What Do You Think: Can Anyone Really Have It All?

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Debating whether women can have it all is nothing new -- why not debate whether men can have it all, too? On the Today Show this morning a new Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data revealed that the score is evening up when it comes to balancing household duties, parenting... read more

How to Split the Chores With Your Partner (& Keep the Peace!)

couples guide to splitting choresPhoto: Thinkstock
[sponsored post] When I first moved in with my fiance, chores were a pretty fraught topic. Suddenly, an empty can of soda left on the nightstand had me wondering if I'd signed up for a lifetime of empty cans of soda all over the bedroom. And as we tried to do... read more

Who Does the Cooking: You, Your Partner or Your Local Takeout Spots?

Photo Credit: ThinkstockPhoto Credit: Thinkstock
We get it: You love to sit down and eat dinner together, but whipping up a great meal after a long day at work can be a total hassle. So who does all the work in your place: You? Your partner? Or your local takeout spots?  Check out what some of our readers had... read more

Could Household Chores Be Ruining Your Sex Life?

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Want a healthy sex life? Then you might want to hide that mop and vacuum cleaner from your man. New research suggests that couples who take on tasks that would typically be done by the other partner--in this case cleaning, which is traditionally viewed as women's work--tend to have sex less... read more

Chores May Put Your Marriage at Risk

Photo: Veer / The NestPhoto: Veer / The Nest
Plan on tying those apron strings a little tighter, since a recent study shows that divorce rates are higher among couples who split household chores. Now, I know what you’re thinking: But my husband looks so good with a mop in hand! Trust us, they all do. The study raises the question of... read more

Nestie Rant of the Week: Chores

Photo: Getty Images / The NestPhoto: Getty Images / The Nest
There’s been a whole lot of talk about the unavoidable over on The Nest community boards. Bills, arguments, the inevitable end of summer -- you name it, and chances are readers are not looking forward to it. Perhaps the most common dread-worthy task is -- you guessed it -- <a href=""... read more
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