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Nestie Tip of the Week: How to Cure Your Home-Buying Blues

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From stumbling on the perfect home in your dream neighborhood only to lose the bid at the last second to dealing with failed inspections, the buying process is full of some seriously dramatic ups and downs. Nesties share their tips on coping with home-buying blues: Take a break! We did. We looked for our first... read more

Buying My First Home: The Ceiling Fan Battle Heats Up

I'm super embarrassed, you guys. My hubby and I are fighting about...a ceiling fan. That's right. A ceiling fan. Here's the thing: I can't stand 'em, he loves 'em. And there's one in the living room of the Brooklyn apartment that we currently have under contract. I know--we don't even have the place yet... read more

Buying My First Home: 5 Fantasy Furnishings (A Girl Can Dream, Right?)

Ever since our bid was accepted last week I can't stop dreaming about how I want to furnish our new place. We've decided to purchase mostly new furnishings because a.) The only new furniture we've purchased since we moved to NYC 7+ year ago was baby furniture; b.) The stuff we currently have has... read more

Buying My First Home: Our Offer Was Accepted Last Night! (*Not That I’m Excited or Anything)

Our house-hunt has been filled with highs (What an amazing space!) and lows (We didn't get the place!)--but last night we finally had a victory: Our bid was accepted on a loft-style apartment in our favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn (that's it, above!). It's the second place that we saw... read more

Buying My First Home: 9 Reasons I Can’t Live Anywhere But Brooklyn

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This weekend was draining. We spent hours and hours touring places in Jersey City, New Jersey on Saturday and even more time looking at apartments in Brooklyn today. I am more exhausted right now than I was at the end of the work week on Friday. But I made an important discovery this weekend. I... read more

Buying My First Home: Making the Highest Offer…and Still Losing the Place-:(

I had just emerged from the subway at Grand Central terminal when my cell rang this afternoon. I grabbed it. It was Chris and he sounded giddy. My first thought: OMG, we got the place!! The Place is the killer loft in Brooklyn that we saw last weekend and fell in love with. I... read more

Buying My First Home: Not Making an Offer & Finding a Better Place!

Last week we found a beautiful apartment right across from the school we want Mason to go to --but  I was feeling a little hesitant about making an offer. We just recently lost out on a great place, and although I loved this place, I wasn't sure it was totally right. We debated... read more

Buying My First Home: Is it Too Soon to Bid on Another Place?

We celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday with flowers, cards, brunch in bed...and a whirlwind tour of five open houses in Brooklyn. The first place that we saw was pretty awesome (in fact, we're debating putting in an offer).  The rest? Not so much. All the things I loved about place #1 (that's the... read more

Buying My First Home: “Not Every Week Is Gonna Be a Home Run!”
We were hot on the house-hunting trail again yesterday. After losing out on the Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, apartment last Tuesday, we decided it was time to go west and check out Jersey City. We thought of it as a little mood lifter, a nice change of pace. So we rented a jeep (we ditched... read more

Buying My First Home: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!

Yes, it's a cheesy saying--but, c'mon, there's something to it! And it's my mantra today because our offer on that Brooklyn apartment from last Sunday got shot down in less than 24 hours. In fact, I hadn't even left the office last night when I got this text from Chris: Just heard from Heather.... read more
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