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7 Celebrity Maiden Names That Will Surprise You

TN-celebrity-maiden-namesPhoto: Shutterstock
Think you've got your useless celebrity knowledge down pat? Then think again. Just when you finally got around to memorizing the names of the Jonas Brothers, I decided to throw this pop culture curve ball your way. Betcha you can't guess the real maiden names of these seven celebrity wives. (And if you can, then... read more

Our Favorite Celebrity Newlyweds of 2013

celebrity newlyweds 2013
Everyone enjoys a good love story – especially when said story involves a high-profile couple, an over-the-top engagement and some not-so-secret nuptials. Here, eight of our favorite lovebirds from the year so far: More Must-Clicks: 9 Celeb Couples Who Should Never Get Back Together 7 Cheesiest Quotes on Love from Celeb... read more

Kris and Bruce Jenner Split (and 4 Other Surprising Celeb Breakups)

surprising celeb splitsPhoto: Shutterstock / The Nest
Reality stars Kris and Bruce Jenner announced their split this week, proving that even the most public couple can have a few surprising secrets. But with all of the news surrounding their separation, we got to thinking about four other high-profile splits that caught us off-guard... George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Okay, okay -- so... read more

5 Celeb Husbands Who Aren’t Intimidated By Their Wives’ Success

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Some guys can't handle having a partner who earns more than them; in fact, it's a leading reason why certain couples break up, according to a new study by the American Psychological Association. Then there are those guys who don't care, like these celeb husbands: Have a relationship gripe or need some advice?... read more

Celeb Hubbys & Their Doppelgangers: Who’s Hotter?

celebrity lookalikesPhoto: Shutterstock / The Nest
Ever notice how many celebs in Hollywood look alike? For fun we found dopplegangers for three A-List husbands. Check out our match-ups -- and tell us what you think: Javier Bardem's Lookalike Match: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Aside from Bardem's sexy Spanish accent, these dark-haired, scruffy A-Listers could definitely play each other in a film. Will... read more

7 Cheesiest Quotes on Love from Celeb Newlyweds

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"A day will never go by without me reminding you how special you are. Thanks for last night my pretty little bird." -- Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul on his new wife, Lauren Parsekian We can understand baby and even the occasional sweetheart go, but pretty little bird? It's just creepy. “As she was walking... read more

7 Celebrity Couples Who Eloped & Are Living Happily Ever After

celebrity couples who elopedPhoto: Shutterstock / The Nest
As much as we love to obsess over the latest high-profile celeb wedding, we get why some Hollywood couples choose to say 'I do' in private. After all, there's nothing romantic about strategically-placed paparazzi or helicopters humming loudly above your reception venue. From Mariah and Nick to Miranda and Orlando, these read more

7 Shortest-Ever Celebrity Courtships

shortest celeb courtshipsPhoto: The Nest
First came love then came a quickie engagement for these high-profile celeb couples. Sometimes things have worked out, other times not so much. Check out our favorite quick-to-the-altar twosomes of all time: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom Love 'em or hate 'em, the Kardashian family has proved they have staying power -- and the same... read more

Jennie Garth Talks About Her New Approach to Love

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
A sense of humor, intelligence, rock-hard abs -- we all have our requirements when it comes to what we look for in significant other. But as actress Jennie Garth proves, it can take heartbreak in order to realize what traits are most important in a partner. In the January issue of Health, the actress admits... read more

Top 10 Marriage Quotes of 2012 from Celebrity Husbands

Photo: ShutterstockPhoto: Shutterstock
Since we've already rounded up our favorite marriage quotes from lovesick celebrity wives, it only made sense to do the same with Hollywood's leading, in-love husbands. From Brad on Angie to Justin's take on what makes his marriage tick, these husbands dish their words of wedded wisdom. "And I wouldn’t be the man I... read more