Bring the Outside In! Simple Snowball Cookies

snowball cookie
It's not the holidays without nibbling on a few of these bite-sized cuties. These fun and easy-to-bake Snowball Cookies are the right not-too-sweet treat in the perfect package. What You'll Need: 2 sticks of unsalted butter, softened 1/2 cup powdered sugar, plus extra for rolling the cookie balls 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 3/4 cup... read more

Hot Topic: What’s Fair When Splitting Holidays with Family?

Couple Enjoying the Holidays TogetherPhoto: Thinkstock
One of the first things I did when moving into a 940-square foot apartment more than 5 years ago with my then-boyfriend-now-husband was buy a large dining room table. "This space was made for entertaining!" I said. "Why do we have to have people over?" he said. The next year, we announced to both... read more

10 Awkward Christmas Photos We Wish We Could Unsee

awkward couples christmas cards
Think your annual Christmas card is bad? Think again. These couples prove that spreading holiday cheer isn't their strong suit... More Must-Clicks: 12 Sweet Desserts Perfect for Christmas 12 Surprisingly Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments 10 Amazingly Ugly Holiday Sweaters read more

8 Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit This Season

christmas traditionsPhoto: Veer
With Christmas only a week away, if you're not yet in the holiday spirit -- now is definitely a good time to start. Nesties shared with us what helps them avoid a bad case of the "bah humbugs": “A trip to see The Nutcracker, followed up with warm drinks from Starbucks and a ride home... read more

12 Sweet Desserts Perfect for Christmas

christmas dessert recipes
Because chocolate-chip cookies just won't cut it, I found 12 Christmas desserts that you'll have trouble sharing this season: More Must-Clicks: 12 Surprisingly Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments Best Christmas Cookie Decorating Ideas 5 Holiday Dinner Recipes You'll Love read more

12 Surprisingly Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

easy diy christmas ornaments
Add some flair to your tree with the 12 easy-to-make Christmas ornaments. Not only are they fool-proof (well...almost), but these festive ornaments will have your holiday guests wondering when you suddenly got so crafty... More Must-Clicks: 11 Creative Christmas Mantels You Need to Copy WIN IT: A $150 Gift Card to... read more

6 Tips for Keeping His Holiday Gift a Secret

holiday gifts
It's officially Christmas crunch-time. So while you're busy buying, wrapping and hiding gifts, you also have to worry about keeping your partner's present top-secret. Unfortunately, that's tough to do when you both share a bedroom and a bank account. Keep things under-wraps with these tips from Nesties on keeping gifts a surprise until Christmas morning!... read more

8 Christmas Gifts for Your Guy (That He Definitely Won’t Return)

christmas gifts for guys

Let's face it: Men aren't that picky. (I mean, just look at his taste in ex-girlfriends.) But when it comes to presents, why does your guy always make excuses to exchange the latest gift you got him? To spare yourself the headache of holiday shopping, I asked my friends at The Knot Shop...

read more

11 Creative Christmas Mantels You Need to Copy

creative christmas mantels
Does your mantel look a little worse for wear? Dress up your fireplace for the holiday season by re-creating one of these inspiring looks: Our favorite look of the season? This bold setup from At the Picket Fence. Hot pink candles and a sleek art-deco mirror make this <a... read more

9 Annoying Things Every Couple Does During the Holidays

annoying things during the holidaysPhoto: Thinkstock
Yay, holidays! Yay, happy couples! These are two joyous things. But sometimes they collide in a way that makes the rest of want to snap the heads off gingerbread men.  So this year, why not give everyone the best gift of all and avoid these annoying holiday habits. -- Jeff Wilser is the editor of... read more
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