7 Trips You Must Take Together Before Having a Baby

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Sure, there will be plenty of family vacations even after children come into the picture, but not every bucket-list travel adventure is kid-friendly. That’s why we enlisted the help of newlyweds Gerard and Kieu Bao, who run the travel blog GQ Trippin to find out their vacation recommendations. “The topic of... read more

When It Comes to Household Chores, Think Newton’s Law

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Want to have more and better sex? No seriously, this isn’t a cheap ploy to get your attention, do you? Well, apparently there’s a trick to getting both, and it’s as simple as splitting up household chores. According to a recent study that culled data culled from a 2006 marriage and relationship survey,... read more

Fight to Understand, Don’t Fight to Win

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I hate losing. It doesn’t matter at what; bowling, video games, sports, a race to the top of the subway steps. Last year I got so pissed when the Dodgers lost to the Cardinals in the playoffs that I had to walk half the width of Manhattan to cool off. Needless to say I’m competitive.... read more

Successful Celebrity Marriages and What We Can Learn From Them

While some celebrity marriages have ended faster than you can say “Vera Wang gown,” others have stood the test of time, setting an example of what a happy relationship looks like. But just as in their seemingly flawless pics and near-perfect performances, it takes a lot of work to get to that level. We rounded up eight Hollywood couples whose marriages are successful, inspiring, and better yet, something we can learn from.

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Iman and David Bowie

Married: 22 years

Secret: Keep Things Fresh—“I think you’ve got to feel hot for each other and respect each other. That’s where it starts,” Iman told Interview. “And we have fun with each other.”


Smart Marriage Advice From 8 Rock-Solid Couples

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Romantic Movie Moments That'll Give You The Feels

By Tanner Stransky Isn't it nice to know that even when one (or both) of you screws up royally, there's always a chance for two people in love to find their way back to each other? Over the decades, movies have seriously perfected these grand gestures, inspiring us to round up our favorite big... read more

Just Because He Doesn’t Notice Your New Earrings, Doesn’t Mean He Doesn’t Notice You

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I will say this about most guys; we are oblivious. New hairstyles, new shoes, new earrings, highlights, nail polish, the list of what we fail to notice about you on a day-to-day basis is endless. And what’s worse, we are selectively oblivious. I can often tell the make, model, and rough year of an oncoming... read more

How to Survive Easter With Your In-Laws

Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: Thinkstock
Chocolate bunnies, egg dye, cute spring clothes… there are plenty of reasons to be excited for Easter. And as with any holiday, family time can either be a part of the “Things we love” category, or the “Things we dread.” Perhaps it’s more likely to make it into the latter category when your in-laws are... read more

Don’t Be That Old Boring Couple Before You’re Old and Boring

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The First Transcontinental Railroad. Mount Rushmore. The Pyramid at Giza. All Herculean feats of human achievement that have one thing in common—they were easier to accomplish than getting a married couple out on a Friday night. Yes, few things in this world require as much prodding, pleading, and occasionally outright bribing than convincing two people... read more

The Best Couples Therapy EVER: Watching Rom-Coms At Home

couple watching moviePhoto: Shutterstock
Want another reason to curl up on the couch and watch a good romance flick? Turns out, it’s good for your marriage! A new study has found that watching certain movies can be just as effective as therapy (and way more fun) when it comes to reducing the divorce or separation rate. The researchers at... read more

Why You Should Let Him Keep the Hockey Poster

hockey puckPhoto: Thinkstock
Compare most bachelor pads to bachelorette pads and there’s no real mystery why the guy’s stuff is what usually gets chucked out when you move in together. Sure milk crate coffee tables and beer bottle sculptures are cool when you’re single, but at some point a home should feel like a home, and not a... read more
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