system, a remote-controlled veranda, a deluxe fire pit—can take away that effervescent magic of sitting together outside the house and watching the stars on a warm summer night. While the latest and greatest in backyard additions is nice, we've got an idea for a decor piece that costs next to nothing, and will... read more

6 Seriously Stylish Ways to Give Your Balcony Some Love This Summer

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Once you finish arranging your new apartment, there might be one spot you forget about—the balcony. It's easy to put a couple of chairs and plants outside and call it a day, but we know this special spot has some great decor potential. Trust us: no matter what your color scheme, taking some extra time... read more

7 Cozy Couches So Cozy, They Demand a Netflix Marathon

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Despite naysayers who insist we should all get out from the front of the TV, there are a ton of reasons to park it for a Netflix marathon right now. For one, there's the return of all your favorite shows, including but not limited to Orange Is the New Black this weekend. For two, well, the existence of couches like... read more
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