4 Relationship Trends for the Coolest Couples (That’s You!)

Couple Holding HandsPhoto: Thinkstock
A new year is the perfect time to break old relationship patterns and embrace new approaches that will reignite your spark! Here are four relationship trends we'll see throughout 2015 that we should all embrace. Disconnecting to connect. According to Digital... read more

Food Network Katie Lee’s 6 Top Tips for the Best Valentine’s Day Dinner

Valentine's Day DinnerPhoto: Thinkstock
Valentine's Day is almost here. Who needs big plans? V-Day is about spending time with your sweetie, so don't get worked up about getting a rezzy at the newest and trendiest restaurant (really, you should be getting worked up in other ways). Just celebrate your happiness... read more

5 Lame Things Couples Should Never Do on Valentine’s Day

Couple Feeding Each OtherPhoto: Thinkstock
Your love is something to celebrate, couples, but please -- let’s keep it classy. Don’t commit to one of these eye-rollers. Post an incredibly saccharine social media update proclaiming your love. Don’t be the couple that causes every online friend to gag over a gooey post.... read more

9 Things You Have to Do for Valentine’s Day Before You Have Kids

Couple TravelingPhoto: Thinkstock
If you’re thinking of adding a little one to your cozy twosome, crib from this checklist first -- and make the most now of what might be your last child-free Valentine's Day. Spend the whole day together in bed. Sleep in. Cuddle up and snooze like it’s... read more

9 Adventures Couples Should Have Valentine’s Day Weekend

Love Hot Air BalloonPhoto: Thinkstock
Dinner and a movie? Yawn. Step outside your couples' comfort zone -- even just for 15 minutes -- and forge a deeper bond over a crazy experience. Hand out Valentines to complete strangers. It takes guts to approach a bunch of randoms, but the feel-good... read more

7 Secrets for the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

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It doesn’t take a ton of money or the perfect gift to make the day special. These tips -- two of which take five minutes or less -- dial down the pressure. Switch up when and where you honor the holiday. Who says that Valentine's Day has... read more

5 Love Lessons I’ve Learned from My Grandparents

Two Wise Owls in LoveImage: Thinkstock
As much as we do things our way, there are those that came before us that just may have done it better -- and longer. So while we might think that we need to rage against tradition at times (or mostly all the time), sometimes we... read more

Eddie Redmayne's Newlywed Tip Could Save You 5 Minutes at the Airport

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe pose on the red carpetShutterstock
Being a newlywed comes with all kinds of perks -- you know, besides having new monogrammed towels and a permanent dinner party co-host at the ready. But The Theory of Everything star Eddie Redmayne, who married his fiancee Hannah Bagshawe on December 15, happened to stumble upon one at the airport. Via Peoplethe British... read more

A Look Back at the 5 Top Relationship Trends of 2014!

couple shooting usie with phonePhoto: Thinkstock
As you and your sweetie kick off the new year, let's take a look at the top relationship trends that developed over the last year to see what couples like you should keep doing long into 2015. The Cheap Date There was a time when setting a "date night" seemed cliché and overrated, but with... read more

Love the 'Downton Abbey' Castle? You Can Stay There During Your Next Romantic Vacation!

Highclere CastleHighclere Castle
Overdue for a romantic vacation or honeymoon? Consider living like the Countess and Earl of Grantham for a weekend and stay at the castle that Downton Abbey's filmed at, Highclere Castle, in Hampshire, England. Even though it's open to the public for tours and available for weddings, this is the first time that it's... read more