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Cookbook Crave: You'll Flip Out Over These French Fries!

Fries, chips, pommes frites ... whatever you call 'em, there's no arguing that these crispy potatoes are the perfect side to just about any main dish. (Or just do what I do, and consider a bowlful as a well-rounded meal.) You can now go beyond basic... read more

The Easiest Tomato Sauce Recipe You'll Ever Make!

tomato sauce homemade recipe
If your go-to meals include some form of pasta or pizza (admit it, they do -- hey, there's no shame in making some pizza muffins for dinner), then you need this seriously simple homemade tomato sauce in your life. It's fresher than the store-bought stuff, you'll master it in a flash, and you'll... read more

Takeout Fakeout: Homemade Hot Wings Made Easy

The Nest chicken wing recipe
Spicy heat plus chicken make the best team, so what's a football party without hot wings? Gotta have 'em, and with this no-fuss baked recipe, there's no need to order in. What You'll Need: For the Wings 3 lb chicken wings 2 tablespoons corn, canola, grapeseed or vegetable oil (plus more for brushing)... read more

Celebrate National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day With These 5 Pinterest Recipes

peanut butter desserts
Is there ever any reason to not celebrate peanut butter? In short -- no. But on National Peanut Butter Lover's Day, March 1, you're allowed to indulge a little more than usual in your favorite gooey peanut butter dessert. Try one (or all) of the five below to get a jump start and let us... read more’s 6 Decor + Food Trends for 2014

the nest home and food trends
What you eat and where you live should be as stylish as what you wear. From metallic hues to fizzy drinks, here’s your guide to what’s hot for 2014 in the world of home and lifestyle. read more

9 Nontraditional Mashed Potato Recipes

nontraditional mashed potatoes recipesPhoto: How Sweet It Is
Next to pumpkin pie and homemade stuffing, mashed potatoes are easily the most anticipated dish of Thanksgiving. But as good as they taste, this comfort-food favorite can get a little, well...boring. At the risk of offending carb-lovers everywhere, I've rounded up 9 unconventional twists on everyone's favorite side dish: Mix it... read more

6 Ways to Enjoy National Grilled Cheese Month (YUM)!

Break out the tomato soup, because  it's National Grilled Cheese Month! Celebrate this comfort food staple, which has always had a special place in our hearts (and on our plates), by trying one of these yummy grilled cheese recipes: Pulled Pork and Beer Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Source: read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Stuffed Pepper Soup

Photo: The Country CookPhoto: The Country Cook
Why We Love It: This hearty soup is packed with all of the flavors that come with stuffed peppers without the hassle of preparing them. Ingredients: 11 Time: 45 min. Source: The Country Cook Get the Recipe More Must-Clicks: Dinner Ideas for... read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Pulled Pork & Beer Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

pulled pork grilled cheesePhoto: How Sweet Eats
Why We Love It: This indulgent sandwich with slow-simmered pork and lots of cheese is so good you won't want to share it with anyone else. Ingredients: 11 Time: 12 hours Source: How Sweet It Is Get the Recipe More Must-Clicks: 25+ Sandwich Recipes Hawaiian Chicken... read more

Daily Dinner Idea: Blue Cheese Mac and Cheese

blue cheese macaroni and cheesePhoto: How Sweet Eats
Why We Love It: Just when we thought homemade mac and cheese couldn't get any better, we stumbled across this recipe perfect for blue cheese fans. Ingredients: 11 Time: 1 hour Source: How Sweet Eats Get the Recipe More Must Clicks read more