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A Menu for Your Next Date Night In

This Valentine's Day, stay in and get some quality time together (how romantic!), save money and get to bypass all those (gasp) people on awkward dinner dates. We think you'll love these recipes so much you'll insist upon kissing the cook. Sun-Dried Tomato Caesar with Parmesan Croutons This bright and tangy salad is super... read more

Simple Tricks to Carve Prime Rib Like a Pro

carving prime rib
You just finished that super-simple recipe for prime rib but now what? Stop staring at it with fear and cave that tasty piece of meat like a pro. Here's how: What You'll Need: Your finished Prime Rib masterpiece Chef's knife Cutting board Tip: Before carving, tent the roast with foil and leave it... read more

The Easiest Prime Rib Recipe Ever

simple prime rib recipe
Everyone needs a foolproof go-to recipe for that impromptu dinner party -- after all, it is holiday season and that means you're going to be hosting up a storm in no time. With only five ingredients and two simple steps, you'll have a delicious prime rib ready to feed eight (and your sanity will be saved... you're welcome.) Here's how:... read more

Instant Expert: The Dish on Polenta

polenta recipesPhoto: Half Baked Harvest
You've heard of the stuff, but what's really all of the hype behind this Italian staple? Let us explain. So what is it? Made from ground cornmeal, polenta is that pale yellow, dough-paste hybrid that's popping up on menus everywhere. Chefs like it because it's extremely versatile -- you can either bake, fry or grill... read more

Instant Expert: Black Rice Will Blow Your Mind

black rice 101Photo: Thinkstock
Forget white and brown rice. Black rice -- also known as forbidden rice (according to old tales, it was once reserved for Chinese rulers) -- is a beautiful super food of a grain that changes color like magic from black to purple when cooked. So what else is special about it? Black is the new... read more

Weekly Dinner Ideas: 5 Healthy Winter Salads

winter salad recipesPhoto: How Sweet It Is
While we're still stuck with three more weeks of winter, I'm finding a little relief from the weather in the form of these seasonal salads. Fresh kale, figs and ricotta make these meals anything but boring; plus, who can say no to bacon? More Must-Clicks: 6 Guilt-Free Comfort Foods 7 Cocktails... read more

Weekly Dinner Ideas: 5 Meals You’ll Make Again and Again

mushroom fried ricePhoto: How Sweet It Is
Bored with your dinner routine? If you can't stand to look at another stir-fry, try one of these five no-fuss meals. They taste great the next day and require little (see: zero) skill to make. What's not to love? More Must-Clicks: $20 Tuesdays: 10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets 25+ Delish Chicken Dishes... read more

Weekly Dinner Ideas: 5 Breakfast-for-Dinner Dishes

breakfast foods the nest
Between unlimited mimosas and the inevitable carb-overload, it's almost impossible not to enjoy brunch. But breakfast for dinner? We were skeptical. Luckily, these recipes are forcing us to look at breakfast food in a whole new way. After all, who says you can't eat French toast before bed? More Must-Clicks: $20 Tuesdays: 10... read more

Weekly Dinner Ideas: 5 Savory Vegetarian Meals

vegetarian dinner ideas
Our New Year's resolution? Eat more veggies (and drink more wine, of course). Luckily, whipping our dinners into shape couldn't be any easier thanks to these five savory vegetarian dishes: Lentil and Mushroom Meatballs Why We Love It:  Fresh beans and veggies give this classic dish a much healthier twist. Get the Recipe... read more

Weekly Dinner Ideas: 5 Crowd-Pleasing Favorites

weekly dinner ideas
Sure, trying new recipes is great and all; but there are just some dinners that we're not willing to take out of our rotation. From creamy pasta to savory pulled-pork, these crowd-pleasing dishes will have you going back for seconds: Slow-Cooked Balsamic Honey Pulled Pork Why We Love It: Whether thrown on a bun on... read more