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Summer’s Must-See Date Night Movies

movies, summer 2012, summer, films, the bump, the nestPhoto: Columbia Pictures, Disney/Pixar, Warner Bros. Pictures
Looking for a quick date idea that'll let you beat the heat and have fun? Look no further than your local air-conditioned movie theater. Our sisters at The Bump blog have a list of the top movies you'll enjoy this season. They've even rounded up the coolest character names in each film (Stacee... read more

How Does She Do It All? Well…She Doesn’t.

multitasking, the bump, how does she do itPhoto: Thinkstock/The Bump
We're all strapped for time, running around doing everything for everyone, feeling stressed with a million things yet to check off our to-do list...and then there's that woman. You know the one. The one who always looks so pulled together and calm under pressure. Ever wonder how she does it? Our sisters at <a href=""... read more
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