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Simple Steps to Customized Holiday Wrapping Paper

It's the holiday season again, and time to get wrapping. For this Holi-DIY, we collaborated with the talented print and textile designer, Leah Quinaz, to create an assortment of beautifully graphic and organically inspired print papers. Take a fresh twist on your Christmas craft with this super simple 5-step custom wrapping paper. What You'll Need: Kraft paper... read more

A DIY Shibori Table Cloth for Your Holiday Table

DIY Shibori Tablecloth
Opt for an alternative holiday tablecloth that you can use all year round with this trendy Shibori style pattern. It's easier than you think to get this organic modern look for your own holiday table and for a fraction of the price of purchasing a new store bought cloth or runner. Use a large cut... read more

5 Celebrity-Designed Hotels You’ll Want To Escape To This Weekend

tiffany co hotel_large_resized
What makes a hotel special? Glamorous decadence so excessive, it almost feels guilty. Subtle elegance with whispers from a time of the past. A celebration of the outdoors. A strange but beautiful break from reality. Island life infused with European accents. Oh, and it helps to be the brainchild of an esteemed celebrity designer. Yes, there are some pretty... read more

How to Solve Every Awkward Window Treatment Problem

If you're giving your awkward, naked windows the stink eye more than a couple of times a day because every dressing solution you've tried just doesn't look right, keep reading. At NousDecor, we know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the right dressing solution for awkward windows. With dormers in... read more

These Chic Storage Pieces Will Be Your Little Secret

Storage. It's essential in small spaces, and can act as a lifesaver when it comes to clearing clutter. Everyone needs more of it, but it's not always—ahem—so style-friendly to include heavy cabinets and drawers in every nook and cranny. Thankfully, NousDecor has rounded up a few brilliant designers have taken up the desperate need for... read more

6 Ways to Throw a Party With Minimal Effort

So, of the "pick two" health triangle of doing well at work, having a robust social life, and sleep, you've clearly chosen social life. Of course, that means you're hosting party after party after party, which even if you're Jay Gatsby himself can start to get a little draining after a while. All the prep work involved, the decorating, the buying of the alcohol,... read more

This is How Your Future Home Looks Like, According to Target

In an experiment that'll remind you of Disneyland's Tomorrowland (and may prove as accurate a portrait of the future—we'll see), Target has created a high-tech indoor wonderland, replete with all your favorite home devices in (where else?) San Francisco. 7x7 reports that the space, called "Open House," is "equal parts retail space, lab, and meeting... read more

3 Ways to Style a Perfect Indoor Summer Party Space

feature nest inspiration
We know—a summer party indoors seems oxymoronic. But there will be times when storms, too-too hot weather and annoying amounts of bugs swooping in will turn an outdoor kickback from a relaxed event into a nightmare. Hence, why knowing how to decorate for an awesome party inside is a great skill to have, and great to prepare for.... read more

5 Expert Ideas for Saving Water Around the House

by Mark Cutler, Chief Designer at nousDECOR Here in California, we are experiencing one of the worst droughts in years. As a result, we’re actively looking for ways to cut our water consumption. It’s probably good practice for us all anyway, as it’s a precious resource and being conscious about how we... read more

These Resilient Houseplants Will Survive Your Busy Schedule

Small plants can have big effects in your home. Houseplants can beautify your indoor space by adding character, tranquility, and a host of other benefits—if you can manage to keep them alive, that is. With August signaling the start of a new school year, nurturing houseplants (or remembering to water them every now and then)... read more
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