birth control

Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pills: Coming to a Pharmacy Near You?

Imagine purchasing a pack of birth control pills over-the-counter, just like you would a box of cold medicine. No more prescriptions needed. No more panicked calls to your ob-gyn for a refill after-hours. And, perhaps, fewer occasions where you would skip your birth control because you couldn't get it, putting yourself at risk for... read more

The Birth Control Pill for Men May Actually Happen

birth control pill for menPhoto: Veer
Ask me why I’m smiling. It's because Scottish scientists have just delivered some news that has made my entire week: The birth control pill for men may become a reality in the not-so-distant future. Those scientists, bless their hearts, have identified a gene -- which they call Katnal 1 -- that's responsible for sperm production. Their... read more
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