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And the Infidelity Capital of the U.S. Is…

cheating capital of the U.SPhoto: Shutterstock
Our nation's capital is full of political leaders  -- and, as it turns out, cheaters. According to a recent study by dating site for married men and women who are looking to stray--Washington, D.C., is once again America's Least Faithful City, with the highest number of new sign-ups per capita. "Living in... read more

Could Cheating Ruin Your Career?

Shutterstock / The NestShutterstock / The Nest
By now you've heard a lot about General David Petraeus' cheating scandal with biographer Paula Broadwell. The affair cost the four-star general and top commander in Iraq and Afghanistan dearly. For starters, it lead to his resignation as CIA Director. And now, the media is speculating about the state of his 38-year marriage... read more

How Would You Handle Rumors That He Cheated?

Photo: Just JaredPhoto: Just Jared
When Chris and I got married nine years ago, I told him that infidelity was a deal breaker. Of course now that we have a two-year-old son, the issue is less clear to me than it was as a 26-year-old newlywed. Back then it was only about us. Now we have Mason's well-being to consider.... read more
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