Christmas shopping

6 Tips for Keeping His Holiday Gift a Secret

holiday gifts
It's officially Christmas crunch-time. So while you're busy buying, wrapping and hiding gifts, you also have to worry about keeping your partner's present top-secret. Unfortunately, that's tough to do when you both share a bedroom and a bank account. Keep things under-wraps with these tips from Nesties on keeping gifts a surprise until Christmas morning!... read more

Are You Overwhelmed by the Cost of Christmas?

Christmas is supposed to be a joyful time, but for some people the holiday brings more stress than good cheer. In a recent survey by financial services provider Think Finance, 45 percent of the respondents said that the holiday is so financially taxing they wish they could just skip it. As a reformed holiday over-spender, I... read more

Black Friday Countdown: Where Will You Shop First?

The biggest shopping day of the year is just two weeks away! Already stores are giving us an exciting preview of what to expect on the big day. Although we're not ones to camp out in line overnight (we need our beauty sleep), we are planning to hit the stores. Now it's just... read more
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