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Basic Training: Make Your Own (Natural) Hand Sanitizer

Gardenista's Christine Chitnis gets creative with cleanliness. "I'm not a fan of drugstore varieties of hand sanitizers with their slimy feelings, awful smells, and long lists of hard-to-pronounce ingredients ... so, I decided to experiment and make my own all-natural version of a germ-busting hand cream," she says. "I combined some of... read more

Basic Training: Ridiculously Easy (and Natural!) Ways to Deodorize Your Home


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you want don’t want to live in a home that’s anything less than fresh. Since I’m always on the hunt for new and natural ways to treat my space, here are my five super simple tricks to get your place smelling fresher than your neighbor’s.

... read more

Spring Trend We Adore: Yellow Home Decor!

yellow home decorPhoto: Lucas Allen
Add some spring to your space with a few sunny accents! Get inspired with these room pics, featuring bold and soft shades of yellow--and freshen up your place today: Mix and match various shades of yellow to make your room really pop. This bedroom incorporates shades of mustard and pale yellow, yet both shades... read more

Turn Your Tableware Into a Conversation Starter (Seriously!)

Now that we've covered big-picture table design, it's time to talk tableware! The right dishes and silverware make your table look more beautiful and inviting--and the meal even more memorable. Drinking a cup of tea from fine bone china somehow makes the tea actually taste better, just like eating off of a beautiful plate... read more

4 Fresh Ways to Use Table Linens

We've covered the big-picture parts of table design, including how to create a gorgeous centerpiece, how to add flair to your dining room chairs and how to get creative with lighting. Now it's time to focus on the smaller details, beginning with linens! A few small tricks can make a huge difference.... read more

How to Make Stylish Shelves Out of Pallet

When we first bought our house, I was quick to decorate each and every room. But the one room that always gave me trouble was our family room right off of the kitchen--I never knew what to hang above our couch. I debated between floating shelves, a random painting and even a gallery wall of... read more

Creative Lighting Ideas for Your Dinner Party

You learned how to give your dining room chairs some flair last week, now it's time to talk about lighting! Instead of using the same old lamps or overhead lights every time you entertain, why not change things up? It's easy to do on a budget, and new lighting is a great way to... read more

Give Your Dining Room Chairs Some Flair

how to spruce up your dining chairsPhoto: Tracy Taylor Ward
You mastered the basics on centerpieces last week--now it's time to learn how to give your dining room chairs some pizzazz (without breaking the bank!). Try these easy looks by mixing a few things you already have with some new budget-friendly items. Step 1: Use your living room chairs in place of your... read more

How to Create a Gorgeous Centerpiece

Photo: Tracy Taylor WardPhoto: Tracy Taylor Ward
If you entertain often, coming up with fresh ideas for your table decor can be daunting. I think of my tabletop designs as outfits: Just like I try not to wear the same ensemble over and over again, I try not to repeat my table decor too often--especially in front of the same friends! It... read more

Create a Cozy Nook in Your Home

Photo: www.trinethorsen.comPhoto:
Got the new iPad mini but don't have a comfy & quiet place to play with it? Have a desk, but feel like you don't have an office? Need a place near your front door for coats & mail? If you're nookless, then no worries! In our new Basic Training series, we'll breakdown... read more
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