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7 Traditional Holiday Date Ideas and Tips to Make Them Even More Interesting

couple during winterGetty
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and therefore a great time to have a fun date night with your love. Trying to figure out what to do? We’ve got seven traditional holiday date ideas to inspire you, along with some twists to make your time together even more interesting: 1. Ice skating. Make... read more

The Perfect Movie Night Popcorn Recipe For Your Sweet Tooth

caramel popcorn recipeLauren Kelp
As the weather gets chillier, we are motivated to stay indoors...and can you blame us? Instead of venture out in the cold for a date night, there's another option we love just as much: movie date night in! Complete with better-than-concession-stand snacks, a date night in the comfort of your home can be delicious... read more

10 Apple Orchards You Need To Visit This Fall

orchard Archive
Come fall, we can't think of a better date with our SO than visiting an apple orchard on a crisp autumn day. Whether you're located in the north, south, east, or west, we researched ten of the nation's best orchards for you to explore near you. Now, get out with your love and pick some harvest... read more

Date Night In: Here's What to Watch on Netflix Based on Your Mood

Let’s face it—sometimes you just want a cozy night with your partner. That’s why we continuously bow down to the Netflix gods for giving us unlimited streaming access to quality date night movies that we can watch snuggled up on our comfy couch. Planning your own date night in? We’ve got 20 suggestions for every... read more

8 Extreme Date Night Ideas You Never Thought Of

There’s nothing wrong with grabbing Italian food and alternating between watching action films and romantic comedies, but shaking up your going-out routine with an extreme date night can be the ultimate turn on and the best way to keep your relationship exciting. --Suelain Moy More Must-Clicks: More Date Night Ideas! 20... read more

Two Date Night-Planning Tools We Love!

date night
Tired of your usual date night spots? We've discovered two cool apps that offer fresh inspiration--and tools to help you plan your evening: How About We for Couples: Sign up on this site and you'll receive creative things to do each week in New York City and San Francisco (more locations are in... read more

Golden Globe-Nominated Movies Perfect for Date Night

Photo: The NestPhoto: The Nest
The nominations for the 70th annual Golden Globes were announced this morning, meaning we now have dozens of new movies to watch for a cozy date night. So grab your partner and settle in with our choice flicks for the upcoming award season. More from The Nest: 15 Ways to do Date Night... read more
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