Quiz: Are You Ready For a Baby?

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Think you’re ready for a turn-your-world-upside-down, life-changing commitment that is a baby? Answer the following questions to see if you truly are! 1. Why do you want a baby? A. My partner and I have been fighting a lot and I think this would bring us closer together. B. There’s something missing in our relationship,... read more

Tips for Dealing with a Messy Partner

I’ll admit it, whenever I’m in a relationship, I’m probably the messy one. I don’t mean to be. In fact, I’m actually quite a fan of living in a clean house, it’s just that when the time comes to properly tidy up, my mind tends to drift to other things. Luckily I live in New... read more

According to Science, Married People Are Happier

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Forget all those jokes about “the old ball and chain…” Turns out, married people are happier than those who aren’t. Researchers in the UK used surveys to see if there was any link between marriage and well-being, and they found out there is. Those who have said “I do” were more likely to feel... read more

Make Sure You Have Your Fortress of Solitude

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When we’re in a serious relationship, we spend so much time trying to figure out how to live together that we sometimes forget how to be on our own. It’s sort of like how when you become a couple, your name becomes a couple name. You’re no longer simply Kate, you are now Kate and... read more

Why Having Couple Friends Is Super Important

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Besides having fun double date buddies and friends who are in the same stage of life as you, there’s another benefit to having other couples to hang out with. New research says that they help you feel the love in your own relationship a little more. In the study, couples were asked either alone... read more

To PDA or Not to PDA

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I might just be dead inside, but I absolutely cannot stomach public displays of affection between two people. I don’t mean hugging your kid or something, I mean that awful, lovey-dovey canoodling—the groping, the delicate kisses and whatnot, the soft whispers—that some couples do right out in broad daylight. It’s just unconscionable. And I know... read more

Instead of Date Night, How About Date Morning

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HED: Instead of Date Night, Date Morning One of the biggest hurdles for any serious relationship is the inevitable boredom and predictability that comes with living life together. Hell, it’s one of the biggest hurdles for life in general. Not that a little constancy isn’t a good thing; too much excitement all the time and... read more

The Secret to a Happy Marriage? A Happy Wife

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You know that old saying, “A Happy Wife, a Happy Life?” Well, it turns out that can be scientifically proven. A recent study shows that the more content a wife is in a marriage, the happier her husband will be in life, regardless of how he feels about the relationship. Researchers talked with almost... read more

How to Stay Healthy When Your Partner Gets Sick

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In New York City, where I live, it’s a not uncommon worry to view each subway ride as a potential dance with the bubonic plague. We’re packed in there pretty tightly, so when a guy starts coughing up three-quarters of his spleen on the F train, it’s hard not to be a little unsettled by... read more

The Best Marriage Advice From Moms

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In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked moms to share their best piece of marriage advice. From communication to love to having separate bathrooms, find out the tips these women want their married sons or daughters to know: Communicate the Right Way “Don't over-analyze everything. Men and women, in the way they act and think,... read more