3 Quick Maintenance Tips To Make Your Roof Last
Winters can be especially harsh to your home's roof, and while it may seem like a quick-fix, a brand new roof is a massive investment. While the average lifespan of a roof is about 15 years, careful homeowners have a few ways to extend the life of their homes without enduring too many... read more

What to Splurge on Before You Have a Baby

couple on beachThinkstock
Let’s face it—babies are expensive. And anyone who’s had one also says they turn your world upside down. Granted, it’s a happy upside down, but your lifestyle certainly changes from what it was before. Got babies on the brain but not quite ready to have them yet? If you’re waiting to have kids so that... read more

What Kind of Financial Guru Do You and Your S.O. Need?

money graphicPhoto: Thinkstock
In the financial dating game, it's essential to pinpoint what type of expert you need to manage your finances. So, if you're ready to dump your DIY attitude to finance and try a little outsourcing, here's the lowdown on three specialists that couples should consider adding to their financial roster.


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Credit Card Rehab: 7 Easy Tips to Getting Out of Debt

credit cardsThinkstock

If you're struggling with debt, clearly you're not alone. Being debt-free takes resolve and a little know-how--follow these seven steps to getting on the right track (Read: stopping your plastic debt from running your life!).

Step 1: Separate "Bad Debt" and "Okay Debt" How can you tell the difference? "Okay debt" has an interest...

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How to Combine Your Finances

couple financesPhoto: Thinkstock
Researchers have found that arguments about money early on in your marriage are the top predictor of divorce. Of course it’s hard to go from being independent with your own income to having to pay for things as a couple. No matter how separate you keep your finances, their spending habits will affect you, and... read more

6 Tips For Creating a Successful Nest Egg

piggy bankPhoto: Thinkstock
Whatever it is that you’re planning to save for—a new home down the road or a trip around the world when you retire, perhaps—now’s the time to start putting the money away. Sure, it’s easy to come up with a million different ways to spend it, but creating a nest egg is difficult, right? Not... read more

ICYMI — 10 Surprising Health Insurance Facts You Need to Know!

Couple Using Their Tablet to Sign Up for Health InsurancePhoto: Thinkstock
Don't have work-based health insurance, and you still didn't sign up for coverage through We caught up with Lisa Zamosky, healthcare correspondent and contributor to the TurboTax Blog, who gave the scoop, so you don't have to sort through all the details alone, and can quickly make the... read more

Should You Start Saving Now to Buy a Home?

Young Woman Drawing a HomePhoto: Thinkstock
A place to live doesn’t come cheap, especially if you want to set yourself up in or near a popular urban area. (Translation: You'll spend some serious dollar bills.) It can be one of the biggest expenses in your life. Go after what you want, but think ahead about how much you’ll need to... read more

5 Must-Know Secrets for How to Use Your Money to Make You Happy

Woman in front of dollar sign written on chalkboard.Photo: Thinkstock
When you're arguing with your S.O. over budget, money -- or lack thereof -- definitely doesn't provide happiness. When you're in debt despite a combined six-figure income, that coin sure won't bring you joy. So what's the secret? Can dollar bills ever bring bliss?... read more

Finance Alert! How Much Young Couples Should Save for Emergencies

Medical Emergecy IllustrationPhoto: Thinkstock
You’ve been celebrating some of the biggest moments in your life recently, and the very idea of an “emergency” is a huge party pooper to say the least. But if you’re financially prepared, you’ll both be better able to handle the difficult times together. Here's what you need to consider. Q: Should we keep... read more
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