Celebs Give Us a Peek of Their Closets!

Celebrity closets are often envy inducing, and we’re not just talking about the amazing wardrobes inside of them. We’re constantly Insta-browsing our favorite stars’ accounts, and compiled some of our favorite pics that show off the luxury spaces they keep their clothes, accessories, and shoes! (What we wouldn’t give to be even one pair of... read more

8 Dream Closets We Wish Were Ours

dream closetsPhoto: The Nest
Tired of your oh-so-boring closet space? Get inspired by these well-designed (and super chic) set-ups. Go ahead -- your shoes will thank you. Photo: Pinterest Need more great tips for home? Join our community to chat about organizing tricks (click here!). Or click to our Pinterest boards for... read more

5 Tips to Creating Your Dream Closet

I day dream about closets on a regular basis. I love to find amazing closet photos to pin and inspire me. My closets are my havens, and I reorganize them every season. Every time I move, I'm thrilled to create my next dream closet. I don't think of closets in a traditional sense.... read more
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