The Real First Year: Nesties Share Their No-Nonsense Marriage Advice

Couple take a break after cyclingPhoto: Thinkstock
Everyone knows that couples ride off into the sunset on their vintage bicycles the second they get married. Just like marriage fixes everything. Cue the hysterical laughter. Still laughing? We are, too. While relationships don't have to be difficult, they do take good communication, patience and compromise. And year one of marriage for sure... read more

The MOST Annoying Things Our Partners Do That Drive Us Insane

annoyed couple on couchPhoto: Thinkstock
They're our sweethearts and our babes, but when our partners make us nuts when they don't listen, don't help out around the house, don't pick up after themselves ... well, then, we have some other special names for our irritating love bugs. In truth, we're probably doing a bunch of things that get on... read more

Relationship Advice the New Bachelor Needs to Know

the new bachelorPhoto: ABC
While we all impatiently await the announcement of the season 19 Bachelor, I got to thinking about a few relationship pointers the new guy definitely needs. Even though it may seem easy (let's be honest, 25 single women throwing themselves at you isn't hard), the new Bachelor could benefit from these basic reality-TV romance tips:... read more

8 Reasons Why We Love an Older Man

george clooney older manShutterstock
He’s confident, distinguished and anywhere from 4 to 20 years older than you. Age is just a number, but there’s something about older men that we love. Here are eight reasons why being in a relationship with an older man is tops. 1. He’s Established An older man has had time to build up his... read more

Halloween Season: Our Favorite Costumes for Couples

halloween couples costumesPhoto: The Nest
Forget carved pumpkins and spiked cider, this month means you can officially start thinking about your Halloween costume. Since we couldn't pick just one, our favorite submissions this week came from Kristen and Jennifer (and their husbands who were willing to dress up for the part). For more creative Halloween inspiration, check out... read more

4 Tips for Surviving Your First DIY Project as a Couple

[sponsored post] The house my fiance and I bought together last year isn't something you'd describe as a "fixer-upper," but we still had a long list of improvements that we wanted to make to it. After a little research, it appeared that most of the items on our wish list were pretty easy, so... read more

Real Couples Reveal Their Craziest Arguments (& Yours Was…?)

Ever had a super intense argument over...toilet paper? Get the story behind that silly squabble + 9 more wacky arguments: "I was chopping tomatoes for dinner and my husband thought I was doing it wrong. I finished cooking dinner and he refused to eat it. Instead, he ordered pizza with every single topping I don't... read more

Has Marriage Changed the Way You Spend Your Money?

When you were single you had no problem splurging every now and then for that "must-have" pair of shoes or last-minute trip with your girlfriends. (You deserved it!) But do you still spend that way now that you're married (or co-habitating)? Check out what a few of our readers had to say... read more