How Judy Blume Saved a Marriage

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We owe a lot to Judy Blume. Her honest novels taught us about love and sex, often touching on things that our parents were too embarrassed to talk to us about. We grew up with her books and still find ourselves re-reading some of our favorites. If you're part of the Judy Blume club, you... read more

How to Avoid “Roommate Syndrome” In Your Marriage

It happens to the best of us, a few years of living together and everything gets a little too comfortable. It’s not that the magic is gone, necessarily, it’s just that the person we’re kissing on our way out of the house in the morning begins to resemble a roommate more than a romantic partner.... read more

Make a List of the 3 Happiest Moments in Your Marriage

When it comes to low moments in a relationship, it’s not a question of if but when. They’re going to happen, it’s all part of the deal. So the key, then, isn’t in trying to avoid the low moments, it's figuring out a way to survive them with as little damage to your relationship as... read more

Summer Lovin': 20 Date Ideas That Are 100% Free

The best part of warm-weather dates is that many of them are absolutely free. Here are 20 things you and your S.O. can do to celebrate summer while saving the cash for more important things like ice cream: Find a nearby walking trail and go exploring. Pitch a tent and camp overnight in your... read more

In Marriage as in Life, Do Unto Others is Great Advice

The human brain is a weird thing. In psychology, there is a behavior called mirroring, which is where one person subconsciously imitates the gestures, speech patterns, and attitudes of another. You can see it sometimes in a person surrounded by foreigners. Suddenly they take on the rhythm of speech, or even the accent, of the people... read more

When it Comes to Gifts, It Really is the Thought That Counts

Sometimes in a relationship, expensive gifts are called for. Or at least gifts that require a high degree of planning and execution. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas; those are the big-ticket gift-giving opportunities. But when you are in a relationship, gift-giving shouldn’t stop at the big three, it should be a periodic routine that communicates what you can’t always... read more

We Want to Know: What’s the Secret to Making Your Marriage Work?

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Whether you're still a newlywed or you've been married ten, fifteen or even more years, we bet you've learned a lot about what makes love last. For an upcoming article on, we're looking for married Nesties to share their words of relationship wisdom. Send us a sentence or two explaining your philosophy or... read more

The Best Travel Tips for Couples

Planning a vacation with your S.O. this summer? There’s nothing better than taking time to make memories with your partner, but, let’s face it—traveling together can sometimes be stressful. We chatted with three travel bloggers to find out their tricks for having the best time ever as a couple on the road: 1. Set realistic... read more

For a Strong Relationship, First Take Care of Yourself

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There’s a lot to be said in a marriage, or in a committed relationship, for taking care of each other. But more often than not, relationships that run into stormy weather do so because the people in it aren’t taking care of themselves. This seems fairly straightforward, that living your life in total emotional disarray... read more

Make Sure to Prioritize Your Future When Buying a House

For this series called Take It From Me, we asked couples to dish about what they wish they knew before moving in with their partner. Read the rest of the stories here. Mitch Happ, Lincoln, NE Mitch Happ is an Allstate Agent in Lincoln, Nebraska, who has purchased two homes with his family.... read more
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