When in Doubt, Shoot for Laughs

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Most of the time life is a pretty serious affair. There’s work to think about, and bills, and family, and physical and mental health. And then you turn on the news for three seconds and remember that the entire world is falling apart around you. Just getting through a day without suffering a complete breakdown... read more

Ask for What You Need, Don’t Assume Your Partner Knows

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Isn’t it great that life is just like a romantic comedy? I’m sure that, like most people, your relationship began via a mad dash through a crowded airport. And you probably constantly say heartfelt and not at all cheesy lines to each other like, “You complete me.” I bet even your fights have a wonderful... read more

7 Do's and Don'ts of Thanksgiving at the In-Laws

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Having Thanksgiving at the in-laws' this year? Follow these tips to survive the day: 1. Do call ahead a few days before and ask what you can bring. If they give you a specific dish request, ask if they have a special family recipe for it. It's a sweet gesture, plus do you really want... read more

Assign Who Does What Around the House—And Stick to It

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Like most kids growing up, I had a list of chores to do. I honestly don’t remember what they were, mainly because I rarely ever did them. But I do know that there was a list, as I regularly got yelled at for not doing anything on it. Generally the repercussions were, besides the yelling,... read more

Don’t Talk Money During the Heat of an Argument

When you’re in a relationship, there are plenty of things to steer clear of in the heat of an argument. Obviously anything about physical appearance is off-limits. And it’s generally best to avoid the topic of the in-laws. Of course sexual performance is off the table, and so too is anything that puts a positive... read more

Should You Give Your Marriage a Performance Review?

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We expect them at our jobs, and they’re usually pretty helpful, but would a performance review for your marriage benefit your relationship? Experts are saying yes. According to the Wall Street Journal, more and more marriage counselors are suggesting that couples regularly look constructively at obstacles and things that need improving as well... read more

3 Rules to Make Your Arguments More Polite (and Productive)

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In a relationship, arguments are inevitable. In fact, if you don’t disagree with each other at least some of the time, you might be doing something wrong. But when it comes time to drop the gloves, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to do it—or, at the very least, a way that... read more

10 Things to Experience at Disney World Before You Have a Baby

Disney World Cinderella's CastleJulie Pennell
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Think Disney’s just for kids? We’d be lying like Pinocchio if we said it was. In fact, a couple’s trip to Disney World can be one of the most fun trips you’ll experience before you have children. Getting to ride the scary rides without worrying about a height requirement, jumping from attraction to attraction without fear of a meltdown*, staying up past bedtime to experience the nightlife… these are all perks of traveling to Orlando without kids.

Ahead, check out our list of must-dos for newlyweds traveling to Disney World. It truly is the most magical place on earth no matter how old you are.

*Just keep your guy well-fed and he should be okay.

Take Your Argument to a Public Space

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There’s nothing quite like those knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out arguments, where all tempered rationale goes out the window in favor of red-faced screaming, highly creative vocabulary, and possibly stuff flying through the air. Occasionally they may lead to great make-up sex and the fleeting feeling of being a high-maintenance rock star, but mostly they just end... read more

Make Technology-Free Appointments With Each Other

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As far as relationship advice goes, the whole “making time for each other” is pretty much the cornerstone. Whether it’s date nights or just a moment during the day to connect, it’s safe to say that actively choosing time together is a nugget of advice you’ll hear over and over again. But one thing that... read more
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