Why You Should Let Him Keep the Hockey Poster

hockey puckPhoto: Thinkstock
Compare most bachelor pads to bachelorette pads and there’s no real mystery why the guy’s stuff is what usually gets chucked out when you move in together. Sure milk crate coffee tables and beer bottle sculptures are cool when you’re single, but at some point a home should feel like a home, and not a... read more

6 Tips For Tackling Spring Cleaning As a Couple Without Killing Each Other

couple cleaningPhoto: Thinkstock
What’s that you hear? Birds chirping, windows opening, and oh yes, couples bickering about doing the annual big clean. Welcome to Spring, Nesties! If you dread asking your partner for help when it comes to cleaning and organizing your home, you’re not alone. A recent study found that nearly half of American couples clash over... read more

7 Couples’ Cleaning Pet Peeves Solved!

couple cleaningThinkstock
Love is only blind for so long, especially when you live with someone. No matter how crazy you are about each other, everyone has those little things that drive him or her crazy. But there’s hope! We promise. Most problems are easily solved with a little tough love and that one word, compromise. Here are seven solutions... read more

Why Men Hate Rom-Coms (Even When We Secretly Don’t)

magic in the moonlightPhoto: Sony Pictures Classic
When it comes to date night, most men are easy. We have no problem weathering the inevitable failure of tapas. And those three hours at the opera? Surprisingly stimulating. Even pretentious art openings have their perks, like free wine and occasional nudity. But force us to sit through 90 minutes of Katherine Heigl and her... read more

The One Word You Shouldn’t Say In Your Marriage…

couple in bedGetty
We could probably think of a few words you shouldn’t say in your marriage (most of them fall into the name-calling category…), but one psychologist is saying there’s an everyday verb that shouldn’t be uttered at all—and we just used a variation of it twice in one paragraph (this is going to be tough)! Jeffrey... read more

5 Tips for Success When Your Business Partner is Your S.O.

couple workingThinkstock
Launching and owning a business is similar to acquiring a new mate in marriage—you’re with each other all day, every day and have to navigate the highs and (less-than stellar) lows of the relationship. It’s a balance, right? But what happens when your business partner is your significant other? Doesn’t that seem like it’s bound... read more

The Top 10 To-Dos This Year to Be the Best Couple You Can Be

Playful Couple OutsidePhoto: Thinkstock
Great couples work on their relationships. And just taking simple steps will lead to big, positive changes for two. Here are 10 must-do things to bring you even closer. Fight fairly. I always say that it's not that you fight but how you... read more

What Do Your Facebook Habits Say About Your Marriage?

facebook heart
It’s no secret that what you post on Facebook gives others plenty of insight into who you are as a person. From what you like to order at restaurants (hey, no shame in food pics as long as it looks appetizing…) to where you like to go on vacation (bonus points if it involves a... read more

8 Life Skills To Master Before Having a Baby

baby under blanketGetty Images/Thinkstock
Thinking about becoming a parent? While there’s no real owner’s manual to guide you through the process of raising kids, there are certain skills every new mom and dad should master before bringing up baby (according to those who have already done it.) Below, see eight things every future parent needs to practice before embarking... read more

Urban Adventures for Couples: Your City, Your Way

couple reading mapGetty Images
No matter what you and your S.O. are into -- food, adventure, culture, etc. -- you’ll want to spend time in these six American destinations that cater especially to you. CHICAGO For Foodies Take a stroll down the eater’s paradise of West Randolph Street for some of the best tidbits the city has to offer... read more
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