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9 Celeb Couples Who Should Never Get Back Together

celeb couples who shouldn't get back togetherPhoto: The Nest
Who says royal love can't be rekindled? If you believe this week's buzz, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, who divorced in 1996 after a decade of marriage, may be getting back together. Here's to hoping the Duke and Duchess of York make it work (if the rumors are true) --  without inspiring certain celeb couples... read more

Celeb Husbands Who Found Love — With the Other Woman!

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
Celebrities go through relationships like most of us go through our wardrobe -- frequently. While there seems to be a constant merry-go-round of partners in Hollywood, a handful of celebs have actually found love in a (very) hopeless place. Check out our favorite "other woman" romances: Prince Charles & Camilla... read more

16 Saddest Celebrity Splits of 2012

Top Celebrity Splits of 2012
Some of our favorite Hollywood stars experienced dramatic changes in their love lives this past year, from Justin Timberlake finally saying "I Do" to longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel to Brad and Angie's engagement. But despite these happy events, there were some high-profile splits that left us heartbroken. Check out our round-up... read more
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