Poll: Will You Watch Ellen DeGeneres’s New Design Competition Show?

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
All Ellen DeGeneres fans (so that's everyone, right?) need to get excited, because our favorite funny lady is getting her own design show! Humor and decor is our new favorite pairing, since Ellen is launching a competition series called Ellen's Design Challenge on HGTV. The six-episode series will premiere in 2015 and sounds similar to Top... read more

5 Shakespeare Movie Couples We’re Still Obsessed With

Photo: Gold DerbyPhoto: Gold Derby
Even though William Shakespeare would have turned 450 years old today, his plays' themes are still completely relevant (and we love how he knew a thing or two about the challenges of being a newlywed!). In honor of his birthday, grab your partner, pick one of the below films to watch, and settle in for a... read more

These 5 Eco-Friendly Celeb Homes Will Make You Green (With Envy!)

Yes, lowering your water consumption and using energy-efficient lightbulbs are good ways to go green in your home today for Earth Day — but on the off chance that you have millions of dollars in your bank account, making your pad into an eco-friendly haven could be an option. We’ve rounded up five of our favorite green celebrity homes (including an estate on an island) to show what some serious cash can do for the environment.


Photo: NY Daily News
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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

You may remember Tom and Gisele's overly colossal LA pad being on the market for $50 million, but maybe that's due in part to the pad having solar energy panels and fancy energy-efficient appliances.

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Could These TV Characters Really Afford Their Ridiculously Huge Homes?

Most Friends fans love Monica Geller’s ’90s-chic apartment, but hate the fact that Monica and Rachel Green were two struggling twentysomethings when the show started and only paid $200 in rent. For a two-bedroom and two-bathroom apartment in NYC’s Greenwich Village, $200 rent is laugh-’til-it-hurts funny these days, which is why we love real estate site Movato’s awesome study on which TV sitcom characters could actually afford their huge apartments and houses.

Using their rule of thumb that 30 percent of your monthly income is appropriate for a monthly rent or mortgage payment, the site determined what the character’s current income and rent or mortgage payment would be and whether or not they could afford their pad.

Based on the calculations, I think Full House fans will be pretty surprised that nine people (and one dog) sharing a gigantic Victorian home isn’t the smartest financial choice.


Photo: Friends Wikia
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Rachel and Monica's income is $9,300 and their rent is $5,000, so their percentage of income is 54 percent. Consensus says no way!

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7 Crazy-Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Photo: Hunted InteriorPhoto: Hunted Interior
If you want your obsession for ombre manicures, mustache mugs and chevron pillows to carry into Easter, you're in luck. We've rounded up seven fun and trendy egg decorating ideas that are way more fun to make than the boxed kind (and will make your table look uber-stylish too). Ombre Easter Eggs Source: SugarAndCharm.com... read more

Taylor Swift is Taking Over Tribeca (In Her New Loft, That Is)

Country music’s little darling, Taylor Swift, has reportedly bought a spacious $20M Tribeca penthouse from Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson. If Miss Swift is moving from Nashville to the Big Apple, we just want to see if she’ll go a little bit country or all out glam with her décor. In that spirit, we couldn’t help but let this fashionista’s style inspire some room ideas for her new pad.

Photo: Starstylela.com, SacramentoStreet.com
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Chambray Prep

Seen out and about in Los Angeles in a buttoned-up chambray shirt and grey skirt duo, this preppy, almost schoolgirl look, but a room of cool blues and muted greys would create a space that’s all adult in a very loft-appropriate manner.

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Get Lost in These Marriage Thrillers Until ‘Gone Girl’ Comes Out

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube
The events in Gone Girl aren't exactly how you'd want your fifth wedding anniversary to play out, but nevertheless, married life has never been so eerie since Gillian Flynn penned the bestselling book. Unfortunately, the Gone Girl movie doesn't come out until October 3, so here are some other thriller novels about marriage to tide you... read more

Kate Middleton’s New Zealand Lodge Is Fit for Royalty

Kate Middleton's immaculate outfits have been the highlight of her New Zealand tour with Prince William -- but the real question is, where have they been hanging? The royal family's first stop when they flew to the island country was the Wharekauhau Lodge, an Edwardian-style manor house near Wellington, E! reported. However, as you might have guessed, it's not... read more

Coachella Decor Inspiration: 5 Weird Structures We Secretly Love

Photo: GettyPhoto: Getty
Even if you didn't go to Coachella this year, you can still don a flower headband (preferably somewhere with air conditioning) and look at pictures of the boho-awesome decor from California's Indio Valley. Besides the VIP parties and concerts, there were a ton of mind-bending structures to get design inspiration from -- including a very large snail (yes, snail).... read more

Take a Swank Step Back in Time With These ‘Mad Men’-Inspired Pads

There’s something about Mad Men returning for its seventh season that makes us want to draw on cat eyes a` la Megan Draper and throw a party in a sunken living room — if we had one, that is. If watching Don and the gang last night gave you a serious case of the mid-century modern decor blues, start clicking for some of the most famous homes built and designed to 1960s and 1970s perfection.

Photo: LA Times
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Charles and Ray Eames

The Eames House, located in LA and built in 1949, is a National Historic Landmark of classic mid-century modern architecture and decor.

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