Weekly Money Saver: Avoid Impulse Buys at the Grocery Store

We've all been there, you go into the grocery store for milk, eggs and $10 and walk out with$50 added to your credit card. Next time, plan your meals for the week before you shop and make a list of ingredients you need. Make sure that the meals have overlapping perishable ingredients so you... read more

Newlywed Tax Hike: Will You Have to Pay More?

Photo: Corbis/The Nest
Photo: Corbis/The Nest
Less than two months from the tax-filing deadline of April 15, the Tax Policy Center has announced changes in tax code that mean you and your spouse could pay more if you earn similar incomes. Spouses who earn vastly different incomes, however, could pay less. Fair? We don't think so. Thanks to January’s... read more

Weekly Money Saver: Emergency Funds

emergency fund questions
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You and your partner can plan ahead as much as you please, but face it -- neither of you can foresee the future. When it comes to emergency funds, it's always best to save and prepare so if an emergency does strike, both of you aren't left with a dwindling bank... read more

Weekly Money Saver: Cut Out The Cable

weekly money saver
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Okay, okay -- we're just as addicted to Mad Men as the next girl; but when it comes to maintaining a budget, cable seems to constantly get in the way. For creative tips on saving cash (without sacrificing Dexter re-runs), we got the lowdown from the Learnvest staff on read more

Would You Make a Bedroom Floor Using 59,670 Pennies? Meet the Couple Who Did.

penny floor
Photo: ThePennyFloor.com
A penny saved is a penny earned, but if you're anything like Chicago couple Ryan Lange and Emily Belden, you've turned that coin into some serious creative design. The seemingly frugal duo lined their 234-square-foot bedroom floor with nearly 59,670 pennies -- a renovation project that took four long months to complete. "We... read more

Weekly Money Saver: Work Out for Less

Photo: Thinkstock
Photo: Thinkstock
Getting in shape was one of your New Year’s resolutions...but so was saving dough. Here’s how to actually stick with both this year. To start, see what other gyms in your area are offering and then ask your gym to match the lowest monthly fee you find. If it won’t, then switch gyms (duh!). Got... read more

Weekly Money Saver: Secret Ways to Save While Shopping

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
For this week's money-saving tip, our friends at LearnVest shared their insight into the inner workings of department stores: (Below is just a snippet of their findings -- for the full article, click here.) Love to shop? Join the club; in 2011 we spent about $4.7 trillion (yes, trillon!) in retail sales, according... read more

Selling Gift Cards for Cash: Rude or Resourceful?

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
The holidays are a time for giving -- and a time for accepting gifts you'd rather not receive. Although you know in your heart that your great aunt Mildred meant well with that gift card to the restaurant you've never heard of (and will definitely never go to), you're now stuck with a present that's... read more

Weekly Money Saver: Reduce Your Grocery Bill

Overwhelmed with card bills from the holidays? Free up some cash for paying off that debt by reducing your grocery store bill. Read on for expert advice on how to start saving this week. This Week's Tip: Avoid products placed at eye level. Companies often pay extra to have their products placed at eye level... read more

Weekly Money Saver: No-Brainer Tip for Tracking Your Spending

Tis the season for spending money! When you're out and about holiday shopping, it's easy to spend $1o on a taxi and $5 on that latte and cookie without even thinking about it. How to be more mindful of where your money is going? Read on for expert advice. Today's Tip: To help keep your... read more