5 Shakespeare Movie Couples We’re Still Obsessed With

Photo: Gold DerbyPhoto: Gold Derby
Even though William Shakespeare would have turned 450 years old today, his plays' themes are still completely relevant (and we love how he knew a thing or two about the challenges of being a newlywed!). In honor of his birthday, grab your partner, pick one of the below films to watch, and settle in for a... read more

Get Lost in These Marriage Thrillers Until ‘Gone Girl’ Comes Out

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube
The events in Gone Girl aren't exactly how you'd want your fifth wedding anniversary to play out, but nevertheless, married life has never been so eerie since Gillian Flynn penned the bestselling book. Unfortunately, the Gone Girl movie doesn't come out until October 3, so here are some other thriller novels about marriage to tide you... read more

How TheNest.com Editor Celebrated Her First Anniversary

The Nest Editor Wedding Pic Times Square
Photo by Lina Jang Photography
It didn’t start with my husband Joe and I taking a bite out of the top tier of our wedding cake -- I can tell you that. I never saved it. The box it was in actually fell on the ground when we were leaving the reception on our wedding night. But we didn’t care... read more

Cozy-Up with Your Lover and Go Glamping at Coachella


This year’s brutally long winter gave us a serious case of cabin fever and if you’ve found the relationship with your significant other to be as claustrophobic as your shoebox-sized apartment, it may be time to shake things up and get outdoors. The sun is finally showing its face and music festival season is just...

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Could These Dolls Save Your Relationship?

No relationship goes without any tiff, big or small and when you find yourself in a situation where your blood begins to boil at your significant other, why not try taking your anger out on a Dammit Doll. These humorous little creatures were built to grab by the legs and whack against a wall as you yell,... read more

Lauren Conrad Reveals Her Secrets to Successfully Living with Her Fiance

Photo: Posh 24Photo: Posh 24
Fashion designer and former reality star Lauren Conrad has never been one to kiss and tell after leaving The Hills, but she will talk about how her relationship relates to her new home and her bedroom. In Allure's April issue, Lauren discussed how moving in with her fiance William Tell has impacted her... read more

Real Couple: Maya and Troy

the nest real couples
Photo: The Nest
Status: Married June 21, 2013 Careers: They're both attorneys, but they practice different areas of law. "It's great to have a partner who understands your career, but we try not to 'talk ship' when we get home." How They Met: The two met in law school in 2003 and quickly became each other's "one that... read more

9 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship in 2014

You and your guy are already awesome together, but with a new year comes the chance to get even better. Start 2014 off with these smart and sexy, get-outside-your-comfort-zone ideas that will boost your bond and make you two tighter than ever.

– Anna Davies

new year new relationships
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Rethink Date Night

Drinks and dinner is your go-to date, but real life is complicated by late nights at the office, post-work boot camp classes, and the hard-to-resist urge to curl up on the couch and live tweet Downton Abbey. Want to make sure you get enough one-on-one couple time this year? Try giving date night a new definition—head out to a restaurant before work for a breakfast rendezvous, try out each other’s favorite workout routine (he comes to CrossFit, you join him on his Saturday morning bike ride) or persuade him to tag along to your biweekly pedicure appointment. We bet he’ll secretly enjoy the pampering just as much as you do.

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8 Lame New Year’s Resolutions We’re Sick of Hearing About

8 Lame New Year’s Resolutions We’re Sick of Hearing About

Ah, January. It’s the time of year when you can’t scroll through your Facebook news feed or sit down at brunch with friends without hearing about the topic of the moment–the New Year’s resolution. While some are legit, there are plenty that have us rolling our eyes. Here, 8 grandiose proclamations we hope never to be uttered again.

annoying new year's resolutionsPhoto: Thinkstock
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“I’m shutting down my Facebook/Instagram/Twitter account. I’m just done with social media.”

Yeah, right. Until her raging case of FOMO sets in and she comes crawling right back. Thankfully Facebook will creepily save all of her friends’ passionate pleas asking her to stay—maybe all she wanted in the first place?—until she reactivates her account.

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Real Couple: Terra and Habib

The Nest real couples
Status: Married April 6, 2013 Unwind Time: The newlyweds de-stress with episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Colbert Report. Digs: A 3-bedroom, 2,190 square-foot home that they built shortly before they got engaged. Nicknames: She calls him Habibi and he calls her Habibti, both of which mean "my love" in Arabic. (Awww!) Careers:... read more
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